500 What’s Not Meant To Be Will Never Be

    Kane arrived at the address Cali gave him. He was still in a grim mood, but he had to compose himself and not reveal anything regarding her relationship with Rui to her.

    His car was still waiting outside the gate. He had to call Cali for permission to enter because the scanner could not recognize his vehicle so the gate was not automatically opening for him.

    "He sure has tightened the security..." he mused with flaring nostrils, and he could bet that Rui would not definitely give him access to anything inside.

    Finally, the gate opened, and his car was able to enter the premises. Cali had already explained to him when he was on his way that it was grandpa Lua's decision for her to live with Dr. Rui. Obviously it was a biased decision of grandpa Lua in favor of Rui since they still acknowledged his marriage with Cali.

    Kane did not feel discouraged with that fact because what was important to him was to have Cali's heart for himself. So he was determined to do his utmost to steal her heart this time, while her brain could not remember Rui.

    He still believed that she was too young and what she felt for Rui before losing her memories was mere infatuation. And now with her mind cleared off of Rui's love, he had a fair chance with her.

    He quickly went out of the car and saw Cali waiting for him.

    "Kane!" Cali burst and quickly ran to hug him. Rui saw that scene from his balcony, and he felt as if sharp knives were stabbing his heart brutally.

    He was aware that Kane was Cali's friend, and it was her natural way of greeting Kane ever since he entered Cali's life, so Rui tried to understand the situation as a mature person, though his heart was restless and he could feel pain seeing their intimacy.

    Cali greeted Kane very enthusiastically and welcomed him with a warm embrace while her first meeting with him... Cali's first reaction to him was to ask who he was!

    Unknowingly tears fell from Rui's eyes. He was living every day in hope and was trying to bring back her memories using his professional psychological tactics. What he did not consider was the hindrance in his plans due to the arrival of his live rival.

    He turned around and sat down on the couch of his bedroom. He did not want to annoy Cali anymore by showing himself while she entertained her friend. Besides, he was not sure if his poor heart could even take her intimate gestures with that bastard who was here interrupting their lives.

    But then he could not control the possessiveness he had for his wife, so he took some deep breaths and composed himself then went out of his bedroom to join the two of them in the garden.

    He wore a poker smile on his face and sat on the available chair near Cali.

    "So you're Kane. You know what you look a little familiar..." Rui commented.

    Cali then formally introduced the two out of respect since she and Kane were both inside Rui's territory. Her private doctor still irritated her, but she did not hate the fact that he joined them outside to mingle.

    Rui extended his hand. Like him, Kane too had a poker smile and he too bent forward a little and accepted his hand for a shake but instantly his face twitched when Rui exerted pressure and squeezed his hand very hard, almost making Him wince in pain.

    Cali noticed Kane's uncomfortable face, so she asked, "What's going on?"

    That instant, Rui released his hand and gave Cali his sweetest smile as he asked, "Cali dear... I'm sure Kane would love to have some snacks after his long flight. How about you prepare something for your guest while I entertain him?"

    "Oh yeah, Kane, Wait here. I'll go get something for you..."

    Kane's nostrils flared as he quickly beamed, "No, it's okay Cali. I'm good. Just stay here and let's talk... It's been a while and I really missed you so much..."

    "Shameless!!!" Rui inwardly yelled as his eyes shot daggers at Kane, which the latter only ignored.

    "But I will be quick. At least let me prepare your favorite mango shake?" Cali said with a smile.

    But Kane did not want to be alone with Rui because for him every second being with Cali counted so he suggested, "How about I accompany you and help you prepare snacks."

    "NO!" Rui intervened coldly but quickly curved his lips into a smile as he looked at Cali and said, "Hey. Your friend is tired. Let him rest here and it's unethical if you will let him help you prepare some snacks. Besides, I want to talk to your friend so I can also brief him a little about your condition."

    Cali, seemingly convinced by Rui, stood up and said, "Okay I will bake something nice quickly so you both have a talk while I prepare everything."

    Rui's mood brightened. He looked at Cali and winked at her secretly that made her gasp. She quickly turned around before any of the two could notice her blushing. "What's with him winking?" she mumbled with pouty lips as she walked inside to the kitchen.

    Meanwhile, Rui looked at Kane intently with squinted eyes as he said, "Cali is my wife so I would appreciate you not doing stupid things that you will regret later on..."

    "Doc... The only regret I have in my whole life is losing Cali from my life. She first met me and I first loved her. We were having a harmonious relationship and I was just waiting for the right time to confess to her.

    I am sure she would have accepted my proposal had you not come in the picture and snatched her from me!" Kane yelled. He could feel his body tremble with too much emotion.

    He felt that he lost his opportunity with Cali because Rui came in the picture suddenly.

    Rui balled his fist as he kept his calm.

    "As I expected... You have an evil agenda in coming here, and you are here not just to be a friend with Cali. Remember this Kane... No matter what happens Cali is my wife. We are legally married...

    And I will not let anyone take advantage of Cali's condition right now. She may not remember me at this moment, but her heart could definitely recall whom it was beating for..."

    Having said that, Rui stood up from his chair and said, "I will now give you enough time  to spend with Cali as a friend because I trust my wife's heart. She will not betray me and her feelings towards me.

    Just a piece of advice... Move on Kane before you let yourself drown into the deepest pit of possible consequences of wrong actions. What's not meant to be will never be, but if someone is meant to be in your life, nothing and NOBODY will be able to stop it..."


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