1683 Xinya Calms the Storm in the Cour

    Chapter 1683: Xinya Calms the Storm in the Court

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    The court would be called to order soon.

    Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen’s dog-eat-dog theatrics had been escalating nonstop as well.

    Ning Shuqian told the media that Wen Haowen not only had violent tendencies, but he also had the tendency of sexual abuse and had been hitting her since the start. He was nothing but a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and a total scum.

    At the same time, Wen Haowen had been slandering Ning Shuqian, calling her overly ambitious, cruel, and not only was she disloyal to him, but she had also repeatedly attempted to backstab his daughter Wen Xinya. Because of that, there were many struggles and conflicts between the couple.

    The two had been exchanging insults, hurling slanders and defaming each other, while bystanders just watched on from the sidelines.

    What the media focused on, however, was when the court session would begin.

    What no one thought of was that the Wen Family’s missy had actually appealed to withdraw Ning Shuqian’s charge plea against Wen Haowen. After the court received the appeal, they postponed the hearing date of Ning Shuqian’s three charges against Wen Haowen.

    This news shocked just about everybody around.

    Shortly after, on the day after, the court made a formal reply to Wen Xinya’s appeal request.

    Firstly: After much investigation and verification by the court, the claimant Ning Shuqian is diagnosed with sexual hysteria and is classified as a mental illness. We were presented with an official certificate of diagnosis.

    Secondly: After verification, claimant Ning Shuqian has a severe mental illness, and her behavior patterns are found to be abnormal. Hence, she has no right to raise a lawsuit.

    Thirdly: After discussion and deliberation by the court, we will reject Ning Shuqian’s charges against Wen Haowen of intentional harm, homicide, and adultery, and deprive her lifetime rights of litigation.

    Fourthly: Because Ning Shuqian is diagnosed with sexual hysteria, and her actions have already heavily interfered with court proceedings and societal systems, we will recommend Ning Shuqian to be transferred to a mental hospital to receive treatment.

    Fifthly: Ning Shuqian is diagnosed with a severe mental illness, and her behavior patterns are hence abnormal.

    This sudden turn of events gave no one time to react.

    Ning Shuqian was diagnosed with a mental illness?

    Therefore, had everyone been focusing their attention on a mental illness patient all this time?

    Wen Xinya strolled out of the court, and alongside her were Secretary Cao, Qiu Yifan and Liu Yanhua.

    Once the journalists saw Wen Xinya, the questions poured upon her. “Miss Wen, when did you realize that Ning Shuqian was a mental illness patient? Why did you choose to reveal it at this time?”

    The news that Ning Shuqian was diagnosed with mental illness came as a huge blow to the journalists, but the court had already reviewed the evidence and proved it, and everyone was now in shock.

    “I’m not sure if everyone remembers, but when I had my coming-of-age ceremony back then, Ning Shuqian suddenly went crazy and lost control. At that time, the renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Du Shinan said that Ning Shuqian going crazy was a sign of her hysteria, which was a difficult illness to treat.”

    Wen Xinya purposely mentioned what happened back then, and also reminded the journalists that when Wen Haowen first committed adultery, Ning Shuqian’s mental illness worsened and almost turned into hysteria. Because of this, Wen Haowen was unable to get a divorce.

    Ning Shuqian’s hysteria had been proved with documents and earlier occurrences, and the media had known it all along, it was not that she wanted to bring it up all of a sudden.

    The theatrics of the arguments between the Wen Family couple was reaching its climax, and the news that Ning Shuqian was diagnosed with hysteria would cause many to change their opinion on this issue. Hence, she brought out this point specifically.

    The moment she mentioned it, many of the journalists remembered. “I remember. When Ning Shuqian was first diagnosed with hysteria, she still left her medical records behind.”

    Therefore, Ning Shuqian’s hysteria was real and not groundless.

    Wen Xinya continued, “Back then, I received a call from Ning Shuqian’s psychiatrist, who told me that Ning Shuqian’s mental illness was getting out of hand. I even invited many of the world’s renowned psychiatrists to perform an analysis on Ning Shiqian secretly.

    “The psychiatrists told me that Ning Shuqian has had hysteria for at least three years, which means that all of her actions in the past three years were all affected by the illness, and were all abnormal behavior patterns. This made me utterly shocked.”

    In the past, when she visited Ning Shuqian in the hospital, she realized that Ning Shuqian was emotionally unstable, and hence, had the psychiatric hospital pay attention to her.

    Very soon, she received news from the hospital.

    Earlier on, when she met Zhong Rufeng at the hospital, she was about to go collect the documents and records on Ning Shuqian’s mental illness, and this was the evidence she had on hold for the Wen Family’s couple argument and theatrics.

    Because of this, she was able to stand calmly at the sidelines and watch things progress.

    Even the journalists were totally shocked. “But, Ning Shuqian’s thoughts and actions have looked no different from any other person?”

    Some of the journalists were doubtful about Ning Shuqian’s hysteria diagnosis and even had their own speculations on it. They clarified their doubts on the spot and were hoping that Wen Xinya could give a reasonable explanation that could convince them.

    “I’m not an expert on the types of mental illnesses and am unable to clarify these doubts. If any of you have any other questions, you may further direct your doubts towards the psychiatrists or the experts.”

    Wen Xinya did not intend to talk much about it.

    She was not a professional, and as for hysteria, its complications had befuddled experts since the start. The illness was not simple, and there were many symptoms, which could not be explained in just a few sentences. If she said the wrong thing, the journalists could eventually use it against her.

    The majority of the journalists, however, believed it.

    Court-reviewed evidence could not go wrong. Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian’s conflict had gotten so serious that all of the media’s attention was now focused on the court. The court would definitely not release false information.

    “Miss Wen, during this time when the Wen Corporation has received such a huge blow, losing so much, being the Wen Corporation’s CEO, why hasn’t Old Mr. Wen come out to address this issue?”

    As the Wen Corporation’s situation worsened, the journalists had even more speculations about the Wen Corporation and the Wen Family.

    “I won’t hide the fact that my Grandpa has been receiving treatment due to some physical complications recently. To avoid affecting his condition, we have yet to release this piece of news to the media.”

    Ning Shuqian’s charge against Wen Haowen had now been withdrawn, and the media would thus naturally focus their attention on Grandpa and further speculate about the Wen Family and the Wen Corporation, especially about negative news.

    Grandpa’s physical condition could not be hidden forever. Thus, she took the initiative to address it with the media.

    However, she hid the fact that Grandpa was in a coma. Although it would cause a huge blow to the Wen Corporation, the effect wouldn’t be too large as of now.

    The journalists were quick to enquire about Old Mr. Wen’s illness and his current physical conditions.

    “Sorry, I have no other comments.”

    The gravity of Grandpa’s condition would be easy to hide.
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