513 I Don’t Want You To Miss Me

    The next morning, Cali decided that she would not go to the picnic that Ruth suggested for the four of them on that weekend. They even had a plan of staying overnight in the resort they were going for their picnic to.

    It was eventually cancelled since Rui informed Ruth that he would also not continue with the plan. Rui could sense that there was a big quarrel that happened between Kane and Cali for her to act like that and not join them even for the picnic, because Cali loved going out.

    "You can go for the picnic, doc, you know. I'm sure Ruth had been anticipating a lot for this day." Cali scoffed while doing her exercises that early morning. But deep inside her heart she was so grateful Rui also cancelled his program and decided to stay with her only.

    "I guess you and Kane had some big quarrel because you do not even want to see him and cancel such an appointment." Rui nonchalantly commented.

    Cali, still annoyed recalling what happened, unconsciously burst, "That bastard stole my first kiss!"

    "What!" Rui exclaimed.

    Cali covered her mouth and even hit it gently for slipping it all out in haste. Her face reddened because of Rui's gloomy look.

    "That bastard dared to touch you?!" he was looking so furious, mad and angry that Cali suddenly felt scared for Kane because looking at him she felt as if Rui was ready to punish him. He was about to walk out in his anger that Cali had to run over him to stop him.

    "Where are you going?!" she asked, shaking.

    "I will teach that bastard a good lesson for trying to take advantage of you! How dare he kiss you! I will kill him!"

    Cali's face paled, and she hugged Rui's back as tears started falling from her eyes, "Please stop Rui, you're scaring me with your anger."

    She was already sobbing and Rui could not tolerate that pitiful condition of hers and calmed himself down before turning around to face her and console her.

    "Why are you acting like that?! It's scaring me. Kane is like my brother and I already did what I must yesterday!" Cali yelled, still sobbing as she scratched her eyes to wipe those tears.

    Rui's anger dissipated seeing Cali in such a panicked state. He hugged her and stroked her hair and back gently as he whispered, "Husshhh... Stop crying now. I will stay with you and not go anywhere, okay..."

    But at the back of his mind he thought that he would surely teach that bastard a good lesson for kissing his wife and provoking him by doing so! He would not let this go easily! How dare that imbecile man even think of it! He himself could not dare make a move towards her and even when he knew she wouldn't mind him kissing, he never tried to kiss his wife, while that bastard dared to steal one?!

    He was enraged as hell...

    But he tried to calm himself down so Cali would not panic.

    Rui gently pushed Cali away and wiped her tears from her cheek and with a smile asked, "What do you want to do today? Do you want to go out with me?"

    "I don't want to go out. I just want to go swimming later all day if the sun is good," Cali whispered because that was her plan. She hadn't tried Rui's pool yet, and today the sun seemed good.

    "Alright then I will stay at home too and will join you. How about we also play some games," Rui suggested with a smile as he gently patted Cali's head?

    "Stop that..."

    Rui chuckled and said, "Okay. Go finish your routine exercises and I will prepare something special for you for breakfast."

    Cali's face crunched as she complained, "What? That same bland soup again?"

    Rui laughed and said, "It's healthy..."

    "No way! I will prepare breakfast and you go finish your workout!"

    Rui saluted saying, "Yes ma'am!"

    Cali shook her head as she watched Rui run inside the house. That was his routine on the weekend weekend, after running he would rest for a while checking on her if she already finished her light exercises. Then he would usually prepare a heavy breakfast afterwards and continue with his work-outs.

    Cali felt like she was becoming more dependent on him and she honestly believed it was not a good thing.

    She quickly wrapped up with her routine and went inside the house to prepare breakfast. But then sighed...

    She heard some ringing, and she knew it was Rui's mobile phone that he left on the kitchen counter. She grabbed it so she could hand it to him, but the ringing stopped and it vibrated.

    Cali looked at the screen and accidentally read the message.

    [Bro! How are you doing there? We miss you a lot here. How is Cali now? Any progress? Anyway, we all wish you luck here and we are praying for the two of you. You can do it and don't give up.]

    "Xander?" Cali murmured. The name sounded so familiar and she tried to think where she heard of it before, but she cringed as the pain in her head started to show up and increased as she tried any harder to remember her lost past.

    "Ahhh..." she cried while she held the kitchen counter for support.

    She was in that state when Rui came down and saw her. He quickly ran to get Cali's medicine and helped her drink it that instant.

    "Calm down. Relax your head and mind. Breathe in and out..." Rui chanted the usual words to calm Cali, and she followed his instructions.

    He noticed Cali was holding his mobile phone and his heart almost skipped a beat. He had a lot of pictures there with Cali, and he wondered if Cali saw any of that.

    When Cali calmed down, she handed Rui's mobile phone to him and said, "Xander was calling you... I accidentally saw his message. His name sounds so familiar to me, and I tried hard to think where I heard it or if I know him already."

    Rui heaved a long, deep sigh of relief and held Cali's hand and guided her to the living room so she could sit comfortably. He was contemplating if he should tell Cali or not that she knew Xander and Xander knew her too, but she would surely ask for more things and would cramp her head thinking about it all.

    "Xander is my friend, more like a brother to me. He's also a doctor. He owns Yang Globals hospital and knew about me accepting this job from your father in being your private doctor so he knows all about you and your case." he simply explained.

    Cali only nodded, not thinking of anything because she hated the pain she felt every time she would try to think or recall about things.

    "He misses you... Do you wanna go for a few days and meet him?" she murmured.

    "Hmm, if I leave... You will also miss me a lot, and I can not allow that to happen! So let him miss me instead... I don't want you to miss me and cry without me, you see, so I will stay here with you," Rui said with a wink.

    Cali's nose wrinkled as she mumbled, "Shhh, trying hard to be a joker, huh."

    Rui laughed and added, "Wait, here I will go and cook you something yummy today... not that bland soup."

    Cali nodded, then sighed as she tried to calm her crazy heart from beating so fast with his closeness and charming smile that he kept on throwing towards her.
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