1062 Meeting Her Maiden Family

    Since Si Yiyan was free, Wen Xinya arranged for him to meet her friends at a club that she had discovered by chance in her previous lifetime. Although it looked unassuming, the environment and ambiance were pleasant, unlike the mysterious and complicated Black Sunday or the exorbitant Jiayuan Club.

    She arranged to meet them at eight in the evening. However, she arrived early at about 7:40 PM, only to realize that her friends had already arrived.

    As soon as Zhou Tianyu saw Wen Xinya, she groused. "Well, you finally bear to take your man out on a walk and let him come out here to meet us. What a rare chance."

    Wen Xinya thought to herself, Do you take him for a puppy? Such poor language!

    Xu Tongxuan burst into laughter and exclaimed, "You're just being a sour grape! You know... you don't have to be that envious of Xinya. Don't you have Little Eunuch Gu? He's all by your side and yours to keep. What else are you unsatisfied about?"

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and said, "Actually, it's really tough for Little Eunuch Gu. He's fought a long battle that lasted over a decade and suffered so much failure. Even the fascists have been exiled and the socialist countries are all getting stronger. Tianyu... you're so thick in the head. It's time you wake your senses up."

    Ling Qingxuan laid on the couch while clutching his stomach and laughing hysterically. "Little Eunuch Gu actually has such strong willpower and confidence. He's so determined. Little Eunuch Gu... I take my hat's off to you!"

    Han Mofeng smacked Gu Junling on the shoulder and toasted to Gu Junling. "Brother, I hereby toast to you on behalf of everyone. The revolution is unsuccessful and you still have to work hard."

    Even Du Ruo patted Zhou Tianyu's shoulder and exclaimed, "Sis Tianyu! True love only exists between childhood sweethearts."

    Everyone was speechless.

    Cutie pie, could you be any less impressive? What you just said is the main point!

    Almost bursting into tears, Gu Junling leaned closer towards Zhou Tianyu and exclaimed, "Goddess, please accept my knee!"

    Everyone burst into laughter. "Silly, you should confess to her now."

    Zhou Tianyu turned red after being teased by everyone. Feeling angry and embarrassed, she said, "Xinya is the focus for today. Why are you guys getting me involved?"

    Zhou Tianyu was no fool. Whenever she got teased in the past, she would only take it that they were joking. However, ever since she kissed Gu Junling and slept together with him, she felt different about him. Hence, she was clear about how he felt towards her.

    However, she had treated Gu Junling as her best friend for more than ten years and could not adapt to treating him differently.

    Hence, Gu Junling had dug a hole for himself.

    Noticing how shy and evasive Zhou Tianyu was, everyone let out a long sigh, thinking to themselves that there would be a long way to go for Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling since none of them wanted to address the elephant in the room.

    Everyone shot Gu Junling a sorry glance!

    Not bearing to see Gu Junling in misery, the adorable and kindhearted Du Ruo patted him on the shoulder and said, "Brother Gu, my condolences. When Xinya's boyfriend arrives later, do ask him for some tips for wooing girls. If he can conquer a troublesome girl like Xinya, he definitely can help you deal with Sis Tianyu."

    Everyone looked at each other in shock. Sis Du, do your parents know how sharp you are?

    How stressful is it to have such a shrewd girl as a friend!

    Wen Xinya's inner spirit hid in a corner and exclaimed, "Du Ruo, I curse you to be so blunt that you end up with no friends!"

    Bewildered to see that they had quietened down, Du Ruo blinked innocently and asked, "Was I wrong?"

    "No, you were right!" answered Gu Junling, who was on the verge of tears after having his heart shattered by Du Ruo.

    Wen Xinya VS Zhou Tianyu!

    Who's harder to deal with?

    Wen Xinya, without a doubt.

    Perhaps because she had experienced the cruelness of humanity in the fifteen years that she had spent wandering out in the cold world on her own, Wen Xinya was rather aloof and prideful. Although she looked refined and elegant on the surface, she was rather scheming and had a heightened sense of danger. Hence, she often kept her guard up against everyone else and her friends had managed to gain her approval after a long time.

    He suddenly felt like the mysterious Si Yiyan deserved a ton of respect.

    At the same time, he felt indignant for having been mocked by Si Yiyan before they even met!

    Zhou Tianyu pushed Wen Xinya and asked, "Hey, where's your boyfriend? We've been here for so long but we've yet to see him."

    Wen Xinya frantically explained, "He's just returned from Russia and he's very busy the past two days. He might be late."

    Wen Xinya began to get a little impatient too. She took a look at the time to see that it was already 7:52 PM. Why isn't Si Yiyan here yet? Did he get tied up with something that cropped up at the last minute?

    Han Mofeng said in displeasure, "Can work be more important than meeting us, your maiden family? He's the reason we're meeting today. Trust him to have the cheek to make us wait for him."

    Han Mofeng emphasized on the words "maiden family". If it weren't because of Wen Xinya, he would have said harsher words.

    He was extremely upset about Si Yiyan snatching his best friend's crush away. Hence, his friends had been trying to brainwash him for the past few days. Although he had begun accepting the truth, he still felt unfair for Xu Zhenyu.

    Han Mofeng's words caused tension to fill the air.

    Ling Qingxuan stealthily kicked Han Mofeng and said, "Haha, it's not time yet. Xinya arranged for us to meet him at eight."

    Xu Tongxuan giggled and jested. "Loony, you're so petty. He arranged to meet us as soon as he returned to the city. Clearly, he's very sincere, so stop nitpicking."

    Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling chimed in.

    Du Ruo said, "He's just late. It's nothing too major. For every minute that he's late, he shall down a glass of alcohol as punishment. We'll teach him a lesson later so he knows how formidable we are."

    Everyone cheered, rolled up their sleeves and clenched their fists like they were going to fight. They began to think about how they should teach Si Yiyan a lesson.

    Wen Xinya broke out into a sweat and subconsciously texted Si Yiyan. "When will you be arriving?"

    Si Yiyan was not a fan of alcohol and only drank when he had to. His old ailment was part of the reason for his abstinence as well. Hence, Wen Xinya began to feel a little afraid after seeing how ready her friends were to deal with Si Yiyan. If they were to force him to drink...
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