1720 There Will Be a New Wave in the Healthcare Supplements Industry

    Chapter 1720: There Will Be a New Wave in the Healthcare Supplements Industry

    T-K Group had reached the highest level in the healthcare supplements industry.

    However, the boycott of foreign products was becoming more and more intense, and everyone was extremely agitated about this issue. On one hand, people chose to boycott T-K Group’s products. On the other hand, they scolded Country Z’s products for being useless and chided Lanxin Company for their inaction.

    The boycott was becoming more intense, and the T-K Group was receiving more and more backlash.

    Lanxin Company was still the talk of the town, and many condemned and criticized them. Their reputation was declining, and its brand image was getting worse.

    Initially, T-K Group was stuck in the situation of resisting acquisitions and making their product quality public and transparent, yet Lanxin Company was facing the same issue now.

    As the old saying went, “change is the only constant, the wheel of fortune turns”.

    T-K Group took advantage of this opportunity and spared no effort in trying to suppress the company.

    Everyone could sense that the entire Country Z’s health supplements industry was like a deep lake. Nobody could see the bottom at a glance, yet the deeper you went, the greater the pressure and the darkness.

    T-K Group had completely messed up Country Z’s health supplements industry.

    Some small health supplements companies felt the pressure and were unsure if they could continue operating. This pressure seemed to suffocate them.

    Country Z’s health supplements association had been completely messed up.

    Wen Xinya sat at the head of the table as the acting chairman as she looked at the mess, speechless.

    T-K Group held a celebration party at Shangri-La hotel yesterday and invited many members of the media, as well as big names of Country Z. Such a move was extremely arrogant and was clearly provocative against Country Z’s health supplements industry.

    Jose’s words at the celebration ceremony were arrogant and infuriating.

    “The health supplements association is done, the resources they have at hand are no longer enough to interfere with T-K Group’s ambitions to encroach on the health supplements industry of Country Z. Distributors and logistics companies have been bought over by T-K Group with large amounts of money, and are hence no longer under our control. They have slowly turned against us.”

    The resources held by the Health Supplements Association was the main force against the T-K Group. Nowadays, some of them had resorted to betrayal, some of them were indecisive and some went back and forth with their decision. This situation was worrying.

    “The public’s resistance towards T-K Group’s ambition to invade the healthcare supplements market is becoming more and more fierce. They will be watching Country Z’s Health Supplements Association and waiting for us to show our charter. However, now that T-K Group is in the limelight, how can we beat them?”

    The public would not be able to understand the pressure that the world-renowned companies faced, so the Health Brand Association had lost their authority in the hearts of the masses. How would they be able to lead the public to go against the T-K Corporation?

    “People on the internet have been scolding us badly. They have been fiercely spitting on us, mainly criticizing the association for being useless, as we still allow foreign investors to suppress us. The impact and influence of the association have hence been decreasing. How will we continue to fight against the foreigners?”

    When people eventually lose all faith in the Health Supplement Association, there would be no reason for its existence anymore, there would be no need to even talk about defeating T-K Group.

    “The fearful thing is that many small health supplement firms, due to the intense stress of survival, have no choice but to turn towards T-K Group. Country Z’s health supplements industry has always been in a state of disunity. T-K Group can hence easily destroy Country Z’s health supplements companies easily. Then, we will really be powerless.”

    Health supplement companies turning towards T-K Group was the last thing that the Health Supplements Association wanted to see. Because this meant that the Association had lost its influence.

    The discussion in the meeting room was getting more and more intense.

    Everyone was red from their neck onwards, and it was chaos.

    “Miss Bella, as the acting chairman of the Health Supplements Association, it will not be good to continue being silent!”

    At this time, one of the old members of the Association pointed at Wen Xinya, who was seated at the head of the table, and stared at her with his sharp gaze, his words unkind.

    Wen Xinya glanced at him and did not take his words to heart.

    When she took over as acting chairman, many did not like it. Furthermore, she did not bother or enjoy entertaining the elders of the guild. Hence, many of them were unhappy with her. It was a matter of time before their dissatisfaction showed.

    Today was the best opportunity for that to happen.

    Indeed, everyone seemed to have something to say at this time.

    “Exactly! Miss Bella, as acting chairman, you should have a rough idea of what to do this time. Hold a conference!”

    “Miss Bella, please decide!”

    “I’m sorry, what kind of dog** acting chairman is this. A yellow-haired little girl that can’t seem to do anything. I should never have allowed her to be the acting chairman in the past.”

    “Exactly, while T-K Group is slowly swallowing the entire healthcare supplements market of Country Z, what has she been doing other than staring at the market slowly sink deeper and deeper. She had no actions at all.”

    “Young lady, you can’t be too proud and arrogant, how you act will offend people easily…”

    “If you do not create a charter today, we will relieve you of your duties as acting chairman.”

    “What nonsense, what kind of charter would she have? I suggest we relieve her of her duties at today’s meeting. Those who agree please raise your hands.”

    “I agree!”

    “I agree as well!”

    “I approve!”

    “I have no opinions…”

    Wen Xinya did not actually feel threatened by these people. She continued to sit sternly at her seat, wearing a mask, as she emanated intimidating energy under the light of the room.

    Luo Desen saw that the situation was getting out of control and came out to say, “Everyone, please calm down. Let’s listen to what Miss Bella has to say. Especially at this time, we should not turn against each other. Otherwise, we will be giving T-K Group what they want, and give them more chances to tear the Association apart.”

    Luo Desen had been the leader of the guild for many years and held a large amount of power in the association. His words held immense influence among the members, especially since they made sense. Everyone quietened down.

    Everyone’s eyes stared at Wen Xinya unkindly.

    Wen Xinya softly said, “Give me a week. I will make sure the T-K Group goes back to where they came from. Otherwise, I will automatically relieve myself of my duties.”

    After her speech, she immediately stood up and left.

    Her slim and straight posture, coupled with her fierce demeanor, made her seem like a woman of power.

    Her attitude shocked everyone at the scene. Everyone was stunned, and some could not react in time.

    Luo Desen’s pupils dilated.

    One week!

    This was ultimate arrogance. Even T-K Group did not dare tell the media to give them a week to envelop the entire healthcare supplement market of Country Z.

    Where did she get that confidence from?

    However, for some unknown reason, he chose to believe her.
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