491 Prologue - Love Me Again Rui and Cali - Spinoff Story

    What if your spouse forgot everything about you? What would you do?

    That was what happened with him, and his answer was very simple...

    "If her brain wants to forget me... I will make her heart remember me... I will make her fall in love with me again..."




    Rui heaved a long, deep sigh while he gulped all his whisky in his glass in one go. He sat at the bar counter while counting the days he had been with his wife, who had totally forgotten about him today because of brain surgery after effects.

    He thought of the improvements he had made over the past couple of days to make her love him again.

    He chuckled as he poured himself more whisky in his glass.

    His path to have Cali to be his wife before was way too easy since it all started as an arranged marriage between families and merely because he was lucky that Cali liked and fell in love with him first.

    He was lost in himself reminiscing about his wonderful time with his wife during those wonderful days when Cali had only him in her eyes and loved him endlessly. But he came out of his dreamland by the sound of footsteps stomping towards him.

    He straightened his body... Ready to receive another row of complaints from his dear wife who seemed to be getting irritated at him more because of his strictness towards him.

    But what else could he do? She wanted to go out to party often and mingle with young men who were obviously ready to pounce at her at any opportunity they could get. He could not keep calm in such situations and ended up imposing strict rules on her, but then while doing so he tended to forget that Cali was not aware of their relationship, she had forgotten all that happened between them, that how she made him fall for her and even that she was already married to him.

    How much endurance he would have, what amount of frustration he would feel when he could not tell Cali about their relationship, because he was waiting for her... to at least fall in love with him once again.

    Rui wanted her back and was not ready to share even a single bit of her with anyone. Sufferings' all his, but still he had decided to start all over again with her and this time the moves would be made solely by him!

    "Who do you think you are?!" Cali hissed, her eyes fuming with anger.

    Rui's eyes darted at her lovingly as he mused, 'love me again. I'm your husband.'

    But then he chose to say something different, maybe because the whisky was already showing its effect so he was feeling more confident and playful.

    "I'm the doctor who loves you." Rui muttered in a low tone. How he wanted to add that he was her husband who would always love her, but Cali might freak out hearing the truth.

    "What?!" Cali burst in disbelief. Did she just hear his buzzing, whispering right? She had never met someone as shameless as him in her entire life. She could not enjoy and have fun with friends, forget any chance of making a boyfriend, because he was so strict like an old man.

    How dared he lock their gate without telling her the code? Even though she was staying in his house because of her father's instructions, still how could he lock the freaking door every ten in the evening. 'Are we in a freaking martial law to have such absurd curfews imposed?'

    "I mean, I'm your doctor, so it's my duty to love and care about you." She heard Rui re-correct and say his words.

    Her eyebrows snapped as she barked, "Yeah, so stop acting like you're my twenty-four seven bodyguard! Act just like a professional medical help not my grandfather!"

    "Sorry but it's included in my work description. You can check it with your grandpa. I'm your all round man and if you have to complain about that then as your grandpa said... you have to return home with me and stay inside the corners of Lua's residence whether you like it or not."

    Cali's face crumpled as she grunted, "What's with the love? Is that also a part of your work description? Is my grandpa aware of it, huh? Are you two playing some kind of jokes on me?"

    For some reason she felt her heart respond in a weird way, hearing the word 'love' from his mouth, the way she had never felt before in her memory.

    "Loving you is not in my work description, but if you agree, I'm willing to offer that service for free to you, sweetheart."

    "So unbelievable! Are you crazy?" Cali burst of rage despite the fluttering she felt in her heart with another candid reply from him.

    "Yeah, I'm crazy... Crazy for being in love with you..." Rui continued. He stood up from his chair and walked towards Cali who began to step back as he moved closer.

    "Do you think this is a joke, huh?!" She scorned as she made another step back.

    "Who said it is? I'm dead serious, Cali." Rui murmured with a serious face as he stepped forward.

    "Do you think I'm that easy to get, huh?" Cali chided as she felt the wall behind her back. She was cornered with Rui's arms on the wall, caging her petite body.

    She could smell his breath mixed with alcohol.

    'What is wrong with me?!' She hissed to herself because she felt her knees weakened as he brought his face close to hers, nuzzling his nose on her ears.

    "No... I will not say any more words but show you how genuine my feelings are with actions, sweetheart." He whispered in her ear. She suddenly shivered at those fiery breaths in her ear.

    But she maintained her rationality as her eyebrows raised followed by a smirk before she scoffed, "action, huh? And for goodness' sake, stop calling me sweetheart because I'm not!"

    "But you're my sweetheart." she heard him reply. She was even startled when he grabbed her hand and put it on his chest. He was looking intently at her as she felt his gaze hit at her deepest core.

    "Can you feel how my heartbeat is in chaos because of you?"

    Cali tried to retract her hand, but he held it tightly, pulling her close to him. His one arm now encircled on her waist.

    "I love you Cali and I will always love you, sweetheart. You can't escape from me because I'm the only man for you. I know deep in your heart you can feel it to. I will not stop courting you every day and no matter how hard you try to drive me away... I will always come back to you and show you how much you mean to me."

    Before she could respond to his sudden confession, Cali felt his soft lips brushing against hers.

    'Why don't I feel his kiss filthy? Instead the kiss feels very familiar! Like it's a kiss that I've been longing for all my life?' Cali confusedly thought as her body moved involuntarily, encircling her arms on his neck as she answered his kisses with equal passion.



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