512 More Beautiful

    Cali was stunned and taken aback by his stupid action but was quick to push Kane away and was so furious that she slapped him hard on his cheek.

    With narrowed eyes, she glared at Kane and said, "Kane, I like you and I love you just as a brother. If you want me to remain as your sister then stop spouting nonsense and act crazily like this or else I will never see you again, and understand this, just so you can get over me and move on."

    Cali turned around to quickly leave Kane. Her eyes were misty and face was red with humiliation and irritation because she could not believe Kane would jeopardize their years long friendship like that. She even thought that he was only joking around when he said he liked her during orientation.

    She wiped her lips roughly and annoyingly mumbled, "How dare he take away my first kiss!"

    She went to the veranda and saw Rui talking with Ruth, who kept on smiling like a fool fawning over him.

    "Flirt!" she whispered, and she did not know what came to her that she rushed there and pulled Rui by his wrist.

    "Let's go!" she hissed.

    "Wait... What happened? What's going on? Why are you leaving suddenly?" Ruth asked, getting annoyed by Cali's weird behaviour.

    Rui instantly noticed Cali's unstable aura, so he looked at Ruth and said, "We will leave now, Sorry about this."

    And that instant, Rui held Cali's trembling hand and walked outside with her.

    "What happened?" Rui asked as he drove back to their home.

    Cali exhaled loudly and said, "Nothing... Just a small quarrel between me and Kane."

    Rui no longer pondered more, but his face dimmed. He could sense something bad had happened based on the hurt, annoyed and irritated expressions of Cali.

    He wondered if she was reacting that way because of jealousy about him and Ruth, but he recalled that they were just sitting and talking. He felt something more had happened for her to walk out like that. Something big between Cali and Kane definitely happened when they went to the kitchen.

    He honestly let Ruth pull him away easily, to see Cali's reaction. Then he saw Kane pull Cali away, and he controlled himself with all his might not to follow Cali and to leave her some space to breathe with a friend.

    There was pure silence and Rui decided to stop the car at the restaurant they passed by a while ago. Kane's house was located by the hill, so he was sure the restaurant near it would have a good view of the sunset. It was almost dark, but they could still see the setting sun and the orange sky.

    Cali did not ask anything when they stopped.

    "Let's eat here." Rui stated and went out to open Cali's door. Rui chose the table outside where they had a good view of the open sky. Rui handled the order for both of them.

    Cali watched the sunset as they waited for their orders to come. She was still very mad at Kane, the audacity of him to pounce on her without any warning. She wondered why she was also irritated at Rui. She pursed her lips as she unconsciously looked at Rui every now and then.

    She sat there quietly with a sewn expression, her head bent when she felt Rui suddenly stood up and removed his coat. He then approached her and put his warm coat on her shoulders, covering her properly.

    "It is a little colder here since we're at the hill..." Rui explained as he went back to his seat. Cali could smell his scent from his coat and she liked its warmth. She felt like Rui had embraced her and locked her in his arms.

    She then looked at Rui who sat there just in a full sleeves shirt and realized Rui could feel the cold as well, so she said, "You'll catch a cold. Put this back on, I'm wearing a coat too."

    Rui smiled at her lovingly, making Cali silently gasp because of his charm.

    "I'm fine. I have thick skin so I can't feel it. Are you worried about my health sweetheart?" Rui teased with a grin.

    Cali crumpled her face and murmured, "Yeah right... You're indeed thick skinned..."

    Rui laughed, and Cali also chuckled...

    "What's more beautiful? Sunrise or sunset?" Cali suddenly asked while still staring at the sun as darkness would soon replace it.

    "You..." Rui quickly answered, staring intently at his wife. For him, nothing was more beautiful than his wife.

    Turning her head towards Rui, Cali scoffed, "Huh?!" Wondering if she heard him right. She was blushing without her knowing. Rui maintained eye contact with her and with a smile said, "I said you're more beautiful..."

    "Stop that..." Cali murmured as she felt her face turning hot. Rui chuckled as he added, "But for me you're really more beautiful than the sunrise or sunset."

    "But I'm asking about the sun!" Cali came again, hiding her flushing. 'He's such a womanizer," Cali mused as she controlled the erratic beating of her heart.

    Rui heaved a long deep sigh and looked at the sun instead as he said, "Sunrise and sunset are both beautiful. Whenever I see the sunrise, I'm grateful for another day I'm alive and am able to see you... I mean... to see and be with people I care for. Whenever I see the sunset, I'm grateful I survived the day... controlling myself..." Rui paused, then heaved a long deep frustrated sigh.

    Every day he was controlling himself hard in telling Cali how much he loved her and that he was her husband.

    "Huh, what controlling?" Cali was totally confused about what her doctor was blabbering about..

    Rui had that roguish smile on his face when he said, "Control on doing bad things to other people..."

    Cali shook her head and muttered, "For me, sunrise is more beautiful..."

    "Would you like to share what happened at Kane's place and why we had to leave from there in a haste?" Rui asked, but before she could reply, their orders finally arrived.

    "It's nothing... Let's just eat first." Cali answered. She was starving already, so Cali focussed on her food instead.

    In the middle of their dinner, Rui's mobile phone rang.

    "Yes, Ruth..."

    Cali's face soured, knowing it was Ruth who called Rui.

    "Yeah, she's fine and we're already having dinner now. No. I don't think that's a good idea. Yes, please.... Yeah, I'm in the middle of the dinner. Alright, thanks."

    Then Rui ended the call.

    "Ruth called?" Cali asked with a twitched mouth.

    "Yeah, she's worried about you."

    "Yeah, right? Why not call me then? She also has my number."

    "Your phone can't be reached."

    Cali cursed because she forgot she turned off her mobile phone as soon as she was inside the car because she knew Kane would call her nonstop or send her messages of his apology and sorry.

    Instead of showing her irritation, Cali just focussed on her dinner. But deep inside it annoyed her that Ruth and Rui were probably talking often on the phone.
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