505 A Forbidden Affair

    Cali woke up early because she was too  excited for her first day of school. She quickly prepared herself and when she was ready, went out to leave. Kane was supposed to pick her up.

    "Grab some breakfast first." She heard Rui say as she passed by the dining area. She looked at the table and saw the food, she sat down as he served her the meals.

    "Why are you dressed? Are you also going out?" Cali asked. Rui was in his casual polo shirt and pants outfit.

    "Hmm... I'll report at school and drop you off..." Rui answered.

    "But Kane will pick me up!" Cali beamed before realizing something, "What do you mean report at school? You will also study?"

    "Yup... Grandfather advised me... I mean your grandpa arranged it that way so I can comfortably monitor your condition." Rui explained.

    Cali's eyes widened in horror as she exclaimed, "No way!"

    Rui saw it coming, so he quickly added, "We can pretend we don't know each other so don't worry. If you don't want a ride with me, I will let you ride with Kane every morning so you're not uncomfortable."

    Cali's face crumpled as she took out her mobile phone from the bag.

    She dialed Kane's number and told him not to pick her up.

    "Why?" Kane disappointingly asked from the other side.

    "Doc is going the same way, so you better go straight to school. It will be unwise for you to travel here, since my place is not along the way. I will go with Doc instead. See you at school..." Rui heard Cali explain and he was grinning triumphantly.

    How dare that boy offer Cali a ride when he knew she lived with him?

    'Is he nuts? Did he really think I would let my wife leave the house with him every morning?!' he irritably mused.

    As soon as the call ended, Cali's eyes darted at Rui. With raised eyebrows and an annoyed expression she grunted, "Make sure you do not talk to me at school! I can't believe this absurd idea! Why would you enroll in the same class as me?! And how did you do it?"

    Rui shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have a lot of connections, Cali. Anyways, don't worry, I will act as if I don't know you okay? So eat before the food gets cold. It's still early and we will arrive there ahead of schedule."

    She would go crazy soon. Who would have a private doctor to be with her 24/7? Wouldn't it feel more like she had a spy in school who would report all her movements to her grandfather. She felt suffocated with this odd reality. She felt that they were too overprotective towards her.

    Rui seemed to read her thoughts because she heard him say, "You can't blame people who care for you, Cali. You are aware that they almost lost you twice.."

    Yes, she was already aware of the fact that she almost lost her life when Dami Bridge collapsed. Then she recovered, but had some complications, and had to undergo another operation.

    Cali heaved a sigh, and her irritated face softened, realizing Rui's point. Her grandfather and nanny Shine indeed loved her too much because she was the only one they got as their immediate family.

    Cali was too full during breakfast and she felt  guilty for being lazy, so she thought maybe, on some days she could voluntarily prepare meals for the two of them.

    Soon the two of them left and headed to the school.

    "Drop me there..." Cali suggested, pointing a  block away from school.

    Rui chuckled and said, Don't worry, okay. I have reserved parking inside the building and you do not have to get off in the open parking so no one would see you there with me besides I will let you off early and follow only after a few minutes if you're so worried about us getting seen together."

    Then he casually continued, "I don't see anything wrong with it anyways... It's not like we are having a forbidden affair..."

    "But still, it's so awkward if they find out that you are my private doctor and you're there to take care of me. I don't want them to look at me as some sort of sick woman. I want them to treat me fairly and not pity me." Cali explained.

    She was there to study and work hard for her dream. And she would appreciate it if no one  knew  about her condition and personal life  at all.

    Rui heaved a sigh and muttered, "As you wish. You're the boss, sweetheart."

    Cali's eyes widened, she turned at him with a sharp gaze, then snarled, "And make sure you don't call me like that at school!"

    Rui chuckled as he said, "Well I will try but sometimes I just can't help it, especially when you're grumpy. Try to avoid being grumpy towards me... Maybe that will help, sweetheart."

    Cali no longer debated. To be honest, her heart often skipped a beat whenever she  heard that word from him. It was like she liked it whenever he called her sweetheart, but then she remembered their doctor-patient relationship and thought that it would be awkward.

    Cali quickly left Rui's car as he parked, but not before checking the surroundings. Rui shook his head as he watched her walk in the elevator.

    Cali was not detesting him and he could feel that she was somehow recognizing her feelings a little, since she was not asking him to completely stop everything he was doing. She would be hesitant at first, but later on she would just ignore it all and let him have his way.

    Soon he went out of the car to follow Cali from a distance but his face crumpled seeing Kane put his arms around her shoulders as he greeted her.

    If not for Cali's health, he would have already given that boy a good beating countless times. He understood they were friends and probably had that kind of closeness way before he met Cali, but could the bastard at least consider the fact that Cali was still married to him?

    'The nerve!' he furiously beamed and walked faster, intentionally going through the middle of the two of them.

    "Excuse me... PDA is not allowed here..." He beamed, maintaining his place in between them.

    "What the heck!" Kane cursed and Rui gave him a piercing glare, whispering, "Do you want me to sue you boy?!"
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