504 Clingy

    Cali enjoyed their amusement park tour for the whole day and Rui felt satisfied seeing her smile and laugh every now and then.

    "Are you tired already? Do you want to go home?" Rui asked as soon as they were inside the car.

    "I'm not tired yet," Cali answered as she looked back to check on her huge teddy bear.

    Rui chuckled and said, "Did you think I forgot to put it in the car?"

    Cali pouted her lips and murmured, "Well, I was just checking since I like that teddy very much."

    "I know. Do you wanna try one of the world's greatest fine dining spots near here? The three Michelin stars one?" Rui asked. He already made a reservation because he knew that Cali would definitely enjoy it.

    Cali's eyes rounded in excitement as she nodded continuously, but then she realized, "But I hear we have to make advance reservations for it..."

    Her shoulders dropped at the thought that it would be impossible to try that restaurant tonight.

    "Oh, I already made one, you see. I thought it would be nice to bring you there to please you as you're often grumpy towards me..." Rui hummed like a child in his sullen voice.

    Cali felt guilty suddenly and said, "Sorry... If you just stop being so intense with taking care of me, we will both be good. You see, I've always been under strict protection at home, so I hoped I would get some air away from grandpa and nanny Shine. But you treat me the same. I know it's for my own good, but hello? I know my body and my limits, and of course I know my boundaries..."

    Rui heaved a long, deep sigh. He was only against her being alone with Kane since he did not trust the man, but he was unable to explain that to his wife who could not remember him.

    He remained quiet because he could not voice the fact that he was jealous over Kane. Maybe later, he would think of the best explanation for this situation.

    Cali's mobile phone rang and his face became sour when he heard her mention the name Kane.

    "Speaking of the devil...' he mused as his ears were too focussed at eavesdropping.

    "Oh yeah, we're now headed to the restaurant. Wait, I'm not sure... I will ask him." Rui heard Cali whisper before she turned at him and asked, "Do you think it's possible for us to get one more chair? Kane would like to join us for dinner, please?"

    "No!" Rui grunted, then he quickly added, "You see, I only reserved two seats, Cali."

    Cali nodded, then got back to Kane and apologized. Rui was grinning triumphantly, but that grin turned into a grim expression when he heard Cali say, "Don't worry, I will treat you tomorrow on the opening of school. We can have lunch and dinner together. I'll make it up to you..."

    The two talked some more, and soon Rui released a sigh of relief when the call ended.

    "That friend of yours is too clingy..." he could not help but comment.

    Cali's eyebrows lifted up as she honestly mumbled, "Aren't you more clingy than him?"

    Rui chuckled and countered, "You have to get used to it since it's going to be a part of your life now... I mean... it's a part of my work. My resume includes clinginess as my job description. If you have any doubts, you can ask your grandfather about it.

    Oh, and not to mention he wants me to stick with you like we've been glued together since he's afraid that something might happen to you here while he is not around."

    Cali no longer commented because there was no use of it, plus knowing how protective her grandfather felt about her, it could definitely be true.

    They arrived at the restaurant just in time for dinner. The place had the same ornate décor and sumptuous furnishings as seen throughout the hotel, with a breath-taking view over the city.

    Cali could not help appreciating its beauty as she took some photos. Rui talked to the waiter to order their food and Cali unconsciously sneaked some shots of him.

    When the waiter left, she heard Rui speak, "Don't steal shots like that. I'm willing to pose for you... So the next time you want my picture, tell me so I can smile beautifully..."

    Cali scoffed and twitched her mouth but did not say anything since she was caught in the act.

    Soon the food arrived. The chef introduced diners to new tastes while striving to evoke emotions through Italian and Mediterranean flavors, combining creativity with simplicity in the ingredients used.

    Cali was overwhelmed and felt extremely inspired, hoping someday she could also cook like this.

    "Oh, this is good... Such a delicious taste it would have when paired with wine." Cali hummed as she ate the duck foie gras with apple and chestnut.

    Then she heard Rui order a wine.

    "Can I have two glasses, please?" she asked with pouty lips and Rui couldn't help but nod at his beautiful wife with her begging expressions.

    "Just two glasses, okay?" Rui reiterated and Cali nodded enthusiastically.

    They finished the meal with a creative dessert: choco-passion-pop with rice crispies, meringue, passion fruit and hazelnut chocolate crémeux. Cali felt so happy that she couldn't stop grinning while she tasted everything.

    In her head she imagined herself doing a lot more things like this and being recognized by the diners as a good chef.

    "You're so beautiful whenever you smile like that. Well, you're also beautiful even if you don't smile, just that having that joyful aura of yours makes you more stunning. Maybe I should bring you to all the nice restaurants in this country. Seeing you smile like that is just too breathtaking." Cali heard Rui commented, making her blush right on her spot.

    She could feel that tingling sensation in her body, not to mention the fast thumping of her heart.

    "Stop that, you're making me blush," she scolded and even touched her cheeks with her palms.

    Rui only gave her a wink, followed by a roguish smile. Cali felt her heart bumped her chest with that handsomeness.

    'This man is so dangerous!' Cali inwardly complained. She felt like he was intentionally seducing her, or maybe she was just giving too much meaning to every action of his? But then she should guard herself well... Her focus should be attaining her dreams and becoming one of the world's most famous chefs...
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