493 Private Doctor

    Rui controlled himself from getting near to Cali as much as he could, but he would often check on her in her room whenever she was asleep with the help of Nanny Shine and Grandpa Lua. He stayed near her, cradled her hand and caressed her cheeks sometimes, hoping very soon she will regain her memories and recognise him.

    'I miss you too much, Cali,' he mused as he stared at the sleeping girl. She was doing well and there was a significant improvement in her health and her recovery was very fast. In three more days, Dion would discharge her from the hospital so she could continue to recuperate in her house.

    Grief filled his entire body at the thought that she would not stay in his house to recover where he could monitor and take care of her closely.

    He gently touched her cheek as tears fell from his eyes. "I really love you too much, Cali..." he whispered, his heart in his cracked voice. He wanted to kiss her and hug her, but he controlled himself.

    Even being close to her was a luxury for him now, he didn't want to let go of this luxury also if she woke up finding him hugging her or very close to her. He knew there was still a long road to travel before she would recognise him as someone close to her.

    He was sitting there engraving her beautiful and innocent face in his eyes, as he knew after she would be discharged soon.

    Rui at the same time would be gone for a long time before returning and meeting her again. His expressions froze when Cali suddenly opened her eyes.

    "Doc?" she mumbled in her sluggish voice.

    "Oh yeah, I'm checking the temperature. It's normal." Rui stressed and retracted his palm from her cheek.

    Cali nodded a bit and once again closed her eyes to go back to sleep. Rui walked outside her room with heavy steps.

    His grandfather-in-law and nanny Shine were sitting outside. He smiled and said, "She woke up then went back to sleep again."

    "Did she recognize you?" nanny Shine asked with hope, and Rui just shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. Pain was clearly written all over his face.

    Weeks passed by and Rui went back to his old routine, but he would always check Cali's condition and monitor it with her private doctors.

    "In no time, she will be back to her old self like nothing ever happened," Dion said in assurance and patted his shoulders.

    "We need more time though, since her head is a bit delicate and will still take some time to be fine. I noticed that every time she tries to remember things, her head starts aching..." Dion explained, feeling anxious as well seeing Rui's dropped shoulders. At this point it would be risky to push Cali to remember Rui or any other memories that she had forgotten after her graduation day.

    "I understand, Dion... I will patiently wait and study more about her case while I wait for her..."

    Dion nodded and said, "Yeah... She will soon remember you. By the way, I have already called my friend and she will take care of you and give you private lessons about the human brain. She's equivalent to my sister so you will learn a lot from her, including how to treat patients with the same case as Cali. When will you be flying then?"

    "I will go as early as tomorrow, Dion. I better focus on how to handle Cali's case while she is recuperating. I heard she has plans to study abroad, so I think it could be a good opportunity to accompany her as her private doctor."

    Dion nodded and truly admired his friend's patience over Cali.

    "I hope the best for you..." Dion cheered. Rui laughed and said, "Yeah, I hope the same for myself as well."


    Meanwhile, at Lua Residence, months passed, and Cali recovered very well physically. She could now go back to almost her normal life, like before. She could almost do everything like her normal self except for extreme sports of course.

    Also, the most important thing she needed to avoid was the overthinking of things since it caused pain to her head like what happened the previous day when Shane visited her with her husband.

    She was so shocked to realise that she missed important details such as that. Like since when Shane had a husband when she did not even have a boyfriend the last time she remembered?

    Her husband even greeted her like they knew each other for so long as well, and she found out that she indeed knew Josh before Shane knew him. Shane mentioned that meeting Josh and becoming his friend was a part of the memories she lost. She tried to recall everything but ended up in so much pain.

    Yes, she was now aware of the fact that she had lost some part of her current memories and she also knew that she must avoid thinking about it or else she would experience another bout of pain in her head.

    Her doctor advised her to let it come back on itself through time, and she should not push herself in remembering it. Because of the severe pain, she too was afraid in trying to remember things, so she was used to letting them go.

    Nanny Shine interrupted her and called her out for lunch.

    "You will leave next week. I hope you won't give me a headache on this Cali and be nice to your private doctor..." Grandpa Lua reminded her.

    Cali rolled her eyes and with pouty lips complained, "Geez... It's so awkward to live at the same place with a male doctor. I mean no privacy at all, and why should I have to stay in his place? He's a man, right? Do you really trust him that much? What if he takes advantage of me?"

    Nanny Shine almost choked on her food hearing Cali. Oh, God... How stubborn could she get? She was controlling herself so much, not to mention that she would live with her husband! That too the one she herself chose and pursued relentlessly! She pitied Rui too much that she often wanted to scold Cali for being childish and stubborn.

    "Dear, grandpa Lua and I both know him and trust him too much. Besides, he's the best to monitor your condition and we are lucky he agreed to your grandpa's request to let you live with him." Nanny Shine explained.

    "It's your fault since you insisted on flying and studying that cooking thing in another country when you can study the same here..." Grandpa Luo scolded.

    "But that's the best school in the world grandpa and not everyone can get admission there easily. It's a once in a blue moon opportunity for me."

    "Then you have to comply with my rules! No more words Cali or I will not let you do what you want! Instead, you will then have to stay here..."

    Cali no longer debated with her grandfather but deep inside her head she vowed to make things difficult for that doctor if he would come in her way.
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