498 More Of His Skin

    Cali felt strange...

    She was doing her routine exercises, and Rui was helping her out.

    "I think I can manage..." she murmured because Rui moving her arms from behind was distracting her. She moved forward and did the usual exercises on her own.

    Rui pouted his lips. He was intentionally getting touchy, hoping it would help Cali remember him somehow. But seeing her crumpled face made him drop his shoulders.

    'Maybe I should take things slow... I'm creeping her out already,' he mused as he watched Cali do her routine movements in the garden. They were just basic exercises to make sure that all her body parts were in good condition, and functioning properly.

    "I will leave you to it and do my own work-out in the gym." Rui commented as he walked back inside. He wanted to watch her more, but he knew he should stay a little distant, to not creep her out any more.

    He sighed as he thought of Kane. The man was aggressive. He knew that Kane might think this could be his chance with Cali.

    "How dare that boy!" he snorted, while going inside his work-out room.

    He had already prepared himself for tough times to get Cali back, but with Kane around it would surely become harder, especially when Cali recognized Kane.

    Meanwhile, Cali paused with her exercises and heaved a long sigh.

    "Geez... Living with him is not good..." she mumbled with pouted lips and sat back on the bench. She grabbed her mobile phone and dialed her grandfather's number.

    "Yes, dear?"

    "Grandpa... Can I live in a different house please?"

    "No!" she heard her grandfather firmly and authoritatively answer.

    "You didn't even ask me why I want to live in a different house in the first place!" she beamed, feeling forsaken. Her grandfather was too overprotective of her, so how could he suddenly see things differently?

    "I trust Rui more than you so you will stay there unless you want to fly back home with us! We are going in circles Cali... No matter how many times you ask me... My answer will be the same and that's final."

    After a little more scolding, her grandfather finally ended the call. She did not like what she was feeling. She was uncomfortable with those feelings about her private doctor, which is why she wanted him out of her sight...

    "Geez... I have no choice but to pester him, so he is the one to give up. I hate it. I'm being watched almost all the time!" she grunted as she stood up to go back to her exercises while her mind became so busy on how to bully Rui for him to give up as her private doctor.

    "Maybe I should not help him with household chores since I did not know how to do it, anyway?" she mused, followed by a grin. It then dawned on her that she was acting extremely childishly.

    "Maybe I should observe more..." she then mumbled, talking to herself. If she looks closely, her private doctor was only doing these things for her own sake so far so... maybe it would be so childish to bully him just so she could live independently?

    She immediately finished her exercises and went back inside. She got curious about Rui's work-out room, so she passed by her door and headed into the work-out room, which was also located on the second floor.

    She passed by the veranda where there was a swimming pool. .

    "It would be nice to stay here. Maybe I should really wait a little more." she subconsciously mumbled as she thought of dipping in the pool later when the sun was glaring.

    She walked more and stopped in front of the door to the work-out room. She opened the door and went inside.

    Rui had a lot of work-out equipment. No wonder he had such sexy abs. She saw him running topless on a treadmill.

    Mouth agape, she stared at him from behind. She could see droplets of sweat form on his back. He had broad shoulders and a nice ass.

    'Oh God!' she gasped, realizing that she was peeling him alive once more. She quickly turned around to leave but heard Rui call her.

    "Do you need anything?" Rui asked, steadying his breathing. He had just finished working out and saw Cali walking to the door as he turned around. He followed her. So when Cali suddenly halted and turned around, she bumped on Rui's sweaty chest.

    "Are you alright?" Rui asked as he touched her chin and inspected her head.

    "Did you bump your head?" he asked again because Cali was not responding.

    Cali could smell him, his sweat.

    'How does he smell this good even though he's sweaty?' she inwardly asked. But then snapped back to her senses, realizing how close she was to him. She stepped back and answered, "I'm fine... I didn't bump into anything at all, just my face was almost touching your sweaty chest."

    She heard Rui chuckle in reply, "Oh, sorry about that... I'm already done. I will take a quick shower after I rest for a while. Do you need anything?"

    Cali shook her head and replied, "I'm just touring the house, I was not able to see everything last night. Anyway, I will leave now."

    Rui nodded and gave her a smile before she turned around. Rui saw her blushing as her cheeks turned red. He had a bright smile as he watched Cali's back. As a psychiatrist, he could tell that he had some effect on Cali. He could even tell it from her body language.

    "Her body recognizes me..." he excitedly mumbled. That simple expression he caught a glimpse of, made him want to dance.

    He immediately went back to his room to rest and shower fast so he could tease his wife a little more.

    Maybe he needed to show off more of his skin to awaken his wife's desire for him.

    Rui immediately skimmed his closet to look for more revealing clothes like sleeveless shirts and shorts. He thought he should often be topless when working out.

    He suddenly chuckled out loud at how his mind was already running wild.

    Then he heaved a long deep sigh, wondering how much longer could he control himself from pouncing on his wife...
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