496 Sleep In My Room

    Finally Cali arrived in the house where she had to stay in. Tall fences secured the entire boundary of the house, and the huge gate gave it a magnificent look which opened automatically after a scan.

    'He has high-technology security installed in his home.' she mused.

    Then her eyes brightened as the car entered inside the gate and she saw a good and simple lawn with a garden. It had attractive landscaping in front of the house and there was a bench swing as well. She noticed the greenery and thought Rui loved plants.

    "Your place is very nice..." she murmured.

    "Yeah, I just bought it from a friend of mine this month. I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it." Rui commented.

    It was one of Xander's properties and Xander said that he could just use it and stay there anytime he wanted, but he practically begged the latter to sell it to him, saying the house would be memorable to him. Because the house would be the witness of how he would make his wife fall in love with him again.

    Cali excitedly went out of the car and looked at the two-storied house. It was not that, but somehow she felt so homy because of the fresh air and cozy exterior design.

    She waited for Rui near the main door of the house, who had instructed the driver to bring all their luggages. Her eyebrows arched seeing him scan his print to open the door.

    "Hey, I need to register as well right, to go in and out?" Cali asked.

    "Yup, later we will do it." Rui answered Cali before he signaled his driver to bring their luggages upstairs.

    "We don't have any helpers? Not even one?" Cali asked out of curiosity, seeing no one greeted them when they entered.

    "The house is not that big. We can take good care of it while we are here. Or just call out for helpers during weekends if you wanted. You love cooking, right? How about you do some practise and be our chef in this house while I'll do most of the other tasks?" Rui said as he headed upstairs.

    Cali followed. It was not a problem for her to cook at all. But other household chores? She never did any of it so...

    "How about laundry? I don't know how to do all these things," Cali asked further as they went upstairs.

    "Don't worry, I will teach you everything one by one." Rui answered with a grin. Cali did not comment since it was not a big deal to her. She did not mind experiencing being independent for a change so she could live on her own in the future.

    All her life she was pampered by her grandfather and nanny Shine like a princess and she grew up in a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

    She was now a woman so she must take the initiative to act mature and be more responsible.

    "Where's my room?" she asked.

    Rui stopped in the hallway where there were two doors opposite each other.

    "This will be my room," he said as he pointed his finger to the door on his left, then he opened the door on the other side and said, "This is your room."

    He grabbed her luggage and put it all inside that room.

    "You must be tired. Go rest first and I will arrange my things in my room thn prepare some snacks for you." He said before he left Cali alone.

    She looked around at the familiarity of the style in the room as she mumbled, "So manly..." The interior design was mix of black, gray and off white, including the mattresses and cabinets.

    She turned around to lock her door since she wanted to rest.

    "What's this?!" she mumbled in horror noticing her door had no lock at all.

    She rushed outside and knocked on Rui's door immediately.

    Rui was about to enter the bathroom to take a shower when he heard the knocking so he quickly opened it knowing it was Cali.

    "Yes? Everything alright?" he asked.

    Cali did not answer but went into his room and inspected his door.

    With furrowed eyebrows she said, "You have a lock... How come I don't have a lock in my room."

    Then she realized Rui was standing topless exposing his broad chest in front of her. Her eyes rounded as she scanned his lean and muscular body served as a feast in front of her eyes.

    'Wow, sexy!' she mused but hastily shook her head to snap herself out of this attractive pit.

    Rui noticed her eyes on him so he walked back to grab his shirt and said, "Sorry I was about to go to take a shower."

    He quickly slipped his shirt back on and faced Cali who was inspecting his room.

    "Let's swap rooms. I like this color more..." Cali commented because she noticed his room had similar size and design, just that Rui's room was more of beige, off-white and brown. She preferred the interior color of his room than hers. More feminine in her eyes.

    Rui smirked because it was the same reaction he had anticipated. Cali did not like the black-gray combination in his room that much, so he had already changed the color to her preference while she stayed in his house.

    "We can't swap the rooms. This is my room."

    "But I like this one. Besides, it's the same design and I want a lock in my door..."

    "I did not put a lock intentionally, so that it would be easy for me to access your room in an emergency since we are not sure if sometimes you may pass out or have seizures... We still need to observe you for any of these symptoms."

    Cali's face crumpled. He had started again with those medical reasons for his strict policies.

    "I promise I will not lock this door ever, so let's swap the rooms. I really like your room..." she said with a beautiful smile and blinking her puppy eyes, trying to subdue the man with her cuteness.

    Rui had a serious face as he mumbled, "Then you can sleep in my room, with me..."

    Cali's eyes widened in shock and with red cheeks she whispered, "Are you a pervert?"

    Rui grinned and explained, "Why do you always give such perverted meanings to my words? What I mean is, you can sleep with me in this same room if you really want this room because I will not swap it. I have a big couch here, so there will be no problem for me to sleep there. You can sleep on the bed comfortably..."

    "Don't worry, I'm very much harmless, I promise I will not bite you!" he added with a wink, making Cali's face crunched.

    "No way... I will rather sleep in that manly, dark room than sleep in the same room with you. Geez... You're a really very creepy doc!" she beamed and quickly turned around to go back to her room.

    For some reason, her heart was racing fast as she went back to her room...
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