511 Déjà vu

    Cali closed her eyes as she waited for Rui to join her at the living area. Lately, her thoughts were fully occupied with a lot of unnecessary things and she wanted to clear her mind. Rui's proximity has been putting a very huge impact on her, and she was shocked by herself when she realised how she was anticipating a kiss from him.

    She exasperated loudly trying to clear off her mind and then tried to relax herself and unconsciously dozed off.

    Rui, on the other hand, quickly wrapped up the dining table and cleaned the kitchen to join Cali in the living area to watch television. He took a bit of extra time since he finished all the braised beef that Cali cooked.

    His stomach was filled with food, but his heart felt fuller... his wife had fragments of memory intact, if not him she at least remembered his tastes, and his heart was now hopeful that she would soon remember him as well.

    Soon he finished all the cleaning and walked to the living room and grinned, seeing Cali asleep like a soft baby on the sofa. Her innocent face was inviting him to hug her and kiss her. But...

    "Look at her sleeping like a baby..." he softly whispered as he walked towards her.

    "Cali..." he called out gently, so she could get up from there and comfortably shift to her room. But she seemed to be sleeping soundly, so Rui reached to her, wrapped his arms around her, gently carried her and walked to her room.

    It was the first time after so many months he could finally take Cali in his arms and his heart raced with joy. He watched her beautiful face and suddenly wanted to hug her closer and not leave at all, but controlled himself again. That petite figure in his powerful arms was exceptionally beautiful and comfortably snuggled her head against his chest.

    Cali was actually already awake when Rui called her name. She was only half asleep and didn't want to move at all. She suddenly wanted to see what her private doctor would do if she fell asleep and didn't wake up even on being called. Would he leave her on the couch or would he wake her up by calling a little more loudly?

    She kept her eyes closed and as she waited for his response, she suddenly felt herself floating in his air and before she could change her strategy, she realised she was in his arms, being carefully hugged closely and carried to her room.

    She was so close to him she could smell the fragrance coming from him, his manly scent. She snuggled a little closer on his chest, inhaling him with her every breath and feeling surprised how intoxicating this was. How she wished she could dig her face a little more in his chest and keep inhaling like this all the day long.

    She was smiling inside...

    She did not know when it began, probably the first time she saw him sleeping in the flight or when he called her sweetheart, or probably when he showed his possessiveness towards her. But she was aware that she was starting to like her handsome private doctor quite a lot or probably she had a crush on him.

    She was not sure either with what she was feeling, but she enjoyed being close to him and when he was with her. She also knew she felt bad when he talked to anyone else than her, and especially when the other person was a woman.

    Cali wondered if she was feeling jealous.

    For some reason, she felt secure wrapped in his arms, like she was home.

    'I want to hug him tightly,' Cali mused.

    When Rui genty put her on the bed, he made sure she was covered properly in the blanket and then left from there. Cali felt so disappointed because she knew he would leave her already. She heard his leaving footsteps and the closing of her door, making her purse her lips.

    She opened her eyes and looked blankly at the ceiling... her thoughts still lingered on Rui but snapped when her mobile phone on the bed-side table rang and she saw it was Kane.

    "Do you think we can have at least dinner together? I want to cook for you Cali, so how about visiting me here at home and I will prepare your favourite food for dinner. If that doctor says you can't come without him then fine. Bring him along." Kane mumbled with an evil grin.

    He had already planned how he would make sure that Rui should be busy enough at dinner and he would have enough time to spend with Cali alone.

    "Alright, I will tell him..." Cali answered. She also wanted to see the new house Kane's father bought.

    After some time, Cali went out and saw Rui was watching a movie sitting alone in the living room.

    "Oh, you're awake so fast?" Rui commented.

    Cali sat beside him and casually said, "I will be going out for dinner. At Kane's house."

    "No!" Rui yelled.

    "You can also come if you want. Kane said I can bring you along." Cali replied.

    Rui's eyebrows arched. He was sure the bastard was up to something evil again.

    "Do you want to go?" Rui asked.

    "Yeah. I actually wanted to see their family's newly bought house, so please don't be a killjoy? It's just dinner, so there's no need to turn down Kane's good intention."

    "Good? You mean ill intention..." Rui whispered.


    "Nothing. I said okay we will go. Give me the address."

    The evening came and Cali with Rui arrived at Kane's family house. It was also the same as their house in country V.

    And as Rui expected, Kane was really up to something evil when Ruth suddenly popped out of nowhere and greeted her and Cali.

    "I also invited Ruth for dinner," Kane said with a smile.

    Cali's face crumpled, seeing Ruth instantly pull Rui at the veranda for their private time.

    "Come and help me serve dinner..." Kane immediately said, pulling her also to the kitchen and dining area.

    "Don't you have helpers to do it?" Cali beamed.

    "But I want to be with you..." Kane said. Cali heaved a sigh and asked Kane to sit on the chair.


    "Let's talk seriously." Cali mumbled.

    Kane scratched his head and straightforwardly said, "I told you, I like you Cali and I want to court you. Prove myself to you that we can be more than friends. To be honest... I love you..."

    Cali's eyebrows furrowed hearing that. She crossed her arms, looked at Kane intently and said, "Kane, I'm sorry if this will break your heart, but I..."

    Kane's face paled as he felt a kind of déjà vu when Cali told him the same thing when he confessed to her in the hospital after he got beaten up to death.

    'Oh God, please don't do this to me... Oh Cali, please don't say the same words again!' Kane cried silently as his heart thumped so hard like crazy. He could feel the sudden chills run all over his bones, just like that day when Cali turned him down. That day flashed back through his eyes.

    He suddenly stood up and pulled Cali towards himself. Without giving a second thought, he bent a little and kissed her on her lips.
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