1771 Understand Completely

    Chapter 1771: Understand Completely

    Wen Xinya’s lips twitched a little.

    Chu Jingnan and Xia Ruya, both illegitimate children, one a scum and the other a whore, were totally meant for each other. No wonder God put them together despite her rebirth, where the two of them were still fated to be together.

    Actually, she could more or less understand how they felt.

    The Entertainment City Project and T-K Corporation were swapped for the Xiao Corporation, and in the match between Xia Ruya and her, Xia Ruya was indeed winning slightly, which was why she was so happy about it.

    As for Chu Jingnan, just an average person, he became the chairman of the Xiao Corporation over such a short period of time. As an illegitimate child, he definitely felt proud and happy about it, and would of course reveal some of his satisfaction.

    However, the two of them were overconfident and became happy about their situation way too early.

    “Grandpa, we have already confirmed that Xia Ruya is now a member of the Korean-Chinese Alliance Alliance, and the recent troubles in the Xiao Family were caused by Chu Jingnan and her, their motive to take control of the Xiao Corporation and bring down the Wen Corporation.”

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath and told Grandpa everything.

    Grandpa was getting old, and ever since he was hospitalized due to his coma, he had to recuperate. Although he had mostly recovered, he was no longer as energetic as he used to be. Therefore, she had been taking over control of the Wen Corporation slowly and had been telling him less and less about the Korean-Chinese Alliance.

    And about Xia Ruya, she did not even mention her at all.

    This was because Xia Ruya was raised by Grandpa for twelve years, after all. Although they had broken all ties, she knew clearly that Grandpa still cared for her.

    As expected, upon hearing the news, Old Mr. Wen was stunned and asked, “You… did not get it wrong?”

    At first, when Xia Ruya kept plotting against Xinya, he felt absolutely terrible about it and quickly cut off the ties between them. He was just worried about her continuing to cause trouble and intended to have her realize the truth.

    But he did not get what he wanted, and she even became the Li Family’s successor, and the relationship between the two of them was completely destroyed.

    However, he never expected that his care for her would come back to bite him in the back!

    He asked himself whether the Wen Family did anything to her.

    Thinking about Ning Yuya and Xiao Chengyu’s death, his blood boiled. How did Xia Ruya reach such a crazy and depressive stage?

    Wen Xinya knew that Grandpa could not accept this immediately and sighed. “I did not intend to tell you this at first, but the Wen Family and Xia Ruya will come to a clash eventually, so you would learn about it eventually. I’m just telling you early for you to be mentally prepared.”

    At the start, when she made use of Ning Shuqian’s fake pregnancy to cause a commotion in the Wen Family, she wanted to expose Xia Ruya together with Ning Shuqian and let Grandpa know Xia Ruya’s true intentions.

    Expectedly, Grandpa quickly cut off his ties with Xia Ruya.

    However, she knew that, before Grandpa made that decision, he suggested for Xia Ruya to return to the Wen Family and to forgive her. Xia Ruya was the one who rejected it and broke off ties with the Wen Family, and Grandpa then transferred part of his assets to her.

    After this, Grandpa requested for her to not deal with Xia Ruya anymore.

    To think about her past life when she first returned to the Wen Family, where Grandpa just abandoned her without a thought, and then compared it to Grandpa’s generosity for Xia Ruya, and also her place in his heart.

    Old Mr. Wen was momentarily stunned, then he became alert and shook his head. “Xia Ruya is blinded by greed and prestige and has such hatred and anger due to jealousy, it’s her fault that she turned into who she is today.”

    After twelve years, even an animal would be grateful to the person who brought it up.

    Therefore, to see Xia Ruya turn into who she was today, it would be a lie to say that it did not hurt him.

    However, this caused the guilt that he felt for her to completely disappear.

    Wen Xinya felt a little weird about it, as she did not expect Grandpa’s attitude towards Xia Ruya to be so cold and calm. “Greed is what causes humans to sin.”

    Grandpa had completely let go of his feelings towards Xia Ruya, this allowed Wen Xinya to feel relieved.

    To be honest, Grandpa was more affectionate towards Xia Ruya than her. This caused Wen Xinya to feel a bit of jealousy.

    Old Mr Wen looked at her with cloudy eyes, looking wise. “This is such a big issue, and yet you have been hiding it from me. I know that you have been speculating about my affection towards Xia Ruya and was afraid that I could not take the news.”

    Cheeks burning, she felt a bit helpless. “Grandpa, I…”

    She did not expect that Grandpa would figure out how she felt.

    She wanted to explain, but did not know how to.

    Old Mr. Wen looked at her kindly. “These few years have been tough on you, don’t think like that anymore. As my granddaughter, how could you not have the confidence that you would be more important than an outsider like Xia Ruya?”

    Xinya had been secretly concerned about his relationship of many years with Xia Ruya.

    Therefore, when she mentioned Xia Ruya in front of him, she was particularly careful.

    This made him agitated and regretful.

    Over these years, Xinya had put in so much hard work and effort to gain his recognition, and he had always kept it in mind, but he never felt anything much about it. Until today, where he felt a little sad.

    As Wen Family’s only blood descendant, the familial love that she was supposed to get was given to Xia Ruya easily, and yet she had to go through so much to get the same thing.

    Wen Family truly owed her.

    “I should not have imagined things.” Wen Xinya’s tears flowed down her face, as over these past few years, she had talked to Grandpa multiple times, but only this one time did she feel like it was a genuine interaction with no vested interest.

    Over these years, she did feel bad about the affection that Grandpa had for Xia Ruya.

    She always minded that in her past life, she was the one who was abandoned between Xia Ruya and her.

    In this life, the generosity that Grandpa had for Xia Ruya caused her to feel guarded, and she felt that she could never get as close to him as she could with her maternal grandfather.

    Old Mr Wen looked at her cry like a child and gently said, “What a silly child, do I look like the kind who’s easily confused? You have been too careful.”

    In personal relations, he indeed had no idea how Old Mr. Mo got through to Xinya, as he had been in the business circle for too long and that formed the way that he thought, where his personal benefits were the first thing he considered when interacting with others.

    However, this did not mean that he had a heart made of stone.

    Wen Xinya laughed amidst her tears. “Grandpa, you’re not allowed to laugh at me.”

    Her tone was coquettish, and it was clear that she wanted to get closer to Grandpa.

    “Quickly wipe your tears. You’re so old already, yet you’re crying for no reason.”

    Old Mr Wen was happy. All these years, although he felt close to Xinya, he felt as if there was something preventing them from getting closer. They had always talked about official business matters or something related to the business world.

    There were not many of these naturally intimate occasions.
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