489 Sleepless Nights

    At Yang Mansion around two in the morning.

    Xander sighed and smiled after placing baby Kanya back in her crib.

    'Finally, I can sleep.' He mused and joined his wife on the bed who was already sleeping soundly. He closed his eyes and was about to drift to sleep when a loud cry again roared inside the room.

    Xander abruptly got up on the bed and ran to baby Bernard's crib.

    "Oh, hush my baby..." he hummed while he cradled him gently and sang him a song to stop him from crying.

    He did not want Yera to be awakened since the latter just slept after breastfeeding baby Yeng.

    They had to switch to formula milk for each of them a few times a day since Yera's milk was insufficient to cater the hunger demands of all three of them, so they started with formula milk alternately for each of them.

    Baby Bernard kept crying, and Xander prepared the bottle of formula milk and fed it to him. It was past three in the morning when Xander could finally go to sleep.

    At around six in the morning, Xander suddenly woke up when he heard another cry and he moved, getting up fast.

    He sluggishly went to carry Kanya, thinking she was the one crying, but then he realized it was not her, so he carefully put her back in her crib.

    He slapped his face to stay awake because his eyelids were dropping for being too sleepy. He yawned loudly and was about to prepare a bottle of milk.

    He saw Yera get up with a smile and said, "I'll feed her. Go back to sleep, darling."

    Xander nodded and walked to bed like a zombie. He slumped his restless body without minding his slant position, taking all the space for him.

    "Darling, when will you feed me too?" He sheepishly mumbled as if he was dreaming half asleep.

    Yera chuckled and shook her head before carrying baby Yeng in her arms to breastfeed her. It had been a few weeks already since they came back home after birth and her husband insisted that they both switch turns for the triplets and look after the kids themselves.

    Tomorrow they should get a babysitter or she was afraid for her husband's health who was too hands on with their triplets as well. He was too kind not to wake her up or let her rise from bed often to feed the triplets at night.

    The next morning, Dion laughed, seeing the dark circles under Xander's eyes during breakfast.

    "Bro... allow a babysitter at night so you two could have a proper sleep." Dion insisted, pitying his brother who seemed to lack a lot of sleep.

    "You guys don't have a babysitter," Xander answered, followed by a yawn.

    "Almost all babies are awake at night so more weeks without proper sleep and your immune system will fall. Dion has only one baby and you have three." Senior Yang added.

    "I told you let baby Bernard be with us tonight then switch turns every night with Kanya and Yeng..." Senior Yang insisted.

    Xander shook his head followed by a yawn before saying, "No dad. My babies should stay together and stick with each other and with their daddy."

    Senior Yang chuckled. His son was too possessive for his triplets that he wanted them all to be inside his own room during the night.

    Dion shook his head, wondering until when his brother could last. He had become a full-time father and would occasionally visit the group every once in a while, or only for some important meetings that needed his presence. That was because he had a reliable assistant like Ron who could handle almost everything on his behalf.

    "By the way, Lyndon would be released today, right?" Xander asked, and Dion nodded.

    His sister helped Lyndon a lot so the latter could be pardoned by proving he was not responsible for the intent to kill Yera.

    "Give him a lot of work. You can trust him, Dion. He's actually very good and reliable. He loved Life hospital group since it once became his life. His loyalty for the group is unquestionable." Xander added.

    Soon Yera and mom Liz joined them.

    "Babies are outside with the nannies." Yera informed Xander with a smile. She had help during the day for taking care of the triplets because they could really be handy.

    "Is Rizie still asleep?" Yera asked Dion, who nodded. She chuckled and commented, "We all have abnormal sleeping cycles nowadays."

    "Don't worry, as a few months pass it will get better. After nine months, you won't need to give nighttime feeding and gradually their sleeping pattern will become normal." Mom Liz commented with a grin.

    "I can recall Xander still always woke up crying a lot during the night or mid nights..." Senior Yang shared laughing...

    "There's even this one time he made me cry as well in frustration since we did not know what to do to make him quiet. He just kept on howling. I tried feeding him and swayed him in my arms to put him to sleep. But he's still so stubborn..."

    Everyone laughed and Rizie who just arrived to join them in the dining area commented, "Bro Yawn still stubborn until now, father."

    Mr. Yawn had become Xander's new nickname since he always yawned.

    Then Rizie looked at mom Liz and asked, "how about Dion mom? Did he also give you a lot of sleepless nights?"

    Mom Liz shook her head and replied, "Nah, he was so well behaved. Sleeping most of the time. He would only cry if he was hungry..."

    "I guess baby Ran has inherited Rizie's stubbornness." Xander bantered.

    Yera laughed and lovingly watched her husband bantering with Rizie and Dion. She could not help a smile at their cuteness and felt that she was so lucky to have Xander...

    For her, he was the perfect husband despite the imperfections. There were times they quarreled, but what she was grateful for was that her husband would not let a single day pass without them making up.

    He was also a hard-working father, although he was very possessive for them, but she believed that he would also keep them disciplined. But she was also fine with a few flaws in him, like how he sucked in cleaning up their babies' poop.

    "By the way, I already arranged all necessary preparations for the dedication of the triplets." Mom Liz informed, explaining the details further.

    "Yes, it would be great mom. Thank you for this..." Xander voiced his gratitude.

    "It's nothing since I know you and Yera are both busy. I did the same for Dion and Rizie. Besides, I enjoy organizing events in the family and James is assisting me with everything. Oh, I can't even wait to prepare the first year birthday party of my grandchildren!"

    Senior Yang laughed at the excitement of his wife. There were still a lot of empty chairs in their long table and he was feeling giddy at the thought of four chairs being taken soon during meals.

    "Nice... Very nice..." he whispered with a fulfilled, contented heart.


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