492 Forgotten Husband

    "I don't know you..."

    Rui's world crumbled down with these words. His wife, Cali, woke up after remaining in a coma for a few weeks, but she could not recognize him.

    'I am your husband sweetheart...' he wanted to say but could not find the courage to do so. Rui's words got stuck in his throat because of the strange look that she gave.

    'Oh God,' he silently gasped, seeing confusion filled in her beautiful eyes.

    He had been waiting for this day... But why? Why didn't Cali remember him? He was about to hold her hand and asked how she was feeling when he saw Cali's body flinched.

    "Ahhh!" Cali cried as she cringed and held her head with her hands. There was a sharp pain in her head, like a knife slashing through it.

    At that point, Rui knew he had to leave the room and let Cali have the space she needed. She needed to be only with the people she could remember, and he was not one of them. He had mixed emotions as he moved back and weakly sat on the couch, watching the doctors take care of Cali.

    He was grateful, happy but feeling the pain and sadness at the same time. A few moments later, he saw Dion walking towards him.

    Dion looked at him and said, "Let's give her some space and more time." Dion signaled him to leave the room for a while.

    Rui nodded and left the room with a heavy heart while the other doctors continued to check Cali's condition. He was in his casual wear and was obviously not among the medical team, so it would not be good for him to stay inside. It would confuse Cali more and she might insist on asking who he was.

    He waited outside and sat on the nearest chair in the hallway. He kept on praying for Cali, hoping she was well and the pain he suddenly saw in her was not something to worry about.

    After sometime, the door opened, and he saw grandpa Lua went out with nanny Shine and Dion.

    "How is she?" Rui instantly asked Dion. He was so worried. Seeing Cali in pain broke his weary heart.

    "She's stable now but suffering with partial amnesia post surgery. Her memory stopped up to her graduation at country V Rui. So all things that happened after that..." Dion explained but paused and he shook his head.

    "That was the time before I asked her to go back here for her supposedly arranged marriage to Dion." Grandpa Lua interrupted.

    "What do we do now? She can't remember his husband since they haven't met that time. We should tell Cali that she lost a part of her memory." Nanny Shine muttered while she gave a sympathetic look to Rui who never left Cali's side while waiting for her to wake up.

    "Right now it won't be good for her to get anxious. Let her recover first. Don't mention anything about me for now please. I will talk to Shane too so she can relay the same to her brother Kane. Nothing matters now but her recovery... Knowing she's married to a man she can't remember won't do good for her." Rui stated as a doctor who had some knowledge about Cali's condition and Dion agreed with him.

    His heart was feeling so heavily laden, but he was more than grateful that Cali finally woke up.

    Grandpa Lua heaved a long-frustrated sigh, then shifted her gaze back to Rui. He lost weight and his eyes had those dark circles of sleepless nights.

    "Take this time son to have a proper rest for now. Me and Shine will take care of her and update you on her condition." Grandpa Lua encouraged Rui because he knew that Rui lacked sleep and was restless in the past few weeks, staying with Cali 24/7 in her room while she was in a coma.

    Rui nodded and did as advised. He went to his home and slumped his restless body on the bed. Tears just fell and kept on flowing endlessly out from his eyes.

    "Thank you, Lord..." he kept on mumbling with his eyes closed.

    Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Cali was already stable and was advised not to think too much. Grandpa Lua told her she had an accident while she was in country V and they had to do her crucial operation back at country D since she was in a coma.

    Nanny Shine sighed now and then, trying her best not to mention anything about Rui to Cali because she had the tendency to slip out from her tongue unintentionally.

    "Who is that man I saw when I woke up?" Cali asked.

    Nanny Shine's eyes lit as she immediately answered Cali with a question of, "Hmm, does he look familiar?"

    Grandpa Lua saw Cali's forehead creased, so he quickly interrupted, "Oh, he's also a doctor in this hospital. He's a psychiatrist. You see, he needs to check how your emotional status works as soon as you wake up from the coma..."

    "He's handsome right?" Nanny Shine subconsciously added, staring closely at Cali. She wanted how to see how Cali would react. But to her disappointment, Cali seemed not interested in him at all, just seeing how her face crumpled.

    "Yeah, he looks good, but I bet he���s just half my age. Not at all my type, though..." Cali nonchalantly commented.

    Nanny Shine's eyebrows raised because as far as she could recall, Cali experienced the so-called 'love at first sight' the moment she laid her eyes on Dr. Dee.

    "I thought you prefer older men and someone wearing eyeglasses." Nanny Shine continued.

    Grandpa Lua watched the two talk. Shine was feeling so sad for Rui that she was trying hard to bring him up to Cali.

    His poor grandson-in-law turned out to be a forgotten husband. Grandpa Lua sighed and looked at Cali, who Nanny Shine helped to lie on her bed and rest.

    He hoped things would get better soon for everyone, and most especially with his granddaughter.
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