509 Kiss Her Not Only Once But Nonstop

    Days passed swiftly. It had become a routine for Rui and Cali to go to school together and come back home together. Rui made sure he would not miss a single moment of being with her, he wanted her to get used to his presence.

    It was a holiday that day, so Cali and Rui did not have school. The two of them just stayed inside the house since they had to go out the next day for a picnic with Kane and Ruth.

    "Do you find Ruth pretty? Isn't she a little too skinny?" Cali nonchalantly commented while she was having breakfast with Rui.

    "She's a model Cali, so it's only obvious that she looks slimmer than girls normally are." Rui answered.

    Cali pouted her lips. She was not satisfied with Rui's answer.

    "I see. Men have different preferences. Do you think it's better to have a slim body? Don't men usually prefer girls with, you know, bigger butts and boobs?"

    Rui almost choked on his food when he heard those questions from Cali.

    "Well, I'm just curious. Kane likes girls who are in my category... Maybe others like slim ones like Ruth."

    Amused, Rui looked at her with a grin and asked, "And what exactly is your category, Cali?"

    "Well, obviously I'm not slim, but I have perfect curves. You know, a fuller figure rather than the skinny one like Ruth." Cali proudly announced.

    She had nice boobs, not too small and not too big, but just the right size for her height and body. She also had a nice butt which meant every kind of outfit fit her perfectly.

    Looking up, she met Rui's eyes and boasted, "Why are you laughing? Hey, even a manager for a well-known entertainment company approached me and said he wanted to scout me as the agency's newly discovered talent.''

    Rui tried his best to control his laughter. He sensed why Cali was asking those questions and the reason immensely pleased him.

    "Hmmm, if you ask me about my preference, I like a woman who will care for me and just stay by my side. Someone who's kind, generous, loving, sweet and thoughtful will do." he answered with his adorable smile.

    Cali twitched her mouth and complained, "Those are all personality attributes. I'm talking about their physical appearance."

    "Oh, well, in that case someone who looks something like you will do..." Rui answered in a jest. He had that teasing grin on his face.

    Cali's cheeks flushed as she mumbled, "Geez, I can't even talk to you seriously. By the way, I want to cook lunch later today."

    "Wow, really?" Rui suddenly burst out because it had been really long since he tasted Cali's cooking and he missed it so bad.

    Cali yawned and uttered, "Yeah, but I will not help you clean the house today." She was still sleepy and not in the mood to do some chores right now. Rui woke her up for the routine exercises and breakfast, but the bed was pulling her back.

    Rui noticed her yawning, and he said, "Alright go sleep a little more and I will take care of everything."

    Cali smiled brightly and hummed, "Don't worry, I will help you when I wake up. I'll just nap for an hour at most. Then I can help you."

    Rui chuckled and said, "Go sleep all you want. It's really okay. I will wake you up if you're still sleeping when it's lunchtime."

    "But I want to cook lunch, so wake me up after an hour." Cali mumbled.

    She finished her breakfast and stood up saying, "I will leave first."

    She turned around to walk back to her bedroom, but then felt Rui's hand on her wrist as he whispered, "Wait..."

    She turned around and faced him with knitted brows, asking, "What?"

    Rui moved closer to her and bent to her face, she was startled by the proximity and unconsciously moved a step back.

    He smiled before her face, taking Cali's breath away at that moment. He was really handsome with his brown wavy hair dangling on his forehead. He looked so fresh with his messy and unruly hair whenever he stayed inside the house. She wanted to stretch her fingers and ruffle his hair to play with them.

    Her strange thoughts were distracted by him touching her chin. Cali's lips parted with his action and she thought he was going to kiss her and she unconsciously closed her eyes to welcome his lips on hers.

    "See, you even have a pimple here. Are you staying up late?" she heard him say with a chuckle. At that instant, she opened her eyes and saw his teasing grin.

    Cali's face reddened in embarrassment as she quickly moved away from him and unconsciously touched that pimple he was talking about on her chin. That pimple suddenly popped up this morning when she woke up, and it was the first time she got any of those.

    It was too noticeable on her face because she had a naturally white, glowing, smooth skin and was not wearing any concealer at that point.

    Cali pouted her lips and quickly turned around saying, "Maybe I'm just not used to my new face wash."

    Trotting back to her bedroom, she released a deep, frustrated sigh every now and then. She did lack some sleep lately, and it was all because of Rui. His handsome face crept in front of her eyes whenever she tried to fall asleep. Thinking about his smile made her lose a good night's sleep.

    "It's his fault! Only his fault... humph!!" She mumbled as she was inside her bedroom. She jumped on her bed and buried her face in the pillow as she inwardly screamed, "Ahhhhh..."

    She felt annoyed at how stupid she was a while ago with the whole closing her eyes and anticipating a kiss thing.

    "He's probably out there laughing right now!" she sighed as she closed her eyes.

    Rui was not laughing but whistling as he cleaned the dining area. He would smile and chuckle on his own whenever he recalled Cali's reaction.

    "She was anticipating a kiss..." he hummed with joy. "Next time I won't be polite and grant those anticipations of her."

    Then regret struck him for not kissing Cali, even though he was dying to. He did it because this was still early. He needed to invest more in getting Cali's heart so he could kiss her not just once but nonstop.

    He knew he was doing things right. Soon enough his wife would come back home and most definitely find her way back into his arms without getting lost.
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