994 The Killers True Menace

    There was silence in the study. A somber mood was felt in the atmosphere.

    Cackling, metallic sounds filled the air, amplified by the silence.

    Si Yiyan was seated on the couch, his long and beautiful fingers appearing refined and domineering like jade.

    He was holding onto his silver pistol, "The Killer"!

    This pistol was slightly different from the normal ones because it had a longer barrel and the entire outer case was beautiful and sleek. It looked cold and sinister, yet resplendent and mysterious. It was murderous and insidious...

    With a sullen expression on his face, Si Yiyan pressed his thin lips together tightly and he immediately exuded an overbearingly dominant and formidable aura.

    He first ejected the magazine, after which the bullets fell straight onto the ground, producing loud and crisp noises.

    He held the gun in his right hand with the gun facing inward and pushed the spring with the magazine cover in his left hand to disengage the shaft. He then pressed his left palm against the muzzle and held the trigger with his middle finger to push the sleeve backward slightly. With his index finger, he removed the connecting shaft.

    The sleeve was then disintegrated.

    Next, he would remove the barrel and the firing mechanism...

    The sleeve, firing mechanism, shaft, and magazine were dismantled.

    He executed the series of actions rather slowly but with grace and class. His murderous and menacing vibe was rather hair-raising.

    He had a cold expression on his face while staring at the gun that he had already dismantled.

    He began cleaning the parts and accessories of his gun conscientiously while checking for its safety.

    He spent two whole hours just doing that!

    The gun looked sinister again after he reassembled the parts!

    It was rather different from the previous vibe that it exuded.

    This was the true menace of a killer.

    It was just as formidable as its owner!

    It was the king of killers, which accompanied its owner through various battles, bloodbaths and life-and-death situations.

    "Boss, I heard that something happened to Sis-in-law at Elegance Room last night. What exactly is going on?" Xu Xianghu hollered. He was so loud that Si Yiyan could hear him even before he entered the study.

    Not bothered or affected at all, Si Yiyan immediately pointed his gun at the door and pulled the trigger rapidly, after which a bullet darted towards the door of the study with a loud bang.

    At this moment, Xu Xianghu popped up by the door.

    His pupils immediately dilated, dumbfounded. He was too shocked to even remember to dodge.

    The bullet brushed past his ear and slit his thin shirt before landing on the wall.

    Xu Xianghu stood rooted to the ground as his body froze. He looked just like a statue that was unable to move.

    When the bullet flew towards him, he actually wanted to dodge it but to no avail. Rex was a prodigy at marksmanship and no one could dodge his bullets at all.

    Yueze patted him and exclaimed, "Hey, Xianghu, are you scared silly?"

    Xu Xianghu snapped out of his trance and subconsciously retorted. "What the heck? Since you're so gutsy, why don't you come and try being in my position? The fact that I can still stand up straight is commendable enough. You, gigolo, I bet you'd already be crawling on the ground if you were me."

    What does it feel like to have Boss aim a gun at you?

    Xu Xianghu thought about the instant that his mind went blank and he lost control of his motions. It was as if he had been whipped in the spine and became momentarily paralyzed by fear.

    The strong could prove their strengths using a gun.

    Yueze rubbed his nose wryly.

    Gu Yuehan glanced at Xu Xianghu, whose arm had been cut by the bullet. "Ninth Young Master is becoming better and better at shooting."

    He was quick and accurate, and all his bullets were fired with precision. Despite the fact that Xu Xianghu was wearing an extremely thin shirt, Si Yiyan managed to miss him by a sheer millimeter and cut his shirt but not him. No one could do that at all.

    Staring at the gun, Yueze and Xu Xianghu gasped in terror.

    The few of them entered the study while Si Yiyan adjusted his gun, seemingly ignoring their presence.

    The few of them glanced at each other, noticing the look of shock in each other's eyes.

    Ninth Young Master has fired a bullet!

    Throughout all these years, there was bound to be bloodshed whenever Si Yiyan fired a bullet.

    It had been seven years since Si Yiyan last used his gun.

    Wen Xinya's incident had really infuriated him.

    His anger could only be appeased after making someone bleed.

    The few of them remained silent awkwardly.

    Everyone looked at each other in puzzlement. At last, Yueze and Gu Yuehan glanced at Xu Xianghu, who scratched his head while chuckling wryly. "Ninth Young Master, what happened in Elegance Room last night? Someone actually had the gall to cause a stir in Elegance Room. Is he asking for death?"

    Everything that happened in the Elegance Room last night was kept a secret because Si Yiyan had ordered everyone to keep mum about it. After an entire night, only a few high-level executives of Lucifer knew about it.

    Si Yiyan rubbed the body of his gun with some rosin oil, after which the pure silver immediately glistened, making it look extremely savage. He calmly recounted everything that happened last night.

    At this moment, Yueze said in astonishment, "I can't believe someone had the audacity to harm Sis-in-law on Lucifer's territory. Fortunately, that person did not succeed. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire."

    Elegance Room was one of the strictest organizations under Lucifer. Yet, the culprit actually had the audacity to harm someone there discreetly without harming anyone at all. It meant... that the problem with Lucifer's inner management was getting more and more severe.

    Xu Xianghu frantically asked, "How is Sis-in-law doing? Is she shocked?"

    After a series of events, Xu Xianghu's respect and admiration towards Wen Xinya had escalated.

    Si Yiyan answered, "She's alright. She didn't get too huge of a fright. I've just sent her to the airport and she's flown back to China.'

    Si Yiyan had always known that Wen Xinya was brave, smart and scheming. She even managed to stay rational during the incident yesterday and had never once given up on saving herself. In fact... she had never quite been frightened before.
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