1705 I Wont Let Wen Xinya Succeed!

    Chapter 1705: I Won’t Let Wen Xinya Succeed!

    After Old Mr. Wen announced his press conference, previous media reports of his coma were completely trounced. The press was in an uproar.

    The most thunderstruck of them all was Wen Haowen.

    He never expected the old man to wake up so soon.

    He couldn’t help recalling what that old man said right before he fainted. That he would break off all ties with him and chase him out of the Wen Family, as well as forcibly take back all his shares…

    Wen Haowen also recalled how when that old man had collapsed on the ground, he had just stood coldly at the side and even took away his pills, cutting off his last chance at survival. Wen Haowen couldn’t help feeling a rising sense of panic.

    Now that the old man had awakened, he would never let him off.

    “Haowen, Haowen…” Old Madam Wen was descending the stairs when she noticed Wen Haowen sitting on the sofa in a daze.

    Wen Haowen saw a hand waving before him and snapped out of his trance. “Mum, what’s the matter?”

    He gazed at her, all dressed up in a deep blue, high-collared cheongsam, her gray hair tied neatly into a bun and wearing matching jewelry. She looked all ready to go out.

    Old Madam Wen was very happy. “I just received news from the hospital that your father has awoken. I am going to the hospital to visit him now. Come with me. I am sure your father will be very happy to see you.”

    Since the old man fell unconscious, Old Madam Wen had been conscientiously visiting him every single day.

    Old Madam Wen was naturally ecstatic now that the old man had awakened.

    Wen Haowen shook his head hastily. “No, Mum. I have something on later. I will go visit him another time.”

    At this point, Wen Haowen just felt numb all over. That old man probably hated him to the core now. There was no way he would be happy to see him.

    Old Madam Wen raised her brows slightly as she gazed upon him in disapproval. “Your father has been in a coma for so long and finally woke up. How can you, as his son, not immediately rush over to visit him? What can be more important than seeing your father now?”

    Old Madam Wen was somewhat displeased with her son.

    When Old Mr. Wen had been in a coma, even that jinx Wen Xinya often visited him. But his own son Wen Haowen had not visited Old Mr. Wen even once apart from the day he was admitted to the hospital.

    During that period, her son and that bitch, Ning Shuqian, had been embroiled in a furious fight. As a result, she didn’t kick up a fuss then, knowing that he was bogged down by troubles.

    Wen Haowen explained rather sheepishly. “Mum, I really have something very urgent to see to. You go visit father first. I will go by myself to visit him later.”

    After what happened between the two of them earlier, Wen Haowen really didn’t know how to face his father. Hence, like the coward he was, Wen Haowen was trying to avoid him.

    Old Madam Wen’s face dimmed. “Haowen, don’t try and fool me. I might not be privy to the Wen Corporation affairs, but I do know you have already been suspended by the shareholders. What urgent business could you have? Be a good boy and come with me to the hospital to visit your father, and also my little grandson.”

    Old Madam Wen’s face glowed at the mention of her little grandson.

    She had thought there was no way she would ever get the chance to have a grandson in this lifetime. But Haowen managed to buck up and conceive a fat little boy for her on the side. It was a wonderful surprise.

    Although he was an illegitimate child, he still bore the Wen Family’s blood. The Wen Family finally had a proper heir now.

    Old Madam Wen felt extremely smug at the thought of her plump, fair grandson.

    She continued, “It has been quite a number of days since that child was born, and he still doesn’t have a name. Now that your father has awoken, let’s have him think up of a name for the child.”

    All Old Madam Wen could think about now was that little grandson of hers. How radiant her face was whenever she talked about him!

    Most people wouldn’t be able to withstand Old Madam Wen when she started her pestering and nagging. Wen Haowen replied gruffly, “I will leave his naming up to you and Dad.”

    It was just a name. It wasn’t that important.

    Old Madam Wen continued to nag. “How can you be like that? A name is such an important matter. How can you, as his father, not be there for his naming? Haowen, I know you don’t get along well with your father, but there is no such thing as a longterm grudge between father and son. Don’t distance yourself away from him.”

    Old Madam Wen’s mind was simple and she hadn’t pondered too much over this matter.

    Wen Haowen felt rather frustrated. “Mum, stop nagging! That old man only has that wicked bitch Wen Xinya in his heart. He has already long forgotten about this son of his. Why should I still go visit him?”

    Wen Haowen couldn’t help gritting his teeth as he mentioned Wen Xinya. If not for that evil slut, he would never have been suspended by the shareholders and be subject to an investigation.

    Nevertheless, his heart lifted at the thought of her own recent scandalous headlines.

    “Haowen, you can’t say that. Your father might be a bit more strict with you, but he has always been a fair person. Listen to your mum, come with me to the hospital to visit your father. Just humbly admit your mistakes to him. Perhaps he might be appeased and reinstate your position in the company.”

    Old Madam Wen had always been trying to mend the relationship between her son and Old Mr. Wen.

    Wen Haowen was beyond irritated. “Mum, let me tell you the truth! The matter between Ning Shuqian and I created such a furor that the Wen Corporation nearly collapsed. Meanwhile, the media is still reporting on Yang Ziyu’s death after falling down the stairs. If I go visit father now, he will probably faint again from anger.”

    Even if you gave Wen Haowen a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand shots of courage, he would never dare to tell Old Madam Wen the truth about his father’s coma.

    Momentarily taken aback, Old Madam Wen widened her eyes in shock.

    She didn’t really understand business matters, and only knew that the conflict between Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian had caused such an uproar that the Wen Corporation was implicated. However, she didn’t realize things were that serious.

    As a result, she was now a bit at a loss for words.

    “Dad will not let me off so easily this time. Even if he cuts off all ties with me, chases me out of the Wen Family, and takes back all my company shares, I can still count myself lucky, for he could do so much worse.”

    Wen Haowen looked somewhat dispirited as he said that. His face looked ashen and very grim.

    Old Madam Wen finally realized just how serious the matter was. She hurriedly said, “Haowen, don’t worry. Your father won’t be so heartless. Even if he really wants to do all those things, you still have me, right? I will not just stand by and watch him treat you that way. It is all thanks to you that the Wen Family finally has an heir now. He can’t deny your contributions in that aspect!”

    Old Madam Wen felt that this problem was quite grave, but she still didn’t take it to heart.

    Old Mr. Wen was not that heartless a person. He might punish his son severely, but he would never cut off all ties with him.

    Hope flashed across Wen Haowen’s face as he hurriedly added, “Of course Dad is not a heartless person, but he is being influenced by a certain someone. She is the very person behind my scandal with Ning Shuqian.”

    He didn’t name names, but it was obvious who he was referring to.

    Flustered, Old Madam Wen promised him. “Haowen, don’t worry. I will not let that wicked Wen Xinya succeed!”
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