506 Hes My Type

    Kane was infuriated by Rui's actions. Rui was like a leech sticking to Cali in his vague but mostly vulgar ways.

    Whenever he would even try to get near Cali, that doctor always found ways to drive him away.

    Both of them were obviously getting on each other's nerves.

    "Isn't he meddling too much in your life?" he could not help but whisper to Cali as they went inside the assigned room for orientation.

    Kane could finally breathe with Rui away since the latter went to the restroom, so Kane got the opportunity to instigate Cali by asking that question to her.

    Cali frustratedly heaved a long sigh and said, "I have no choice. That's one of grandpa's conditions for allowing me to study here. I tried to talk him out about it but grandpa couldn't be bent in his decision."

    "Grandpa Lua trusts me too, so I think he will approve if you insist to him that you would prefer to stay in our house. Maybe asking like that and showing a little pitiful faces to him will be effective?" Kane suggested, though he doubted it could happen since grandpa Lua and nanny Shine were both biased to Rui. But still, there was no harm in trying at least. Who knows, it could end up to his advantage.

    And who would have thought that the doctor would also enroll himself at culinary arts school? Seriously? Kane did not know whether to get irritated or admire Rui for his persistence, despite the fact that Cali no longer remembered him.

    He heard that there was a higher possibility that Cali would no longer regain her lost memories that was why he was confident and vulgar in showing his intention about Cali in front of Rui as well.

    "Cali..." he whispered. He felt that he should tell Cali his intention that instant.

    "Yup." Cali answered.

    "Aren't you going to ask why I'm here?" He murmured.

    She looked at him with a twitched mouth and raised eyebrows. "To bully me nonstop?" Cali then answered with a chuckle as she looked at the other students entering with different nationalities. All of them probably had the same dream like her except for Kane and Rui.

    "That's not it..." Kane uttered.

    "Why take culinary arts then, Kane? Rui took it to follow me since he needs to take care of my health and monitor me 24/7? But how about you? You hate cooking and all you want to do is eat and eat like a hungry cat every time." she asked in curiosity.

    Kane gulped and wondered where she got her examples from... then mustered his courage as he declared, "I wanted to follow you and be with you Cali because I like you Cali and I want to pursue you."

    Cali was shocked and beamed, "Are you kidding me? You're always bullying me! And why are you saying such a thing right now? Really at this time?"

    She never thought about it, and it didn't cross her mind that Kane liked her more than like a sister who he often bullied? But she must admit that there came a point where she had a crush on him during her high school days, but that was way before...

    Cali's eyes widened as she burst, "Is this one of your pranks?!"

    "No!" Kane clarified and cursed himself as he regretted his approach to Cali before that she tended to not take him seriously ever, just like now.

    "That was my way of getting your attention by pranking and bullying you Cali, but now I'm more matured so I want to do things in a proper way like how a man does when he likes a woman."

    He wanted to tell Cali he loved her for a long time now but he wanted to prepare something special as he confessed that. Right now, he wanted Cali to look at him as a man, as a potential partner so he straightforwardly told her he liked her.

    Kane's talking was interrupted with a woman's voice asking, "Is this seat taken?"

    Cali smiled at the beautiful woman and shook her head saying, "it's available. Please feel free to sit."

    The woman sat beside Kane.

    "Hello. I'm Ruth," the woman introduced herself and extended her hand for a handshake to Cali.

    Cali initially liked her because she seemed cool and friendly.

    "I'm Cali and this is Kane." Cali introduced herself and gladly accepted Ruth's handshake but Kane only nodded and Cali had to elbow him as she nuzzled to Ruth's hand.

    Kane accepted it and he frowned when the woman winked at him.

    Soon Rui arrived and sat right beside Cali.

    "Hello." Ruth greeted. Rui gave the woman a nice smile and said, "Hello there also."

    Then Ruth also introduced herself to Rui.

    The orientation started and everyone was focussed on the briefing. Ruth was chatting to Cali once in a while and finally Kane had to swap seats so the two ladies could talk easily.

    Rui on the other hand was thankful to Ruth because Kane was no longer sitting beside Cali.

    Later on they were guided to the room with complete kitchen utensils and the professor gave each of them their assigned seats and table.

    "Your seats and tables will be your home for next few months so make sure you take care of it." The professor reminded them.

    Cali was feeling so giddy while Rui gazed at her with love. He was so happy seeing the happiness on Cali's face adorned with her bright smiles.

    There were only ten of them inside the room and the professor gave them a couple of minutes to get to know each other and introduce themselves to the class.

    Rui came first and Cali could see the squealing of most women in the room.

    "Is he your boyfriend?" Ruth asked.

    "No." Cali answered but felt confused because deep inside she wanted to say 'yes' somehow.

    "Oh that's good then, because I really want to have him as mine..."

    Cali's jaw dropped and looked at Ruth in disbelief.

    Ruth's face blushed as she added, "He's exactly my type. Matured and manly with mysterious vibes but easily approachable. He's also a medical doctor I came to know..."

    Ruth then faced her and said, "You two seem really close, so can you please help me get close with him? Please...?"

    Kane heard that conversation and grinned at the thought of him having an ally in Ruth.

    "Yes we can help you get near him," Kane was the one to answer because Cali looked speechless.
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