490 Forever Home

    Yera and Xander both became busy parents and were almost always found taking care of their kids in the past few weeks. On one such busy day, they received a call from Gavin who wanted to interview them and take a little closer look in their lives to write a novel based on their life story.

    Xander was very reluctant in agreeing to meeting him and let him have a peek in their life, but Yera convinced him by her own ways. She knew Xander was again playing childish because of his jealousy ever since he found out Yera had a secret crush on Gavin.

    They soon sent their availability date to Gavin and spared one whole day for Gavin, so that he could interview Yera and Xander for his next novel and see their lives from up close.

    The couple received Gavin in their garden where they all sat down together and Gavin asked a few details of their story, from hate to love, they both happily narrated everything about their meeting and how their love story began.

    They then slowly explained all the tests they went through together and how Xander got entangled with the Yue clan and his rescue. They also gave him a little detail about the trial and removing Yun from the Yue clan.

    Gavin was already taking over the Mirage history writing and hence was aware of the Mirage rules and confidentiality, so he avoided mentioning the same in his book. He changed it in a way so as to keep the secrecy of Mirage intact.

    "I want the title 'The Doctor Who Loves Me' because you see my wife loves me too much." Xander commented, holding Yera by her shoulders, and Yera only chuckled.

    Gavin nodded before he casually mumbled, "Aren't you a doctor too so it will be good. But based on the interview, it feels like you're head over heels in love with your wife, so the title is like a double-edged sword since both of you are doctors."

    "I will leave you both for a while to check my babies once," Yera bid her farewell after a little more talks with Gavin.

    "You're part of the Yue clan, right? I honestly heard some myth about Mirage, but Dion's grandfather said it was only a myth and hearsay..." Gavin opened up as soon as Yera left them alone.

    Xander knitted his eyebrows. He looked clueless so Gavin said, "Nevermind since you probably know nothing."

    "About what?" Xander asked, with his curiosity piqued.

    "Werewolves? I mean, I heard the royal bloods are werewolves. You too are a royal blood, right?" Gavin whispered.

    Xander's face suddenly became serious as he replied, "It seems like you know too much. Much more that you should have known. Do you think you can still walk out from here without getting eaten alive?"

    Gavin's face paled seeing that horrible look on Xander's face as if he was offended by asking the truth. With a blank mind he mused, 'So it's true?'

    Then he heard Xander's loud laughter.

    "Dude! Look at you! I'm just joking. Who gave you that idea about werewolves, anyway? Of course those are just myths..." Xander scoffed, still laughing.

    "But your wife said it. That princess Raine fought so well to help her rescue from Yun's men, she was absolutely flawless and untouchable."

    "Did my wife mention some fangs too Gavin? Of course she's a good fighter. Every royal member of each clan is. Even I can fight that well, my mother made me perfect in some specialised skills imparted to them from some hidden special teachers. Do you want to see a sample?"

    Gavin crumpled his face and changed the topic. He was a journalist too, so it was his natural instinct to get curious about things. He did not know why he was chosen to be the next keeper of Mirage Diaries from Dion's grandfather. It had something to do with the mark on his back and his dreams like he was born for it.


    Time flew by fast and the triplets already celebrated their first birthday.

    And with the encouragement of the family, Yera and Xander left the triplets for a while to spend three days' rest and vacation together in Xander's villa.

    Yera smiled while she watched Xander prepare the table and their dinner at the balcony. She was sitting comfortably and drying her hair with a towel. She felt so special since the moment they arrived at the villa as her husband did not let her lift even a finger for anything, serving her like a true queen.

    Being a mother was truly exhausting for her but fulfilling at the same time, especially whenever she would look at her cute little bunnies.

    "Let me help you," she offered with a grin.

    "Nah... You suffered so much during the nine months of pregnancy, then delivery and even afterwards by taking care of our triplets. What I'm doing right now is nothing, compared to all the sacrifices of my beautiful, strong and sexy wife."

    Yera chuckled as her face flushed. Her husband's flowery words never failed to make her heart flutter.

    After some time, Xander finished and pulled Yera from the couch towards the table and chair he romantically arranged. It was a simple candle light dinner under the bright moon sky giving enough light in the solemn night sky.

    Xander cut the steak on her plate first while he served her some wine.

    "Stop staring at me and focus on your food." Yera scolded, feeling her husband's gaze peeling her out alive on the spot.

    "Sorry, I can't help it," Xander answered, followed by a wink. The couple enjoyed the hearty dinner chatting and laughing. When they finished their dessert, Xander stood up and offered his hand to Yera.

    "Will you grace this husband of yours with a dance milady?" Xander roguishly offered with an enticing smile.

    "But there's no music." Yera, chuckling, mumbled. "Nah... the love in hearts will be our music accompanied by the sound of this wonderful night."

    Yera laughed but accepted her husband's hand. He wrapped his arms on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Yera snaked her arms on his neck and murmured, "There's no beat..."

    Xander smiled, hugging his wife closer while kissing her hair as he began to hum. The song was his favorite, and Yera was familiar with it.

    Yera lovingly wrapped her arms on her husband's neck and smiled. Xander had his adorable roguish smile as he raised his hand and gently touched and caressed Yera's cheeks. Then he started humming with the music playing.

    Xander began to sing the song as he led their bodies to sway to his melody.

    "Some day, when I'm awfully low

    When the world is cold

    I will feel a glow just thinking of you

    And the way you look tonight

    You're lovely, with your smile so warm

    And your cheeks so soft

    There is nothing for me but to love you

    And the way you look tonight

    With each word your tenderness grows

    Tearing my fears apart

    And that laugh that wrinkles your nose

    Touches my foolish heart

    Then he nuzzled about enough for his gaze to meet Yera' eyes as he continued,

    "Lovely, never, ever change

    Keep that breathless charm

    Won't you please arrange it?

    'Cause I love you"

    Yera's face blushed while they swayed in the lovely voice of her husband. She was blushing hard while her heartbeat raced.

    "I love you..." Yera whispered while she rested her head on Xander's broad chest. She could hear and feel his heartbeat, and she smiled. Her husband's arms would be her forever home.

    "I love you too, darling. How about we make more babies this soon?" Xander seductively whispered in her ear.

    Yera chuckled and replied, "Why not. You have three, two more days to make it happen. You're lucky since it's my fertile days."

    "Nah... I'm still monitoring your fertility chart darling." Xander answered with a grin.

    The more the merrier...



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