508 Comparing Herself

    They chose the nearest restaurant that was just a walking distance from school.

    "So since how long do the three of you know each other?" Ruth asked.

    "Me and Cali have known each other since we're teenagers and we went to the same school during our high school days." Kane answered with a smile and even winked at Cali.

    Rui saw that and he balled his fist in annoyance. If not for his immeasurable control he already would have beaten Kane to the pulp! He was openly flirting with his wife! Such a vulgar and shameless brat!!

    "Oh, childhood sweethearts?!" Ruth blurted out with a teasing look at the two.

    "Nah... They're just friends, more like siblings... Right Cali?" Rui corrected. He gazed at Cali waiting for her answer.

    Cali looked into his eyes and her heart skipped a beat, and she unconsciously nodded at what Rui said, and Kane felt as if his world just crumbled at that moment.

    Rui had another triumphant grin plastered on his handsome face as he added, "it's more realistic to say that they are childhood siblings... definitely not sweethearts..."

    Ruth nodded in understanding before she turned at Rui and asked, "how about you Doc? You know them since long too?"

    Rui smiled at Cali and said softly, "Hmm, it doesn't actually matter how long we've known each other for, but what matters is the harmonious connection we have with each other, that I can say she will stay and remain in my life for a real long time..."

    Cali blushed hard without her knowing... Rui's gaze seemed to be piercing down her soul. The look in his eyes made her feel strange, something she could not explain nor give a name to.

    Ruth gulped... She smelled something fishy in that answer so she quickly changed the topic and said, "Oh, our food is here... We better eat first."

    While they were eating Kane would put on extra vegetables on Cali's plate and more meat. Rui's face crumpled seeing that.

    'How dare you!' He wanted to yell but again controlled himself. He wanted to do that since the moment the food arrived but he suppressed his urge to do so, since Cali pleaded to him to let her breathe at school and for him not to act out of ordinary in front of schoolmates.

    He sighed then grabbed those vegetables and meats Kane gave to Cali as he mumbled, "She has had enough. I'm still hungry so I will take this on her behalf. Cali should not eat too much to maintain her sexy and curvy shape. This quantity of meat can make her belly big."

    Kane gritted his teeth because Rui was obviously sabotaging his thoughtfulness towards Cali

    He smirked and said, "Are you starving that much doc? Just make another order. It's so unethical snatching food from other's plates like that..."

    Rui shrugged his shoulders and said, "Cali doesn't mind so I don't see any point in you making a big deal out of it. You should know that we are close enough to share food like this."

    Ruth felt Kane disliking how Rui took the food away from Cali's plate and she immediately interrupted the bickering men and offered, "Oh here... You can have mine if you wish, why disturb her..."

    "Doc why not take it... You said you're still hungry right?" Kane scorned with a smirk, wondering what Rui would do now! He could sense that Ruth had her eyes on Rui. He felt he found an ally in her and he would definitely help that ally to achieve her goal, so he could dispatch Rui out of his way.

    "Oh thank you Ruth but this will be enough..." Rui politely said and Ruth nodded.

    She could tell that the two men were fighting over Cali but the truth was that Cali could not have both.

    She smirked inwardly and thought she would do the honor of helping her out in eliminating one man and that would be the doctor. Rui would be hers by hook or by crook. She had long dreamt to have a handsome doctor with a good personality as her boyfriend and Rui was the perfect fit in the picture of her dreams. She liked him very much.

    Cali pursed her lips as she silently ate. She was completely distracted with Ruth's presence and did not give a good attention to what Rui and Kane were bickering about.

    "How old are you Ruth?" She suddenly looked at her and asked.

    "I'm twenty-eight. I'm a fashion model and discovered my passion in cooking just recently." Ruth answered with a grin then with a timid smile looked at Rui and added, "Also, I wanna learn cooking to please my man in the future. I believe in the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is that right doc?"

    Rui nodded and casually said, "yeah... We men love it when our women cook delicious meals especially for us. Oh, your future man will be so lucky for you to enroll here just to take that much consideration to please him."

    "I guess you are that lucky person, doc..." Ruth whispered but Rui did not clearly hear and understand her so he asked, "I'm sorry... What is it?"

    "Nothing doc." Ruth replied in her sweetest smile.

    Cali's eyebrows collided because she heard that whisper from Ruth word by word, and her hands froze and she felt shaken by what Ruth meant.

    'So shameless!' She annoyingly mused. She looked at Ruth and sighed. No wonder she was slim and pretty... She was a model but... she then bent her head and gave a look at herself and realised that she too was a lot way prettier.

    Then she realized she had never cooked any meal yet for Rui. It was always Rui who was preparing their meals instead.

    'Oh I should start cooking our meals in the future...' she thought. Then her eyes rounded, realizing what exactly just came to her mind. First, she was comparing herself to Ruth and now she was even thinking of doing such kind of efforts for her doctor?

    'So what if she's not cooking yet for Rui? It's not like you want him to like you?!' Her inner self beamed.

    "Doc... How about we all go out for a picnic this weekend? You see I haven't toured this country yet and I heard there's a lot of nice places to see and visit here. Let's do a group tour!" Ruth excitedly suggested.

    "Oh that's a good idea Ruth." Kane seconded because that way he could also go out with Cali as well.

    "Why not..." Cali answered wryly. For some reason she just lost her appetite and was not looking forward to the coming weekend anymore.

    "Alright then." Rui nodded, seeing Cali agree reluctantly.

    'She's jealous...' Rui mused as he silently observed Cali's expressions. He grinned at the hope that his interpretation as a psychologist was correct and his approach in winning the heart of his wife, who had forgotten him, was falling at the right spots.
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