502 Palpitating Hear

    Rui waited as he watched Cali's changing expressions closely. When he noticed she was delving deeper into it he instructed, "Don't think too much and just relax. Breathe in and breathe out."

    Cali followed his instructions as she relaxed herself and stopped her mind from thinking too much about things. She did not want to experience another bout of headache, so she did not ponder on how or where or from whom she heard that word before.

    Once she calmed down, she realized what Rui called her a few minutes back. Cali put her both hands on her waist and turned to Rui asking, "Why are you calling me sweetheart, anyway?" It was the second time he called her so, and the word was an endearment usually used by couples when they were in a relationship, so why call her like that.

    "Because.. you have a very sweet heart?" Rui mumbled hesitantly.

    "Are you trying to be funny right now, Doc?"

    "I said call me Rui or you can also call me sweetheart since I also have a very sweet heart..." he said with a teasing grin.

    Cali rolled her eyes as she walked past him mumbling, "Unbelievable!"

    She never met a doctor as shameless as him. Her first impression about doctors was that they looked and talked very seriously, and Rui was the total opposite of that.

    "Sweetheart, wait for me," Rui called with a teasing tone. He walked beside her and explained, "Well when I first saw you I thought you look like a sweetheart... you know, like an absolute sweetheart... Young, lovable and a pleasing person."

    "It's also like a psychological tactic to improve your temper towards me, since you're often grumpy towards me..." Rui added so Cali would not feel creepy about it. But he knew in his heart why he called her that was because he missed calling her sweetheart.

    "So I have decided to call you sweetheart often..."

    "Whatever..." Cali sniveled.

    Rui had a bright smile plastered on his face hearing her reply because for him it was still a positive response from Cali by not asking him to stop calling her like that.

    Meanwhile, as Cali walked forward, she felt a little weird by her own response. She was not happy with her own answer to Rui.

    She should have told him to stop calling her with such close sounding sweet words as people might misinterpret that she was in a relationship with him when she was actually not. But for some weird reason, she did not detest him calling her sweetheart but found it rather comfortable and even felt her heart at peace when he said this.

    'Weird...' she mused as she sneaked glances at Rui, who was now walking beside her. Rui suddenly turned and winked at her before asking, "Do you want some ice cream?"

    Cali nodded so Rui stopped at one of the benches and said, "I'll buy some, you sit here and wait for me."

    Cali sat down and Rui put on her big teddy bear beside her.

    "You... guard our sweetheart well while I buy some ice cream..." Rui instructed as if the teddy bear was human.

    Cali chuckled because she found it cute, but she quickly pursed her lips and just watched Rui walk to the ice cream booth.

    "He's so weird right. So straightforward and shameless..." she murmured while watching him buying some ice creams.

    He turned around and caught her looking at him. He waved at her, but Cali quickly turned her gaze in a different direction. Lately she noticed that her heart was often beating irregularly.

    "Maybe I should also see some cardiologist?" she murmured to herself as she raised her hand and touched her chest where she could feel her palpitating heart.

    Rui was finally back with two ice cream cones and he handed her the cheese flavor. Cali wrinkled her forehead and asked, "How do you know I like cheese flavor in ice creams?"

    Rui moved the teddy bear further and sat right beside Cali.

    "Hmm, just a wild guess? I noticed how you put a lot of cheese in the sandwiches and even in spaghetti..." Rui said, but then he actually knew that Cali really loved everything that was cheesy.

    She then happily indulged herself in the ice cream, but she accidentally smudged her lips and chin with it because of the melting cream from the cone.

    Rui noticed that and instinctively wiped it with his fingers, then licked his fingers clean afterwards. Cali's face reddened, seeing him do that while she stared at him in disbelief.

    "I'm not really fond of cheese, but it tasted good." Rui nonchalantly commented. He could see from the side glance that Cali was too startled with his action. He sighed because he initially wanted to wipe it with his tongue and lips instead.

    It was too much struggle for him. He wanted to pounce on his wife every now and then, but he often had to remind himself to control and not act rashly in front of her or do something to offend her or could potentially lead to Cali leaving him.

    "That's so yucky. Why did you even do that?" Cali voiced out while her cheeks reddened. She grabbed some wet wipes from inside her purse and gave some to Rui while she wiped her chin as well.

    "What's yucky about that?" Rui mumbled.

    "Hellooo it came from my mouth?" she lilted.

    "So? I'm not that fussy. It's just like kissing you. Wait, does it bother you?" Rui countered, curious about what Cali would answer.

    "No!" Cali snorted as she stood up to go stroll more then she halted, turned around at Rui and commanded, "Bring my teddy bear."

    "Yes, sweetheart..." Rui cheerfully answered and stood up that instant and grabbed the big teddy bear.

    "Where do you wanna go next?" Rui asked as they walked side by side. His hand was almost brushing hers, and he wished he could hold her hand while walking. He suddenly started running through ideas of a good alibi for holding Cali's hand with her permission.

    His shoulders dropped because he could not think of a very good alibi at all then suddenly his face brightened and he said, "How about we go to the house of horror."

    Cali only nodded while he grinned inwardly because there could be a high possibility for skin to skin contact there with his wife like holding her in his arms, grabbing her hand or even embracing her.

    Then he realized that he was not aware if Cali got easily scared or not with scary things.

    Well, at least today he would find out more about it. Excitement filled his body since most women get easily scared in the horror booths, clinging to their companions like leeches. He could even imagine Cali jumping in his arms and burying herself in his chest. One thing to really look forward to.
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