1760 Xiao Chengyus Car Acciden

    Chapter 1760: Xiao Chengyu’s Car Accident

    Old Mr. Xiao’s 80th birthday was a major affair for the Capital city’s upper society.

    The Xiao Family was a highly influential family in Capital city. That time, it was the Xiao Family who banded together with several other local home electronics companies to fend off overseas takeovers, and eventually launched Country Z’s home electronics industry to the world stage. Their success story was still often repeated, and at their peak, they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Gu Family.

    Although the Xiao Corporation had declined over the years, their position as one of the four great families of Capital city remained unshakable. In recent years, Xiao Chengyu and his father Xiao Zhiyuan had been working hand in hand to manage Xiao Corporation. There were signs that the company was gradually regaining its former power, and no one dared to overlook them.

    Wearing a maroon-colored traditional Chinese jacket and a luxuriant head of white hair, Old Mr. Xiao’s wrinkled face was full of vitality and spirit.

    Old Mr. Xiao was currently chatting with some friends.

    “In just the blink of an eye, we have all turned into doddering, old men. Big Brother Xiao, good fortune has shone upon you. You had control over Xiao Corporation for so many years, and now your grandson Chengyu has turned out to be just as capable and talented as you were. The Xiao Family can look forward to many more years of prosperity.”

    His tone was full of genuine envy.

    “Yes, just a few years ago, that child Chengyu didn’t look like he would amount to much. I never imagined that he would become so capable now. Big Brother Xiao, it must be all thanks to your able guidance!”

    “Anyone can see just how capable Chengyu is. In Capital city, only the descendants of the Gu Family, the Ling Family and the Wen Family are comparable to him.”

    Old Mr. Xiao glowed on hearing his friends’ praises. “You are all too kind. Chengyu can barely live up to your high praises. He does have some abilities, but he is still young and needs to gain more experience.”

    His words were humble, but he did not deny any of their compliments.

    He was full of pride over just how promising his grandson was.

    “The banquet is starting soon. Why is Chengyu not here yet?”

    Old Mr. Xiao had decided to introduce Chengyu to these old-timers of the business world. It would be a great boost to Chengyu if he could make a good impression on them.

    Xiao Zhiyuan said, “I called Chengyu earlier. A small matter cropped up in the company and he had to personally see to it. He is now rushing over as we speak. I think he will be able to make it just before the banquet starts.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan’s mobile phone rang just as he finished his words.

    He hurriedly picked up the call.

    No one knew what was spoken over the phone, but Xiao Zhiyuan’s eyes widened in disbelief. His face turned completely ashen.

    Old Mr. Xiao’s heart gave a shudder. He asked, “Zhiyuan, is that Chengyu? What did he say?”

    Could something have happened at the company?

    Xiao Zhiyuan stared numbly at Old Mr. Xiao. He muttered. “Dad, Chengyu met with a car accident. He is in critical condition and is now at the hospital receiving emergency treatment…”

    “What?” Old Mr. Xiao staggered backward and collapsed.

    “Dad…” Xiao Zhiyuan was in a panic.

    A great commotion erupted at the banquet and chaos descended.


    Old Mr. Xiao had collapsed as his agitation caused his blood pressure to shoot straight up. Luckily, he managed to recover somewhat after taking some medicine.

    “Zhiyuan, Zhiyuan. My grandson…”

    With Xiao Zhiyuan supporting him, Old Mr. Xiao hurried over to the hospital. He left behind a whole hall full of banquet guests, with only thoughts of his grandson on his mind.

    This 80-year-old man was so full of vitality and vigor earlier but now looked gaunt and haggard with his white hair in complete disarray. It was as if someone had sucked out all his spirit.

    “Dad, slow down…” Within a short span of time, his father had collapsed from high blood pressure and his son was fighting for his life in the emergency room. Xiao Zhiyuan was in a state of utter dejection.

    “Chengyu…” Old Mr. Xiao was oblivious to anything said to him. He kept calling out Xiao Chengyu’s name in a quivering voice as he hobbled as fast as he could toward the emergency room.

    Old Mr. Xiao had placed all his future hopes for the Xiao Family in the hands of Xiao Chengyu. Chengyu was his pride and joy and his most favored grandson. It was an earth-shattering blow to Old Mr. Xiao now that this grandson was fighting for his life in an emergency room.

    “Dad, don’t worry, the heavens help those who are worthy, and Chengyu is definitely a worthy person. He will be fine.” Xiao Zhiyuan tried to comfort his father, but his own voice was full of helplessness.

    Xiao Chengyu was his son. Although the two of them had fallen out since that incident some years ago, Chengyu was his only son. In this whole world, no one was more worried about Chengyu than him.

    The heavy emergency doors burst open just then.

    Old Mr. Xiao and Xiao Zhiyuan gave an involuntary shudder as their bodies stiffened, as if they were criminals awaiting a sentencing.

    A doctor walked out and said in an apologetic tone, “I am very sorry. We already did our best.”

    A sharp pain spread throughout Old Mr. Xiao’s insides. He clutched at his chest and staggered forward, asking in a trembling voice, “You… what did you say?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan looked extremely grim. His mind was a complete blank and he was totally unable to make any response.

    “One of the glass shards from the broken car windows penetrated his neck area and caused massive blood loss. He was already very weak by the time he arrived at the hospital. We spent an hour trying to resuscitate him, but to no avail.”

    The doctor closed his eyes after finishing his report.

    As a doctor, he was already used to seeing death, but he couldn’t help feeling deep sympathy for this grandfather and father pair.

    “Impossible!” Xiao Zhiyuan hollered. “Today is my father’s 80th grand birthday. It should be a day of joy. How could this…”

    How could this joyous occasion end up in such tragedy?

    At this moment, a gurney was being wheeled out of the emergency room.

    On it laid Xiao Chengyu’s body.

    “Chengyu…” Old Mr. Xiao rushed over and pulled aside the white sheet covering his grandson’s head. When he saw that lifeless face staring back at him, Old Mr. Xiao’s body started swaying.

    Meanwhile, Xiao Zhiyuan was already consumed by rage and sorrow.

    “Cheng…” Unable to endure his agony any longer, Old Mr. Xiao collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

    “Dad…” Xiao Zhiyuan wailed.

    “Doctor, doctor, come quick. Dad… nothing must happen to you…” Xiao Zhiyuan crouched on the ground as he continued his wailing.

    In just a short period of time, the tremendous pain of losing one’s son totally broke this stoic man down.

    At this point, the doors to another emergency room suddenly opened and a similar gurney carrying another body covered by a white sheet was being pushed toward the hospital’s morgue.
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