494 In Your Dreams

    The day finally arrived when Cali had to leave and fly to country A to study culinary arts in the best and famous Culinary art school in the world where the best chefs ever had studied.

    It was the first time she was so engrossed into something like cooking and learning different cuisines not to add how heart was set on being acknowledged as one of the best chefs in the world.

    The flight that she was to board would take almost half a day to reach the destination. She settled herself and excitedly told her goodbyes to nanny Shine and her grandfather before stepping up the ladders of the plane and finally entering the cabin of that private plane in which she was booked together with her private doctor.

    She was very excited as she walked inside the beautiful cabin that had just two seats side by side for just her and her doctor. She saw a man in his eyeglass already there who seemed to be sleeping on his seat since his seat was adjusted into an inclined position.

    Cali froze for a while when she saw him as the man looked familiar to her. She walked closer to him and recognised him as the doctor, whom she often saw checking her whenever she was asleep.

    'That's him? My private doctor?' she mused as she sat on her seat near him. No wonder nanny Shine mentioned that her private doctor was a handsome man... Indeed, he was a lady killer.

    Cali seemed to be mesmerized with his face as she stared at the sleeping man with wide eyes. He had beautiful, long and black lashes behind his glasses. She liked the shape of his pointed nose, not to mention his heart-shaped kissable lips. His eyeglasses added a mysterious vibe to him, but she bet he definitely looked more handsome without it.

    Then her eyes went further down. He was wearing a fit polo shirt so she could tell he had nice abs under that shirt... She went further down and gulped as she realized what she was doing.

    'Oh my God!' she panicked as she realized she was peeling the sleeping man shamelessly...

    She composed herself and sat comfortably in her seat. Then her face crumpled as she mumbled, "It's our first time meeting formally with each other, so how come he is sleeping soundly and not even aware of my arrival. Seriously?"

    For some reason, her doctor probably heard her complain, and she noticed him move from the sides of her eyes. He was stretching and yawning.

    Rui was too tired and sleepy because he flew all the way back to country D just to join Cali in her flight when he could have just flown directly to country D instead and meet her there. He arrived just a few hours before and did not even take time to rest, and so he didn't even know when he dozed off.

    He looked around and saw Cali was already sitting beside him.

    "Oh, you're already here... Nice to see you. I'm Dr. Rui Dee, by the way, at your service." he whispered. He sat properly and extended his hand for a handshake.

    Cali looked at him and almost melted in his smile but she kept her poker face and accepted his handshake and said, "I guess you already know who I am since I remember seeing you in my ward when I was in the hospital."

    "Yup..." Rui answered with a smile.

    Then soon the flight took off and after the flight was stable the attendant arrived and asked for anything they wanted to drink before their meals.

    Cali excitedly said, "Can I have some wine, please?" It was her first time to get what she wanted since nanny Shine and her grandfather's eyes were not on her.

    "No. It's not good for her. Just serve her any fresh fruit juice she prefers..." Rui interrupted with knitted eyebrows.

    Cali's face twisted and soured...

    "Hey it's not like I am going to drink the whole bottle. I just want a sip since it's been a while since I last tasted any alcohol." Cali complained with pouty lips.

    Rui chuckled seeing her throwing tantrums like a baby, as he explained, "Well if you start tasting them you might have the tendency to drink more so it's better not to taste it in the first place to prevent any headache."

    With crossed arms Cali countered, "You sound like I won't be able to control myself. Let me tell you, doc... I know myself and when I say a sip... It will only be a sip. How come you're so strict on our first day together? Do you know how a pain in the ass I could be if you set the wrong foot with me?"

    "Is that a threat?" Rui replied with a grin and raised eyebrows.

    Rolling her eyes, Cali answered, "It's a fact!"

    Rui heaved a long deep sigh and whispered. "If I let you lose every once in a while like now... Will you behave and follow whatever it is that I ask as a doctor."

    Cali suddenly nodded with blinking eyes. Rui unconsciously patted her head and whispered, "good girl. I will then allow you for a sip."

    Cali felt her heart raced with that sudden gesture of his. 'What's wrong with me?' she inwardly beamed before whispering, "I'm not a girl! I'm a woman..."

    "I know that, sweetheart," Rui said with a chuckle.

    Cali's face reddened hearing the word sweetheart.

    'Sweetheart? What did he mean by calling me sweetheart? Why call me that? Is he hitting on me? Isn't he too old to hit on someone as young as me?' she mused because she presumed Dr. Dee was way too older than her. She was twenty and Dr. Dee must be ten years older or more if she was right. Usually professionals like him preferred matured women of their age.

    She smiled when Rui asked the attendant to give her a glass of wine.

    "Thank you," she excitedly whispered. She and her private doctor would definitely get along well if he could dance well with her steps.

    The glass of wine finally arrived.

    But as soon as she took one sip, Dr. Dee suddenly snatched the glass and drank all the remaining wine in it in one gulp.

    Cali stared at him in disbelief and burst, "Hey! That's my glass!"

    "Yeah, but we agreed only for a sip���" Rui emphasized.

    Cali felt like she got scammed! Her face couldn't be painted at all.

    "How old are you, doc?" she asked, annoyed.

    "Call me Rui..." he emphasized, then said, "I just turned thirty-one."

    "And I'm twenty, so can you be more lenient with me?" Cali grunted.

    Rui sighed before he turned at her and looked at her straight into her eyes and asked, "I'm only lenient when it comes to my girlfriend or future wife Cali. Right now you are my patient and everything I will do will be for your own good."

    "So you're saying it will be a different case if I'm your girlfriend or future wife?"

    Rui answered her with a roguish smile and a simple nod.

    "Well... In your dreams!" Cali beamed as she turned her back on him and sat sideways. Her private doctor was obviously a shameless, irritating man.
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