1744 The Father and Son of the Xiao Corporation

    Chapter 1744: The Father and Son of the Xiao Corporation

    It was 9:30 P.M. when the signing ceremony officially started.

    Leading Lanxin Company, Wen Xinya, accompanied by Yan Shaoqing and Zheng Yifan, walked with the representatives of Xiasi Group for the signing ceremony to the adjacent hall, which was designated for the occasion.

    Representatives from both companies got seated on the main stage.

    The reporters pointed their cameras and video recorders towards the scene which would cause a huge stir in the world.

    Following that, witnessed by the media reporters as well as the reputable characters in the business world, the cooperating parties penned their signatures on the shareholding contract.

    After exchanging the contracts with each other, the signing ceremony officially ended with mutual handshakes.

    The entire process was extraordinarily smooth.

    A thunderous wave of applause echoed through the hall.

    Lanxin Company had completed another historical step after getting listed. This moment made everyone cheer for Lanxin Company and China’s health supplements market.

    The banquet hall was filled with people dressed to the nines who gradually stepped onto the dance floor.

    There were also many men who came forward to ask Wen Xinya for a dance but were all politely rejected by her. What a joke—not far away stood a petty, evil, domineering, and extremely possessive man who was staring hard at her—regardless of how bold she was, she daren’t dance with other men.

    Wen Xinya found an opportunity and was about to look for Si Yiyan to talk to him.

    Just then, Xiao Zhiyuan walked over with Xiao Chengyu.

    Xiao Zhiyuan was holding a glass of red wine. Being almost fifty-years-old, trails of weathered storms were engraved on his face. “Miss Bella, congratulations on the smooth listing of Lanxin Company, as well as Xiasi Group joining Lanxin Company as a shareholder.”

    In recent years, the Xiao Family had been following T-K Corporation and Lanxin Company’s acquisition war closely.

    For the Xiao Family which had been through the home electronics acquisition crisis, they knew how arduous the acquisition felt more so than anyone else. Thus, the Xiao Family was also a supporter of Lanxin Company’s resistance towards acquisitions.

    The Xiao Family was in awe of Bella’s victory in this acquisition war.

    Wen Xinya stopped in her tracks and said with a smile, “Chairman Xiao is too kind. It’s Lanxin Company’s honor to have your presence at our celebratory banquet today. Please forgive us if we haven’t been great hosts.”

    Previously, the Xiao Family had been attacked by the Wen Corporation. In the third year following the exposure of Xiao Zhiyuan’s scandal, he had finally divorced his wife after trying his best to hold onto the marriage, causing a stir in the shareholding structure of the Xiao Corporation.

    Finally, it wasn’t until Lin Yuechan came forward and transferred her shares to her son, Xiao Chengyu, that the storm ceased gradually.

    Following that, Xiao Chengyu entered Xiao Corporation, started out from the very bottom, and successfully clinched the role of the CEO of Xiao Corporation recently.

    Currently, Xiao Corporation had been weakened as a whole and was slightly weaker than the Wen Family.

    Putting Xiao Corporation and Wen Corporation’s grudges aside, on account of the Xiao Family resisting acquisitions and supporting Lanxin Company, she ought to receive Xiao Zhiyuan’s greetings politely.

    Xiao Zhiyuan laughed out loud. “Miss Bella is really too polite. The young replace the old—it’s just a matter of time that this business world becomes the stage of you young people.” Following that, he changed the topic smoothly and started introducing his son. “This is my son, Xiao Chengyu. He has always admired Miss Bella and hopes to befriend you.”

    Mentioning this son made Xiao Zhiyuan swollen with pride.

    Xiao Chengyu had obtained the role of the CEO with his own capabilities. Over the recent years, for his efforts in balancing the shareholders and managing and building up Xiao Corporation, he had a good reputation among the shareholders and the directors.

    After a few more years of experience, he would surely surpass him.

    The Xiao Family had high hopes of him.

