501 Sounds Familiar

    Another day passed, and Cali was back to her usual routine. Just one more day for her to get back to school. She could not hide how excited she was .

    "How about you cook lunch today?" She heard Rui comment from behind her back. He went out for a run while she was doing her routine exercises in the garden. She picked up her mat because she was done with her exercises and proceeded towards the bench where their light breakfast was waiting.

    "Cali..." she heard him call, so she turned around to look at him and gulped, seeing him without a shirt trying to wipe the sweat off himself after the run.

    "I said, can you cook us some lunch later? I want to eat what you cook."

    Cali pursed her lips to prevent herself from drooling...

    'What is this? Why is he topless so often before me!' she inwardly thundered.

    "Cali?" Rui mumbled.

    Cali pouted her lips and said, "I don't want to... I'm lazy so you do it. Cook for us..."

    She was intentionally being lazy, wondering if her private doctor could last with this temperament of hers. This was her way of silently taking revenge on him for acting too overprotective of her over small matters.

    Kane would be her regular visitor, but he did not want to grant Kane access in and out of the gate, even when she guaranteed that Kane was her closest friend since childhood?

    Rui shrugged his shoulders and sat in front of Cali to grab some sandwiches he prepared. She was too indifferent now, as compared to before where she would even wake up early just to make sure he had breakfast before going to work whenever she slept over at his place.

    Cali spent most of her time in his kitchen cooking and baking a variety of food and he would become her taster.

    "Can you at least put something on?" Cali snorted with a twisted face.

    Rui chuckled and teased, "Why? Are you distracted by my muscles? Besides, it's hot, and I want to feel the morning breeze."

    "Whatever... I'm not distracted, just stop flaunting those muscles. Urgh... they're not even that good."

    'Liar!' Cali's inner-self shouted, but Rui just ignored her. Instead of feeling offended, he just felt amused by her expressions.

    "Your classes start tomorrow... Don't you want to stroll around before you get busy with them? I will be going out later, if you want you can come with me." Rui asked. He liked the way Cali was reacting. He could read her expressions, that were clearly the opposite of her harsh words.

    Being topless was successfully getting her attention drawn to him so he would make it his routine from now on.

    Cali did not comment on his question but deep inside she was itching to go out. Kane asked her earlier, but she was hesitant because she knew Rui would tag along and she had noticed Kane getting uncomfortable around him.

    "Where are you going?" Came almost as a whisper from her mouth.

    Rui smiled and said, "Hmm... I want to see the famous amusement park if it indeed is remarkable."

    Cali's eyes twinkled in excitement. She had been waiting to visit the place, but unfortunately there was no time or opportunity until today.

    "Okay. I will go. What time are we leaving?" she asked in a row.

    "We can go after we're done with our breakfast..." Rui answered, feeling elated that his plan worked out well.

    "Okay... i will prepare to leave now," Cali excitedly babbled and stood up from her chair.

    "Wait... Aren't you going to eat more?" Rui asked. Instead of answering, Cali just grabbed one more sandwich before rushing back to her room to get ready.

    Rui grinned and watched her going back into the house lovingly. He would make sure that every passing day with his wife was well spent. He found all her tantrums cute and adorable.

    Rui stood up and collected the breakfast tray from the table. He didn't mind serving his wife forever if it meant that she would never leave his side. He could tell that Cali was intentionally acting lazy to bully and annoy him but these tantrums only made him adore her even more. He chuckled and walked back inside the house to get ready as well.

    "Remember... You are not allowed to go on extreme rides. I will only let you ride on the lighter ones, something like the Ferris wheel." Rui reminded, and Cali involuntarily nodded.

    Strolling around the park would be good enough for her. She only cared about the booth games that would let her win prizes. Rui stood and watched as she started playing various games in each booth.

    "Shocks, it's so hard! I wanted that bear!" Cali complained as she missed another target with an arrow. Well, she could buy bears like those, but it was a different feeling of content and satisfaction if you won it by playing fun games like these.

    "Let me help you. I'll make sure you get that bear." she heard Rui whisper from behind her. She flinched on feeling his warm breath on her ear.

    He was too close to her now, hugging her as he held both her hands.

    "Hold the bow like this..." she heard him whisper.

    Cali could feel his breath. He was too close and one wrong move would result in his lips touching her cheek.

    Her face reddened. She was blushing very hard, and suddenly felt very hot.

    "Concentrate on the game and relax your body..." he said.

    'How could she when he was this close to her? She could feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach.'

    "Stretch the string a little more... There... Make sure you are aiming for the center."

    Cali bit her lower lip as an unknown electricity travelled down her nerves...

    "There... Now let it go.."

    Cali did as he instructed her to and her eyes widened with glee, seeing that she hit the right spot. They did that three consecutive times in a row.

    "Oh, we did it!" she exclaimed, turning hastily to Rui, causing friction of his lips on her cheek.

    "Sorry..." she heard Rui apologize, and could only nod bashfully. Then she quickly turned to the in-charge of the booth to distract herself.

    "My prize?" she mumbled with a grin and the man at post handed her the huge teddy bear that was almost as big as herself.

    Rui grabbed it from her and said, "Let me carry it for you, sweetheart."

    Cali froze at that spot because she heard the same voice and word in her head.

    "Are you alright?" Rui asked, concerned at Cali's suddenly distorted expression.

    "Nothing, it's just that you calling me sweetheart sounds familiar..."

    Rui's heart suddenly skipped a beat... It was the second time he had called her by that name... The first time, Cali seemed to be unaffected but today... she could sense the familiarity...
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