1073 The Letter of Admission

    Shortly after her final examinations, Wen Xinya plunged into stressful learning once again. Grampy wanted her to catch up on the related topics of chess, music, and literature that she missed due to the final examinations as quickly as possible and added two other areas of studies-history and political tactics.

    In the midst of her stressful and intense learning, she received the letter of admission from the Capital University.

    When Wen Xinya received the call from Grandpa, she was almost knocked out by this huge surprise. Although given her high scores for the final examinations and her first choice being the Capital University, it was certain that she would get it and she was also mentally prepared, the sense of materialization was still stunning.

    Wen Xinya reported the good news to Grampy, who was rather happy and relieved-he even gave her the day off.

    Wen Xinya immediately went back to the Wen Family.

    At this point, Grandpa was holding her letter of admission and on the phone. Even as she stood outside the living room, she could hear Grandpa's joyful laughter.

    Seeing that Wen Xinya came back, Old Mr. Wen hung up the phone and waved to her happily. "Xinya, quick, come and take a look at your letter of admission from the Capital University."

    Seeing that Grandpa was wearing his glasses with gold frame and gold chains, as though he was afraid of not reading clearly, and couldn't help but start laughing as she walked up to Grandpa's side and sat down.

    She held the letter of admission in her hands. On the thin piece of paper, the huge black words of "Letter of Admission" looked even more outstanding. For some reason, her eyes welled up instantly.

    "Grandpa, I can finally go to Capital University."

    This thin piece of letter carried her hopes and dreams of two lifetimes.

    In her previous lifetime, she had not done well in her final examinations and had looked at Grandpa pitifully. Eventually, she managed to hitch a ride to the Jewelry Design course in the Qingyuan University. However, as she had gotten in through unorthodox means, she had suffered in the course.

    Due to Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya's plotting as well as her already bad reputation in the Capital City's circle, she had been ostracized and mocked by others.

    Unpopularity meant being alone and without help when she was bullied.

    She had lost the opportunity of going to a top jewelry design institute in France that her mentor offered her. Ning Yuya had blatantly stolen her design and showcased it in the design course. Naturally, she couldn't take it lying down and went to confront Ning Yuya. In the end, she was schemed against by Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya and got bitten back by Ning Yuya, causing her to lose the trust of all the teachers and students in the Institute and dislike her even more.

    And Ning Yuya even threatened her with her naked photos taken when she lost her virginity upon returning to the Wen Family and made her do up a design draft for her. The design that she had taken great pains to draft eventually became the tool for Ning Yuya to show off her talent in design.

    In the end, she had pretended that she had lost her touch and quit school helplessly.

    She had no choice but to give up her dreams.

    In this lifetime, she had been determined about going to Capital University in part to make up for her regrets in the previous lifetime.

    Seeing the tears falling from her eyes incessantly as she held onto the letter of admission, Old Mr. Wen couldn't help but get a shock and hurriedly consoled her. "Xinya, my child, it's a happy thing to receive the letter of admission from the Capital University. Why are you crying?"

    Xinya had returned to the Wen Family for more than three years, during which she had suffered injustice and been upset. However, it was his first time seeing her in tears with such complex emotions.

    As he thought about how much hard work Xinya had put in to get to where she was today, he felt guilty again.

    Wen Xinya wiped her tears and sobbed. "Grandpa, I'm okay. I'm just too happy and couldn't help but..."

    Yup, she was really too happy. In this lifetime, she would definitely fulfill her dreams of being a top jewelry designer.

    Old Mr. Wen retrieved his handkerchief and wiped her tears off. "Okay, stop crying."

    Wen Xinya nodded, took the handkerchief from Grandpa's hand, and wiped her tears off.

    Old Mr. Wen asked, "Didn't you say that you wanted to major in fashion design and minor in jewelry design previously? How come the letter of admission states major in jewelry design and minor in fashion design?"

    Wen Xinya said, "I've thought it through. I'm more interested in jewelry design and want to have my own accomplishments in this area. As for fashion design, I'll treat it as a foundation to understand our family business."

    Previously, she had some ancient books regarding jewelry design left behind for her by her mother, and, the more she studied them, the more she felt that those knowledge were precious, hard to come by, and definitely way more advanced than that held in the current times. Thus, she thought that she needn't take the redundant step of majoring in jewelry design.

    However, Si Yiyan begged to differ. He felt that the knowledge of jewelry design that she held was of a different nature as modern jewelry design and each had their own merits. As there was boundless knowledge in design, she shouldn't give up such a good learning opportunity.

    Additionally, she had a greater interest in jewelry design and her talent in fashion design paled in comparison to that in jewelry design. This meant that she wouldn't go too far in fashion design in the future. Since she wouldn't go too far, there was no reason to expend more energy to learn about it. Instead, she should put all her thoughts into jewelry design.

    Of course, most importantly, Si Yiyan felt that she shouldn't hide her talent in jewelry design and should flaunt her brilliant talent. Because... she had a mother who similarly had outstanding talent in jewelry design. Regardless of how well she performed, everyone would think that it was natural.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded in consolation. "Your mother had outstanding talent in jewelry design. You've merely inherited her interest."

    For some reason, ever since his granddaughter decided to go to the Capital University, he had never doubted her talent in jewelry design.

    Wen Xinya smiled. "I also want to become an outstanding jewelry designer like Mother."

    Mother's works in jewelry were still popular till now. Many classic and vintage versions had been produced and they still contributed significantly to the Wen Corporation's sales. The Paris and France fashion magazines featured Mother's designs almost every year.

    Old Mr. Wen felt relieved. "Your mother had previously designed many products and I've kept many of her design drafts-I'll pass them to you in the next few days. With them, your learning will be even smoother."

    Wen Xinya was extremely surprised. "Thank you, Grandpa."

    This was indeed an unexpected surprise. Although among the things that Mother left for her were many of her design drafts, they were that of products that didn't materialize.

    Now, she had in her hands the design-related ancient books left behind by her mother and some precious experience and views of top jewelry designers gifted to her by Xu-er. Her journey on the jewelry design road would be smoother.
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