    Xiao Chengyu took the initiative, went forward and said, “Miss Bella, the people’s heroine who’s in no way inferior to men. I offer this toast to you—here’s to endless achievements of Lanxin Company in the future.”

    Although Xiao Chengyu’s words seemed slightly patronizing, they came from his heart.

    After all, Bella had led the Health Supplements Association and Lanxin Company to resist T-K Corporation’s acquisition plans, protected the local brands, and stepped back after accomplishing the task—an act obviously supportive to NBJ. Although saying that she was the people’s heroine and that she wasn’t inferior to men was slightly exaggerating, as such comments were all over the Internet, it didn’t seem abrupt.

    More importantly, Lanxin Company was cooperating with Xiasi Group—Lanxin Company was definitely worthy of his praise.

    Wen Xinya watched as Xiao Chengyu downed the entire contents of his wineglass and her smile became slightly more sincere. “CEO Xiao is too kind—I really don’t deserve such praise. I heard that ever since CEO Xiao took over Xiao Corporation, you’ve accomplished quite a bit.” Saying that she looked at Xiao Zhiyuan as her smile deepened slightly. “Did Chairman Xiao especially bring CEO Xiao over to show off?”

    Old Mr. Xiao was deeply scheming and calculative and Xiao Zhiyuan was slightly tyrannical in nature. However, they had taught Xiao Chengyu extremely well.

    Although Xiao Chengyu was proud, he was extremely upright and had proved his capabilities through accomplishments after entering the management of Xiao Corporation. Previously, when Wen Corporation was deeply embroiled in Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian’s scandal, Xiao Corporation had been eying them, and it was Xiao Chengyu who withstood the pressure to take advantage of Wen Corporation.

    Of course, he had done so not because he didn’t want to make use of the opportunity to attack Wen Corporation.

    Instead, it was because he could tell that a mere scandal wasn’t sufficient to rock Wen Corporation’s foundation. Once the Wen Family recovered, Xiao Corporation would face Wen Corporation’s fierce retaliation.

    Due to Xiao Chengyu, it was a matter of time that Xiao Corporation regain its former glory.

    Xiao Zhiyuan laughed out loud. “Miss Bella is indeed good with your words!”

    He didn’t try to be humble—Xiao Chengyu’s brilliance was witnessed by everyone. Although he wasn’t as astonishingly outstanding as Wen Xinya, they were in different situations.

    Chengyu was born as God’s favored one and Wen Xinya needed to prove herself.

    “Soon, it’ll be my Grandpa’s eightieth birthday. The Xiao Family will organize a grand birthday banquet for my Grandpa and we’ll love to have Miss Bella’s presence.” Xiao Chengyu used the opportunity to extend the invitation with a sincere attitude.

    He admired Bella greatly. For both business and personal reasons, he hoped to befriend her.

    “Hahahaha. Hope Miss Bella doesn’t decline.”

    They were more than a month away from Old Mr. Xiao’s eightieth birthday banquet and had yet to commence preparations before he extended the invitation to Bella on the spot—this made Xiao Zhiyuan slightly surprised.

    However, thinking about it, with Lanxin Company being associated with Xiasi Group, many people would suck up to Bella in the future. To use this opportunity to chat Bella up and, striking the iron while it was hot, invite her in person, not only displayed the Xiao Family’s sincerity but was also not overly obsequious.

    Chengyu was getting better at dealing with people—he admitted his inferiority.

    Wen Xinya naturally understood Xiao Chengyu’s intention to befriend her, smiled and reciprocated. “Old Mr. Xiao’s birthday is a huge event in the business world—I’ll definitely be there.”

    Old Mr. Xiao’s reputation in the business world didn’t pale in comparison to that of Grandpa. His birthday banquet would definitely receive much attention.

    Putting the Xiao and the Wen families’ grudges aside, since the Xiao Family came to attend Lanxin Company’s celebratory banquet today, she naturally couldn’t reject Xiao Chengyu’s personal invitation.
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