1476 Zhang Hui, You Threaten Me!

    Chapter 1476: Zhang Hui, You Threaten Me!

    Zhang Hui’s shameless words made Ning Shuqian extremely angry.

    She never expected the story behind Yuya’s “kidnapping” to be due to this reason. Zhang Hui was a mean and shameless villain, he was obviously trying to rile her up and cheat money from her.

    She thought about Yuya’s disappearance during these past ten days, and how anxious and nervous she was. She suffered so much, but everything was just a scam set up by Zhang Hui.

    Ning Shuqian really wished to kill him!

    But no matter how much she hated Zhang Hui, she fell into his trap and was stuck in Zhang Hui’s palm. She was the animal on Zhang Hui’s chopping board, ready to be slaughtered. She could barely even save her own life.

    At this moment, Ning Shuqian’s heart was full of regret and despair.

    Ning Shuqian’s face was pale as she pleaded. “Ah Hui, I know I owe you for what happened. If you want money, I can give you money. Right… the 10 million yuan you wanted, I brought it here. It’s right in my car, can you let me and Yuya go?”

    Now that things had reached this point, nothing would change no matter what she said. She had already fallen into Zhang Hui’s trap. Zhang Hui put in so much effort to bring her here, he certainly would not let her go easily. She could only let go of her dignity and beg him to let her go.

    “Let you go? Sure, I have no problem with that,” Zhang Hui said casually.

    There was a hint of joy in Ning Shuqian’s eyes and she opened her mouth to speak.

    Zhang Hui went on to say, “Just make me happy, then I will naturally let you go.”

    After speaking, Zhang Hui’s cloudy and cold eyes fell onto Ning Shuqian’s gorgeous, young face. His gaze then moved from her face to her bulging chest and stayed there. His eyes revealed his desires. His dirty intentions were clear.

    Although Ning Shuqian was in her forties, because of her frequent visits to the salons and cosmetic enhancements, she had always maintained a good figure. In addition, since he had been on the run for over 20 years, he did not have much interaction with women. And most of the women he played with were old and ugly “street-stall” goods, purely for him to vent. He never had one as good as Ning Shuqian.

    He could not wait to press her fiercely on his body.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You… you… what do you mean?”

    Ning Shuqian was not a fool. Zhang Hui’s intentions were so obvious, how could she not understand? But the thought of Zhang Hui’s old and dry manuscript body made her sick. He was like an old man in his 50s or 60s. She gagged in disgust, refusing to have such a relationship with someone like that.

    Because Ning Shuqian was too shocked, she could not hide the look of disgust on her face in time. When Zhang Hui fled away, he learned to look at other people’s faces and feelings and naturally saw through her mind. His face suddenly became gloomy, radiating terrifying violence.

    Zhang Hui suddenly pressed down on Ning Shuqian’s body and tore at her clothes without mercy. “Slut, you dare to look down on me? If it were not for you, would I be in this state today?”

    Picturing how flattering Ning Shuqian would look under his body, Zhang Hui could not control his brutality and tore her clothes frantically.

    Ning Shuqian struggled desperately, and for a moment, she became very fierce. “Zhang Hui, let go of me. I have given you the money you asked for, don’t ask for too much.”

    Ning Shuqian never expected Zhang Hui to be even more shameless than before after not seeing him for so many years. He was making her feel a little powerless.

    Zhang Hui fiercely slapped her and pinned her to the ground. “So what if I want you and the money too? Without me, will you have what you have today? B*tch, let me tell you, I will really let you experience what is too much today.”

    Ning Shuqian was slapped dizzy by an unrelentless Zhang Hui. “Zhang Hui, you coward, you are no better than a beast. If you dare touch me, you will never get a single penny from me.”

    At this point, Ning Shuqian was also furious and she could care less about anything else.

    Ning Shuqian had never been subjected to such humiliation ever since she married into the Wen family. Especially in the past few years, Wen Haowen had always been so obedient. Just the thought of her being beaten by the mean and shameless villain Zhang Hui was a humiliation to her.

    Zhang Hui was also not afraid of Ning Shuqian’s threat. His cold and weird voice rang out, “Ning Xiaoqian, you shouldn’t hold out hope until faced with the grim reality. I think… you probably don’t want anyone to know that your real name is Ning Xiaoqian!”

    Zhang Hui was completely fearless. No one in this world knew Ning Shuqian better than him. This woman was greedy and vain. If it were not because he had some money in his hands previously, why would Ning Shuqian have followed him?

    Now that Ning Shuqian had managed to marry into a big family and was enjoying the rich lifestyle and luxurious food, how could she give up on this life easily?

    Ning Shuqian flushed and could not help cursing. “Zhang Hui, you despicable man, how dare you threaten me.”

    What Ning Shuqian was most afraid of was her real background being known by Wen Haowen. If Wen Haowen knew all this, she would have nothing. Not only would Wen Haowen divorce her, but even that person would ruin her.

    And Zhang Hui completely grabbed her Archille’s heel. Zhang Hui’s threats succeeded in making her afraid, and her struggles slowed down.

    “So what if I’m threatening you. Go to the police if you have balls, tell the police that I am a murderer and let them catch me. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get rid of me in this life.” Ning Shuqian giving up on her struggle had shown that he was on the winning side. Zhang Hui became completely fearless this time.

    Not only did he have money to take, but he could also enjoy the riches for the rest of his life. He could wear expensive clothes and eat expensive food, and there would also be women for him to play with. How could he give up on such a good deal?

    At this point, Ning Shuqian’s clothes had been completely ripped apart.

    Ning Shuqian knew that this was not a time for resisting, so she begged pitifully. “Ah Hui, I beg you not to do this. I am sorry for what had happened. No matter how much money you ask for, I am willing to give it to you. Will you let me go, please!”

    “Let you go? Dream on! Letting you go so easily when I have suffered for all these years?” Zhang Hui had already made up his mind to torture Ning Shuqian. For so many years of suffering, he wanted to pass everything on to her. How could he let go of her so easily?

    He carefully planned Ning Yuya’s kidnapping case, not just for Ning Shuqian’s money. How could that make up for his miserable state?
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