499 Freaking Shadow

    Kane inhaled and exhaled loudly as soon as he came out of the plane. He was very excited when he boarded the flight and wanted to reach his destination in the blink of an eye. Now that he was finally there, standing at the arrivals area of the airport, his heart felt closer to his goal.

    It had been so long since he last saw Cali, he missed her too much. He knew that she lost some of her memories, and he was grateful to God that he was not a part of them.

    He smiled, seeing that his driver was waiting for him at the greeting area. He was glad that his father just recently bought a rest house in this country, that was how he had a chance to accompany Cali on the pretext of looking after the house. He also pulled some strings so he could enter the same school where Cali would be taking her culinary lessons.

    Once inside the car, he excitedly dialed Cali's number to inform her that he had finally arrived and would soon visit the house where she was staying.

    "Maybe I can even stay with her if I make her pity me for living alone?" he murmured as excitement filled his body. He felt that God had given him a second chance to prove his love to her because Cali lost all her memories about Rui, still remembered him.

    She had no recollection of the fact that there existed a man named Dr. Rui Dee who was married to her. Even her love and that possessiveness for him had all vanished from her memories. Now she was free to start a new chapter of her life, and he wanted to be the main lead of her story in this changed scenario.

    Indeed, he was aware that Cali was still legally married, but he thought that was insignificant unless Cali knew about it... She could not even remember her husband, let alone the marriage, so he believed that their marriage would soon be voided. He knew he was being selfish for thinking all that, but he could not let this chance pass him by.

    The phone rang for a while, but there was no answer. He tried calling again and finally Cali picked it up.

    "Hello there, beauty..." he enthusiastically babbled before hearing even a word from Cali.

    "She's in the bathroom, taking a shower..." Kane was shocked when he heard a man's voice from the other side.

    He then realised something and his face turned pale. Although that cold voice was very familiar to his ears, it was the one he least expected from Cali's phone. Was he hallucinating?



    'What is he doing there?!' he mused, because Cali did not mention anything about him. He thought she was alone with her private doctor!

    "What are you doing there? Wait... Are you the private doctor Cali mentioned?" Kane yelled and cursed inwardly.

    "I'm her husband, Kane. Make sure you imprint this in that small head of yours." Rui firmly answered with a heavy note before he ended the call and quickly put it back on the table. Cali had gone to the kitchen to get some fruits and left her mobile phone on the center table of the living room.

    He was there watching the television when it rang. He was not supposed to answer it, but seeing Kane's caller ID appearing on the screen, he felt his blood boil.

    "How dare he call my wife beauty!" he irritatingly uttered. The flirting tone was so clear in the bastard's voice. Rui was sure that stubborn brat was up to something fishy since Cali lost her memories of him. He felt a little restless and racked his brain for finding a solution to them both meeting alone. He could definitely not let him mess with his precious wife.

    He heard Cali's footsteps, so he immediately composed himself. Cali was back with a tray of various fruits cut into pieces.

    "You want some?" she asked, and Rui nodded.

    "Do you want to go out and look around at the nice places in the area?" Rui asked.

    "Nope... I'm waiting for my friend... He should have arrived at the airport by now." Cali answered as she looked at her wristwatch.

    "How come he hasn't called yet���" she murmured as she grabbed her mobile phone.

    Rui gulped because Cali might see the received calls so he coughed and said, "I was about to tell you it rang a while ago I answered but the line was so distorted. Caller ID said Kane. Is that him?"

    "Yeah... Maybe the signal was not good. I will call him and ask him to come here straight away." Cali nonchalantly replied and dialed Kane.

    Rui's face became gloomy. He knew he was being immature, but he had never liked Kane getting closer to his wife, and especially now with the lost memories of Cali, because he knew he could have a hidden agenda in coming at the same place with Cali right now. He was aware of Kane's feelings for Cali, and he had the possibility to be aggressive in pursuing her now when she had forgotten all about him, her husband.

    He poked his ears open as he listened to Cali's conversation...

    "Doc, can I invite him over or if that's not possible I will just go out with him..." Cali suddenly asked him while she was talking to Kane on the mobile phone.

    "Oh wait," Cali signaled at him.

    "You mean we go out? You prefer going out with me?" she murmured to the bastard on the other line that made Rui panic.

    "No! Tell him to come here instead, or I will tell your grandpa you intend to go out without me... What if something happens? It's better he just visits you here or if you two really want to go out, then you have to take me along..." he authoritatively said.

    Cali was shocked upon hearing that and was so speechless that she only whispered, "Kane just come over here."

    As soon as the call ended, with crossed arms she blocked Rui's front who was sitting on the couch and complained, "Hey... Aren't you exaggerating your role as my doctor and behaving more like a bodyguard? You're my private doctor, not my freaking shadow to follow me around!"

    He was getting on her nerves with dictating her about what to do and how she should spend her life in that country!

    Rui suddenly stood up and Cali backed down. It all happened so quickly that she almost lost balance, but Rui was fast to catch her as he wrapped his arm around her waist and held her firmly in his embrace. Cali's senses were suddenly assaulted by his fragrance that enveloped her entire body and she was lost for a few seconds in the mesmerising beauty of his handsome features.

    She snapped out of her trance and realised this doc was not easy to handle and could even seduce her!

    "Do I really need to repeat everything Cali? Your condition is still under observation and it often takes years for us to confidently say that you're fully recovered! So please consider me as your shadow... You need me by your side twenty-four seven!"

    Cali's mouth parted. She was too distracted with their closeness because she could feel his warm breath on her face. Her heart was once again beating erratically, betraying her completely, so she quickly pushed him to break free from his arms.

    She grabbed her mobile phone and quickly walked away from him, grunting and murmuring, "I hate you!"
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