497 My Eyes Will Only See You

    *Ring *Ring

    Cali irritatedly scoffed as she stretched her arms to grab her mobile phone, cursing whoever it was, disturbing her peaceful sleep this early in the morning.

    "Hello..." she sluggishly answered, not even bothering to open her eyes or get up from the bed.

    "Wake-up missy... It's time for your routine exercise and also the right time to get some sunlight..." she heard Rui's cheerful voice on the other line.

    "What the heck? Where did you get my number from?" she mumbled as her eyes opened wide in shock. She glanced to look at her wall clock and it was only six in the morning.

    She heard him chuckle on the other end of the line as he replied, "From your grandfather, where else? Save my number as an emergency contact, as your number one, okay? Now, get up and join me outside. The sun is rising..."

    She usually woke up between six thirty to seven in the morning at home, and even that was a struggle for her. She used to hate it whenever nanny Shine woke her up because she always preferred sleeping in till late.

    Oh, she was one lazy woman...

    With a crumpled face she got up and complained, "Wow, are we in the military? Why do I feel like you're absolutely dedicated to making my life harder? It's only six in the morning... How about we do these at seven in the morning?"

    "Nope, this is the best time... I'm waiting... Come down or I will have to go and pick you up... I don't mind the weight lifting exercises ..." he said, amused.

    Cali immediately ended the call with a "humph". Stomping her feet, she walked in the comfort room to quickly brush her teeth and pee, then went out in her pajamas.

    She saw Rui sitting on the bench swing without a roof. He had two bench swings in his garden, one with a roof, and the other one without.

    She walked towards him and sat beside him. It was a beautiful sight.

    "Oh, you already prepared breakfast?" she whispered, seeing sandwiches and hot chocolate on the table in front of her.

    "Yeah, light meals before we do some light exercises. Go eat." Rui said with a smile.

    Cali felt her heart racing whenever he used to smile, but she quickly brushed off unnecessary thoughts and instead grabbed a sandwich to eat while watching the sunrise.

    "Why did you accept this kind of work, Doc? I mean becoming a private doctor where you need to be away from your family?" Cali casually asked.

    "Actually, I'm not that close to my family, so I doubt they will miss me at all... Oh, that's not a good thing to say. But I do have someone I love, and cherish the most in my life... but something happened, and she forgot about me..." he whispered in a vague way.

    "How cruel. Is that something like unrequited love?" Cali asked out of curiosity, for some reason it made her feel bitter, hearing her doctor already had someone he loved.

    "Hmm... I'm not sure either. What do you want to do while waiting for your school to open? You have three more days to enjoy. I can accompany you wherever you want to go." Rui said, changing the topic.

    He heard Cali scoff and then mumble, "I don't need a bodyguard doc. I want to go out alone if you don't mind."

    Rui was taken aback... He was aware Cali loved to go out with friends and party most of her life but then in this country, she had no friends...

    "But you don't know anyone here so..."

    "Who said that? I have friends all over the globe. Besides, one of my closest friends will arrive today to accompany me here. He will study at the same school with me..."

    Rui panicked. Why was he not aware of that? Who was she talking about? And she said 'HE'? A male friend? He only knew about one male friend of hers... And it was Kane...

    "That's good, you have friends here then. But I don't have one... I only know you here, so can I also tag along please?" Rui begged almost shamelessly.

    Cali was caught off guard and unconsciously nodded. But then realized something, and suddenly uttered, "Oh wait... I'll first have to ask Kane if it's okay with him. That man hates it if someone tags along when we go out..."

    It was true... Kane would always complain if she brought a classmate when the two of them went for a walk. He would always say that he is not fond of mingling with other people when they are together. Cali could even recall the annoyed expression of Kane's face.

    Rui's face darkened as he explained, "I'm your private doctor, Cali. You do know that you're my responsibility. Why do you even need his permission? He will understand and I will talk to him if he doesn't."

    He never heard of Kane since he left the country and now that Cali lost her memory about him, he was back? Why? Because Cali remembered him?

    Rui felt his chest tighten. He knew Kane loved Cali and he could bet that he still felt the same as he agreed to fly miles only to be with her.

    "Did you inform him that you're with me?" he asked.

    "Oh, I forgot to tell him. I just told him about my plans of studying here and he said he will accompany me..." Cali answered with a twisted mouth. Maybe she should call Kane and inform him?

    "You should inform Kane and tell him that he can't go out with you unless you are with me...."

    Cali's eyebrows raised hearing that as she hissed, "And why is that?"

    Why did she feel like her private doctor was nuzzling his nose too much into her private life?

    "I told you already. You're my responsibility... I am to blame if anything happens to you on my watch. So you should expect that my eyes will only see you no matter what happens..."

    For some reason, Cali blushed at these last words... His eyes would only see her? She wondered if there could be another meaning to it, but then hastily brushed that impossible thought. Since the two of them just met, she should not give any meaning at all to whatever he said.

    He was her private doctor and very well knew how her grandfather could be... She knew that Dr. Rui Dee was only being professional.
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