495 Do Anything And Everything

    Rui cursed himself for being overprotective regarding her health.

    Because of him snatching away the glass of wine from her, Cali did not even bother to talk to him afterwards. She kept herself too busy reading a magazine or watching a movie.

    He could no longer take the deadly silence so he asked, "how are you feeling now?"

    Cali's eyebrow raised as she turned at him and scoffed, "I'm very much good, Doc."

    "Hmm, please call me Rui..."

    "And why should I? We're not that close? Besides, you are much older than me so I should show some respect towards you... I will call you Doc." Cali stubbornly scoffed. She was still annoyed, and even though her private doctor was handsome, she decided that his charm would not affect her.

    "Do I look that old to you?" Rui asked with his offended tone. Cali was taken aback and suddenly felt alarmed seeing his sad face.

    "I'm not referring to the face... You know you look.younger than your age. I mean the literal age gap. I'm only twenty, you know..." Cali explained. She did not know why, but seeing him sad bothered her somehow and she softened her tone of speaking towards him.

    "How old do you think I am, Cali?" Rui asked. It was the first time that Cali threw tantrums like that in front of him. He maintained his seriously offended face, observing how Cali would react.

    "Maybe you are in your thirties." Cali casually commented.  She was curious to know, though she added, "Right?"

    Rui's lips curved upward into a breathtaking smile.

    Cali unconsciously gasped seeing that killer smile of Rui. It even looked familiar to her somehow.

    'Why is my heart beating so fast?' She mused as she blinked her eyes to distract herself from getting hypnotized.

    "Close enough... I'm thirty turning thirty-one this year..." Rui answered with his charming smile followed by a wink, then he added, "Is that old for you?"

    Cali suddenly cut out her tongue as her face turned a rosy pink. For a second she did not know how to answer his question.

    Rui grinned and asked, "are you still mad at me because of the wine?"

    Cali did not comment and kept silent. She was scolding herself for acting in such a weird manner. She was not comfortable with all those feelings.

    "I guess you are, but then I just don't want to compromise your health... because it's very important to me... you are important to me..." Rui added in a gentle voice.

    Cali knitted her brows hearing the words 'important to me' and straightforwardly asked, "Are you hitting on me, huh? A while ago you called me sweetheart and now I'm important to you... Wow... Isn't professionalism a must I prefer to keep our patient doctor relationship. You're creeping me out..."

    Rui chuckled and clarified, "All my patients are important to me... I don't mind though if you want to interpret it in other ways. Just so you know, I'm a professional and I will handle you with utmost care milady..."

    Cali only rolled her eyes while Rui was looking at her adorably. He missed her so much and bantering like this with her was like a blessing to him granted after a long penance, unlike before where he could only sneak into her room to see her when she was asleep.

    There was a moment of silence for a while, and soon the flight attendant arrived to take order for their lunch.

    Cali was a bit hungry and was really excited hearing her favourite dish on the menu onboard... She wanted to eat her favorite pasta, carbonara.

    Rui intently ordered the same... Hoping Cali would somehow recall something while eating the said pasta.

    The pasta was served very soon, and Cali started eating immediately. She noticed Rui was removing the mushrooms from his plate.

    "You're not eating them?"

    Rui smiled at her and nodded.

    "Give it to me then..." Cali mumbled as she moved her plate near him.

    "Don't you know that mushrooms are very healthy food?" Cali commented as Rui picked up the mushroom from his plate and transferred it to Cali's.

    She suddenly froze as she whispered, " Why do I feel that something like this had happened before... You know what they call dejavu..."

    "Or maybe something is the same with your past memories. Don't think about it or you will be in pain... Start eating," Rui reminded.

    That would be a part of his tactics... Doing things he and Cali shared together but he would always remind her not to think about it in case she would try to remember... He was hoping her memories would come back naturally if he did things that would help her recall.

    Cali nodded and continued eating. She honestly did not want to experience the pain in her head as much as possible that was why she herself was avoiding to even try to recall the memories she lost.

    Good thing her private doctor would remind her to not stress herself out, just like now.

    "Why?" Cali asked because she noticed Rui was staring at her.

    Rui on the other hand contemplated whether to make a move on her or not as Cali had already said before that he was creeping her out. However, his hand was quick to decide and moved involuntarily, as it reached out to Cali's lip and wiped the smudge of pasta sauce from the side of her lips.

    Cali was caught off guard and once again her heart skipped a beat in that moment.

    "Sorry, but you have these beside the lips... So..." Rui explained.

    Cali's eyebrows furrowed as she went back to herself, realizing what her private doctor just did.

    "Doc next time just tell me so I can get a tissue and wipe it off myself." She snorted as she grabbed a tissue.

    "ohh, I am sorry... It's because I have always had active reflexes so... Anyway, I'll keep your request in mind next time." Rui mumbled. Before she lost her memories... he would use his lips to wipe off her smudged face and Cali would just giggle in excitement.

    He could not help but sigh with how aloof his wife had become... So very different from his Cali before...

    Rui looked at Cali and as he expected she ate messily... She loved the creamy sauce and she often ended up smudging some in the corner of her lips whenever she was too enthusiastic about eating.

    He suddenly smiled, recalling how Cali would often do things to bug him and get his attention.

    'Seems like at this time we changed roles...' he mused. He did not mind it though because to get his wife back, he was willing to do anything and everything.
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