1664 Scheming and Wicked—Ninth Si!

    Chapter 1664: Scheming and Wicked—Ninth Si!

    His senses heightened, Jiang Hongjie could now feel Ninth Si raising his gun, lowering it, the gust of air passing him by and the danger signals. He was bombarded by all those sensations.

    Ninth Si once again lowered his gun.

    Jiang Hongjie instinctively dodged that blow. Using his one uninjured hand, he pulled himself along the ground, dragging his immobile legs behind him.

    Si Yiyan walked slowly toward him.

    Jiang Hongjie could hear his heavy army boots stepping on the dirt floor. The bits of dirt crunched, the sound created was the most dangerous signal of death.

    “Stop…” Jiang Hongjie warned as he drew out his own gun and fired without hesitation toward his target.

    The whistling bullet sliced through the air toward Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan reached out and caught the flying bullet. He held it in his hand and shot a look at a shadowy corner. “You owe me one. Remember that!”

    With that, he turned and left.

    Before leaving, he suddenly flung the sniper rifle in his hand toward Jiang Hongjie. “Use this Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle from Country M as your foundation. It has gone through the most precise enhancements and is the best of the best in terms of distance shooting, single shots, and running fire. I hope that one day, you will be worthy of this sniper rifle.”

    Such an expensive weapon—even Xu Zhenyu as the second young master of the Xu family might not be able to obtain it.

    The most important thing was that its precision and all its enhancements were the most impeccable in the world. All the money in the world might not get you such a gun. This sniper rifle was one of its kind.

    “For… for me?” Jiang Hongjie had already taken off his blindfold and was staring at the rifle in his hand with longing. It gave rise to an emotional stirring that arose from deep within his soul. It was as if he had finally found his destined life partner.

    He had a premonition that this rifle would be the most important thing in his life from now on.

    The corners of Si Yiyan’s mouth twitched. He said meaningfully, “This is the second favor you owe me!”

    He was not just bored and seeking amusement, but he had noticed this Jiang Hongjie was somewhat talented, and so had been willing to teach him a thing or two. It was all up to Jiang Hongjie himself now how much he could comprehend.

    Anyway, he never taught someone for nothing.

    Xu Zhenyu walked out from the shadows in the corner. He glared hatefully at Ninth Si. “He was the one you taught. Why am I the one owing you? Do I look like a fool?”

    Xu Zhenyu had not stepped out to oppose when Jiang Hongjie sought guidance from Ninth Si. He indeed wanted Ninth Si to teach Jiang Hongjie. After all, Ninth Si’s mastery of the gun was surpassed by no one. Even he could not help but admire his skill.

    Ninth Si had long noticed his presence and discerned his intentions. As a result, he deigned to teach Jiang Hongjie.

    His methods might have been a bit cruel, but they were obviously very effective. Whether it was positioning, technique, feel or aim—Jiang Hongjie’s last shot was extremely skillful.

    Even Ninth Si wasn’t confident of completely dodging the bullet, which was why he had reached out to catch it.

    Ninth Si replied calmly, “He is a soldier under you.”

    In other words, he had only deigned to teach Jiang Hongjie for Xu Zhenyu’s sake. Who else should bear this personal favor?

    Xu Zhenyu felt a breath of hot air rising and he just wanted to charge over to fight it out with him. “So what if he is a soldier under me? I am not his father.”

    Xu Zhenyu was beyond exasperated.

    He now owed two personal favors for no discernible reason. And he was not even the beneficiary of those favors. Anyone would have felt disgruntled.

    Jiang Hongjie hugged the sniper rifle tightly as if afraid someone might snatch it away from him. He said ingratiatingly, “Team Leader Xu, from today onwards, you are my daddy!”

    Si Yiyan snorted derisively and gazed at Xu Zhenyu neutrally.

    “Get lost!” Xu Zhenyu stamped his feet in anger. “Don’t give me that nonsense. I am not even married, how can I have a son as big as you. I can’t afford to be your daddy.” With that, he indicated at Ninth Si. “There, your daddy is over there. He even gave you such an expensive gun. Apart from your own daddy, who could bear to give you such a precious gift?”

    Truly, a weak teammate would do more harm than a strong enemy.

    Jiang Hongjie said unabashedly, “You are already my senior, so why can’t you be my daddy?”

    With that, he looked down and stroked the rifle in his arms. It was as if the rifle was his lover.

    Xu Zhenyu felt like puking blood. He hollered. “Get lost, get lost, get lost!”

    Si Yiyan glanced at his love rival raging about and said calmly, “It looks like you two already have some form of bond. I guess I don’t have to worry about not having my favors repaid.”

    Xu Zhenyu fumed. “Damn, why didn’t you say it was a favor before you started teaching him? Aren’t you purposely blackmailing me?”

    How did Wen Xinya fall in love with such a scheming and wicked man?

    Xu Zhenyu thought of how Ninth Si had repeatedly tricked him before. He couldn’t help feeling extremely vexed.

    “Do you plan to renegade on your debts then?” Si Yiyan asked him mildly.

    Xu Zhenyu was instantly incensed. He shouted, “Ninth Si, speak clearly. Who plans to renegade on his debts? I am just worried that you will make me do some nefarious deeds or some impossible task in return!”

    For example, anything to do with Wen Xinya!

    Wen Xinya was his taboo. He would never agree to anything concerning Wen Xinya.

    “You are thinking too much. I want you to owe me a favor as I don’t want you to benefit for free. At the same time, I want you to fret and feel ill-at-ease every time you recall that you still owe me.”

    To him, there was nothing he could not do that he set his mind upon.

    Xu Zhenyu widened his eyes and tried to speak through his anger, but only managed to spit out two words, “Damn… you!”

    Not many people could understand the feeling of having been tricked so many times.

    Si Yiyan turned to leave.

    Xu Zhenyu called out angrily. “Ninth Si, stop right there. Clarify yourself!”

    “I am not free!”

    Si Yiyan clomped away from the training grounds in his heavy arm boots after tossing out that casual remark.

    Jiang Hongjie looked at his enraged team leader and couldn’t help asking, “I say Team Leader Xu, can you fix my bones first? I am in a lot of pain.”

    Jiang Hongjie had been so happy over getting that dream sniper rifle that he had forgotten all about the immense pain he was in.

    Xu Zhenyu cursed to the high heavens. He roughly helped Jiang Hongji set his bones back in position.

    “Ah…!” Jiang Hongjie squealed like a pig being led to the slaughterhouse.

    The commotion attracted the other soldiers, who all started laughing at his plight.

    “Foolish boy. If you don’t grow up to become worthy of this great sniper rifle, I will break every bone in your body!”

    For this kid, he suddenly had two favors riding upon his shoulders for no good reason.

    Jiang Hongjie smiled foolishly. “Team leader, don’t worry. I promise that I will become the best sniper in the world.”

    Ninth Si’s simple, crude method revealed to him the secret to being a great sniper. It was not just about the single-minded pursuit of technique or an over-reliance on the weapon, but to learn how to make full use of your own physical abilities and master them.

    Ninth Si used a harsh and cruel way to show that he no longer had to fear pain. Ninth Si had him feel pain, and feel what it was like to have his body under threat, under danger. He made him learn how to conquer his fear.

    A true soldier was not without fear.

    But he must learn how to stare fear in the eye and live on.

    Only those who were of warm flesh and blood would be able to face their enemies and deal the killing shot.

    That was the mark of a true sniper.

    This was something that Team Leader Xu could never teach him. As a result, Jiang Hongjie was full of gratitude for Ninth Si.
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