1713 I Only Want the Woman I Love

    Chapter 1713: I Only Want the Woman I Love

    Ning Shuqian’s death did not leave behind anything in Wen Xinya’s heart.

    At this moment, she was leaning on Si Yiyan’s arms, eating the dates he brought back from the desert country, crisp and sweet, fragrant and not greasy, fresh and sweet.

    She ate them one by one, and unknowingly, she had almost eaten a whole plate of dates.

    Si Yiyan saw that she was eating happily, pointed at her with his forefinger and whispered, “Are the dates delicious?”

    Wen Xinya held a date and took a bite. “They’re delicious!”

    “I want to try it too!” Si Yiyan lowered his head and kissed her lips.

    In her mouth, there were date pieces that she had just chewed and did not have time to swallow yet. Si Yiyan did not mind, he rolled the chewed date into his own mouth with his tongue.

    “Very sweet!”

    As he kissed her, he ate the date that was taken from her mouth and tasted her.


    Wen Xinya reached out to push him away while glaring at him. This guy was so tiresome and weird. A grown man yet so clingy.

    “Not gross!”

    Si Yiyan pressed her into his arms and kissed her lips passionately. He could finally understand why a desert man would marry multiple wives.

    Consuming those foods that replenished the kidney and impotence for years had made his energy far more vigorous than that of normal men, one wife simply could not meet their physiological needs.

    Somewhat uncomfortable, Wen Xinya wanted to push him away but could not bear to.

    After returning from the desert country, Si Yiyan seemed to have a more demonic heart towards her.

    She thought of a phrase.

    Desire turns into a demon!

    Si Yiyan completely turned from a Buddhist who believed in Buddha into a demon.

    And she was his demon heart’s desire.

    “Xinya, the men of the desert country believe that marriage is for the sole purpose of having children and also for their physical needs, so they are very open about marrying more wives to satisfy their desires as men.”

    Si Yiyan kissed her, his palms skimming across her clothes and gradually moved down the curves of her body.

    Wen Xinya yelled. She did not care about this and did not know why he said this to her.

    Si Yiyan kissed the corner of her lips. “Purely for physical needs, for satisfying the desires, I don’t like that. I only want the woman I love. If it’s women I don’t like, even if I’m given 4 or 40, I don’t want them.”

    Si Yiyan carried her upstairs, his intentions very obvious.

    It was only then that Wen Xinya responded. His words were to explain their unfinished conversation while they were on the way to Grampy’s house before, and she finally understood what was the best state of sweet talk.

    “The credibility of the words sounds very low, but because it’s from your mouth, I believe it!” Wen Xinya embraced his neck and kissed his lips.

    Si Yiyan was seduced and put her down.

    They walked and kissed all the way as if nothing could separate them.

    The room was opened, and then Wen Xinya heard the sound of the door locking. The curtains in the room were light-shielded and pulled tight. Even in the daytime, the room was still dark and mysterious.

    In the darkness, her senses were enhanced, and she became sharper. The man’s body temperature, his breathing, and his every move brought an unspeakable excitement.

    Si Yiyan pushed her against the wall and kissed her constantly. “Xinya!”


    Wen Xinya answered euphemistically.

    Si Yiyan’s big palm slid in under her shirt. “In the desert country, standing by the window at night, watching the lights in the distance as the dunes piled up. I missed you a lot at that time.” Si Yiyan licked and kissed her neck, feeling her tremble. “I especially wanted to love you.”

    She closed her eyes and answered softly, her thin spine tightly pushed against the cold, hard wall behind her, trapping her with no way to run.

    “Every night when it was quiet, I especially missed you, because the night in the desert country is full of taboo indulgences, and almost all men were holding their own women doing the most wonderful thing in this world.”

    He bit her trivial bone with his teeth, leaving behind his traces and marks.

    God knew how much he missed her in the months he spent in the desert.

    “Yes.” Wen Xinya was vaguely conscious and could only vaguely respond to his words.

    “I missed you when I was riding the camel. The desert was endless as if I couldn’t ever reach the end. I wanted to go on like this with you, and do something with you on the camel…”

    He had accidentally seen desert country’s men embrace their wives, lovers, or others’ wives on the camel more than just a few times. The camel’s up and down movements walking across the desert were unforgettable.

    Wen Xinya tried to scold him for being shameless, but her words turned into a hoarse groan.

    Her back against the hard wall was hurting her bone a little, but it made her feel the man in front of her and his strength more clearly.

    It made her sane and ready to surrender!

    And she did submit.

    “Xinya, kiss me!” Si Yiyan ordered.

    Wen Xinya did not dare to disobey his orders. She wrapped her hands around his neck and purse her lips together to kiss him.

    She did not know how long they kissed, but Wen Xinya felt her throat go dry.

    “Thirsty?” Si Yiyan asked.


    The saliva in her mouth was completely eaten by him.

    Si Yiyan took out a flat palm-sized vial from his pants pocket, unscrewed the cap, and a milky smell filled the room.

    He squeezed her chin gently, put the bottle between her lips, and poured the camel milk from the bottle into her mouth.

    The stinky smell went into her throat and made her burst into tears.

    “A**hole!” She scolded!

    Who would bring camel milk around?

    “Keep scolding!” He laughed.

    Then she continued to sip the camel milk.

    “Si Yiyan, you big a**hole.” She gasped, her voice hoarse, full of emotion.

    Then, her mouth was filled with camel milk again.

    “Do not swallow.” He commanded in her ear.

    Wen Xinya had to keep the camel milk in her mouth, as her wet eyes looked around extremely clear in the dark.

    His lips came to hers. “Feed me!”

    He licked her lips gently.

    Wen Xinya kissed him obediently, pushing the camel milk into his mouth. As her little tongue was about to leave, his thick tongue suddenly sucked her back.

    “Hmm—” Because his strength was much greater, her tongue was uncomfortable as if acupunctured.

    “Xinya, hold me tight!” Si Yiyan pleaded.

    Suddenly, Wen Xinya was stunned to realize that between the entanglement, their clothing had fallen off.

    She hugged Si Yiyan.

    The smell of camel milk lingered on their lips and teeth. The strong taste irritated their bodies and brought up their body temperatures.

    She no longer doubted the effectiveness of camel milk.
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