503 Punishmen

    Rui hurriedly put the huge teddy bear in his car. He smiled as he looked at it because the bear made it possible for him to get a little bit closer to Cali, physically.

    It was torture at first, but then his heart was filled with her familiar scent and warmth and he felt grateful for these small, sweet moments. It was so hard for him to control the urge to hug her and feel her warmth without holding back.

    "Patience, Rui..." he whispered and cheered himself up before hurriedly getting back to Cali, who was waiting for him near the entrance to the house of horror.

    "Let's go," he excitedly said as he approached her.

    Cali nodded and headed inside. Rui quickly walked beside her.

    "You can hold on to me anytime if you get scared, okay..." he offered as he walked behind Cali in the dark. They could already hear the screams of people not so far ahead of them.

    "You see... I don't get scared of crap like this. But I came here anyway because I wanted to compare this house of horror to the ones I've been to." Cali muttered.

    Rui scratched his head, but his quick mind already had a back-up plan. He grabbed Cali's arm and hugged it as he whispered, "Oh gosh, but I feel scared of creepy things like these. Oh God, please don't let go of my hand..."

    Cali's eyebrows raised when she felt Rui tightly clasp her hand and then proceed to bend and hug her arm.

    "What's this? Aren't you a grown up man? How can you be scared of this kind of thing?" she hissed, but Rui answered only with a growl when a scary white ghost woman appeared in front of them.

    She did not know whether to laugh at him or be annoyed with the little screams in his manly voice.

    "Geez, you are such a sissy..." she exclaimed.

    "No... I'm not!" Rui countered and suddenly halted, but he did not let go of Cali's hand.

    "I'll call you sissy from now on. Doc Sissy..." Cali mumbled in a teasing tone. Finally, she managed to catch on to a good nickname for bullying him.

    "Stop with this name calling or I will kiss you..." she heard Rui threatened.

    Cali felt as if she cut her tongue out because she was suddenly speechless. She felt as if Rui would really do it when she heard the seriousness of his voice.

    After composing herself, she nudged him to move forward.


    "Then don't act like one and be a man!" she vented out loud as while pulling him forward with her. Screams from other people soon filled the whole house. Cali and Rui did not bother to talk anymore because of the loud noises.

    Rui still held her hand, it was a priceless moment for him, so much so that he intentionally walked a little too slowly as they toured the house. He could walk through the house of horror all day if it meant for him to be able to hold his wife's hand like this. It made him feel ecstatic and he did not want to leave this horror house.

    "Is there something wrong with your feet? Why are you so slow?" Cali complained.

    Rui irked and mumbled, "I'm having a cramp..."

    "What?" Cali burst out.

    Rui then put his arm around her shoulders and pleaded, "Please help me."

    His right arm was wrapped around her shoulders while his left grabbed Cali's left hand, then he leaned in and whispered into Cali's ear, "This house is too scary."

    Cai crumpled her face and beamed, "Yeah, we both know this is not actually that scary. I can't believe it..."

    Rui pursed his lips, trying to stop himself from laughing out loud. Cali on the other hand kept sighing because of the tension that Rui's closeness made her feel in her body. She could smell his scent and inwardly liked it.

    'Oh gosh, does it mean I'm attracted to this weird doctor?' she silently mumbled in horror. But quickly dismissed the idea from her head.

    Rui did not put any weight on Cali at all, and hoped she wouldn't notice. He simply faked walking like it was hard.

    To his utter disappointment, the tour soon came to an end and they had to leave the horror house.

    "Let's rest here for a while." Cali mumbled as she pulled Rui to sit on the bench.

    "My feet are better now. Maybe it was an effect of me getting scared. Ahh... my poor heart probably won't be able to take it. But I like the thrill... Maybe we could come here again next weekend so I can overcome this fear of mine."

    "Why come all the way here when you can just watch horror movies at home and get over your fear?..." Cali mumbled.

    "Oh yeah, that's a great idea. You should recommend some horror movies to me but you also have to watch them with me or else I might end up being more afraid when I see a lot of ghosts on the screen."

    Cali turned at him with a twitched mouth as she scorned, "Really? You're such a sissy. Doc Sissy..."

    "One more thing... If I hear you call me like that again, I will really teach you a lesson, Cali. I will seal your lips with a breathtaking kiss wherever and whenever you are, so show some respect to your doctor, who cares so much for you. Calling me like this is too disrespectful, even if you witness me getting scared of creepy things and horror houses."

    Then he added in a teasing tone, "Unless you do want me to kiss you. In that case feel free to call me by that name anytime... my kiss can be really addictive so I won't be surprised if you call me like that often once you get a taste of my sweet punishment."

    Cali's face crumpled more and Rui could no longer hold it in so he burst into a fit of laughter.

    "You... I should call you a pervert instead!" Cali grunted with flaring nostrils as she stood up to walk away. Rui followed and said, "Well, if you call me that then the punishment will be more severe... Like giving you a taste of the pervert mode?!"

    "Grrr!" Cali grunted but chose to seal her mouth and not take it any further because the man talked too much and would never run out of arguments!
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