507 Whom It Belongs

    Cali somehow felt weird and uncomfortable with Ruth's candidness in expressing how much she liked her private doctor. Today she realised that she did not believe in the saying that 'first impression lasts'. Because her good first impression about that new girl suddenly turned to bad.

    Her good vibes around Ruth suddenly changed as she mused, 'Which sane woman would announce she likes someone on the first day she met him, and as shamelessly as she did? Huh, moreover... he is MY private doctor and is here for my care, how can anyone else even get close to him so fast?'

    Well she didn't declare it to Rui personally but Ruth's actions were too obvious as she kept on finding chances to talk to Rui, asking unnecessary things now and then and trying to divert his attention towards herself.

    Cali's face crumpled seeing how Ruth was trying to strike conversation on various topics not even minding that she was in between the two, sitting beside Rui. They were also talking during their transfer to another classroom for another subject, annoying Cali even more.

    They took the same seats in that classroom as well and she and Ruth sat in between Kane and Rui, who sat beside Cali.

    She was glad that soon they would head to  separate ways for lunch, hoping Ruth would then leave them and stop pestering the poor doc.

    They attended the class and Ruth continued trying to gain attention from Rui throughout the lecture.

    As soon as the lecture ended Cali stood up and they all walked outside the room following her and to her disappointment she heard Ruth's voice as she spoke in her sweet tone, "Doc, can I join you for lunch? You see I don't really know anyone here and I hate eating lunch alone."

    'Why does she need to ask her doctor when Ruth could have asked her? Isn't she quite fast in showing her interest directly to my doctor, huh?' Cali silently complained. She was feeling uncomfortable! She did not know why but she didn't like Ruth getting near to her private doctor.

    'Maybe I'm a possessive kind of patient?' She reasoned to herself at the back of her head because she felt so weird feeling repulsive to some woman because of her doctor like that.

    "Let's go?" Cali heard Kane as he pulled her because she promised earlier she would treat the latter for lunch and dinner today. She nodded but she was hesitant in leaving like that.

    She looked at Rui who asked her, "Where will you eat lunch? Do u mind if me and Ruth tag along?"

    "No, we want our privacy so it's better let's go our separate ways..." Kane interrupted pulling Cali to leave with him and headed in a separate direction.

    Rui's face darkened, hearing that bastard speaking between him and his wife. But he tried to calm himself down and immediately changed that dark expression into a faint smile as he looked at Cali.

    "See you around then," Rui whispered with a heavy heart. He didn't want to push her any further to give Cali little space since he didn't want her to get more irritated with him by latching onto her. He knew he should give her more space and he also wanted to see how Cali would react and do at that moment.

    'Sweetheart, doesn't your heart churn leaving your husband with another woman? Don't ask your brain, listen to your heart sweetheart and take me with you!' He wanted to voice out.

    With a sigh, he turned around and walked with Ruth who was too cheerful as she started talking to him about lunch.

    "Where do you want to eat?" He plainly asked Ruth.

    "Anywhere is okay but I saw some good restaurants outside so how about we try one of them, right..." Ruth's words were cut off when she felt someone suddenly tugged her arm.

    She turned around and saw Cali stood there holding her arm and gave her a poker smile saying, "hey we should all eat together and get along..."

    Rui's heart was thumping loudly out of joy seeing Cali was back to him, to bring him back with her. He didn't want to boost his hopes up, but somehow he was positive that

    Cali didn't want to be separated from him as well. He could see that she was starting to get attached with him and that was a good sign, once again, for him.

    He looked smugly at Kane and almost burst out laughing seeing his annoyed face. It was not enough to satisfy him so he walked behind Cali and Ruth beside Kane as he whispered, "the brain may forget but the heart will always remember whom it belongs to..."

    He knew it was childish of him to do such things but he couldn't help and pointed it out to the bastard, because messing with him so openly was too disrespectful of him, combined with the fact that he and Cali were still legally married.

    Kane didn't know his boundaries and was barking at the wrong tree. Being young was not an enough excuse for him to behave that aggressively and cunningly. He would definitely teach him a lesson by any means possible, but right now his main focus was Cali and his different tactics in making her fall in love with him again.

    Kane gritted his teeth hearing that. He snorted and walked faster and stayed beside Cali to join the two women and avoid getting annoyed anymore, with him not having his desired private time with Cali. This time it was Cali's decision and he felt that same familiar pain struck inside his heart that he had experienced when Cali told him about her love for Rui before her memory loss.

    But he quickly shook his head, brushing off any negative thoughts with that gesture from Cali. Surely Cali probably thought it would be better to have lunch together since she seemed to like Ruth.

    'Yeah Kane... That's only it. Don't get discouraged...' he inwardly cheered for himself.
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