1806 What Baby—Not Now

    Chapter 1806: What Baby—Not Now

    Feeling vexed, Wen Xinya looked at the sumptuous lunch spread on the table. It was completely impossible for her to finish them alone—wouldn’t it be such a waste?

    Her eyeballs moved and she suddenly smiled. Si Yiyan was too busy with work to come back for lunch—she could always look for him at Jiayuan and deliver a lovely bento to him!

    It was a matter of perspective.

    Just like this, she decided happily.

    Wen Xinya skipped joyfully to the kitchen, found a bento box, packed the food in it, and drove off in a rush to Jiayuan.

    In her previous lifetime, Wen Xinya always hung out at Jiayuan and was familiar with the place. In this lifetime, she often accompanied Si Yiyan there. The mysterious Jiayuan Club was like her backyard.

    Jiayuan Club had saved her permissions to her DNA—even without Si Yiyan, she could still proceed without obstructions to the VIP room that Si Yiyan used exclusively on the top floor.

    This was Si Yiyan’s office in the Capital city.

    Wen Xinya secretly sneaked into the room. The spacious suite room was changed into a huge office. A stack of documents was placed on the wooden office table.

    Si Yiyan was currently sitting behind the office table and flipping through documents. Behind him, towering bookshelves were filled with books—poems, history, bibliographies, international bestsellers, modern literature, law, and politics—the wide range was simply awe-inspiring.

    Si Yiyan’s hand stopped flipping the documents and his pitch-black eyes looked at her intently as hazy emotions gradually brewed.

    He was slightly surprised, not expecting her to actually take the initiative to come and look for him.

    Wen Xinya felt slightly guilty under his gaze and couldn’t help but feel her throat dry up. “Hmm… Erm…” She cleared her throat and raised the bento in her hands. “I came to deliver a bento for you. You’re busy… I… I’ll leave right away.”

    Saying that she placed the bento on the tea table nearby and prepared to slip away.

    Actually, she was just using the bento as an excuse to see him and had never thought about interrupting him. However, why did she just feel so guilty?

    “Come here!”

    Si Yiyan detected her intention to escape and ordered her in a harsh manner that didn’t tolerate rejection.

    “Haha! You get busy, don’t be bothered by me!” Wen Xinya waved her hand, looking like an understanding and virtuous wife.

    “Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    Si Yiyan placed the documents in his hands down and leaned back on the back of his chair gradually, moving leisurely and gentlemanly with his eyes locked into her as if he was looking at prey that sent itself right to his door.

    Unwillingly, Wen Xinya moved at a speed slower than a turtle and gradually inched towards Si Yiyan.

    “Hurry up!”

    Si Yiyan squinted his eyes with slight impatience.

    Wen Xinya was even more unwilling. “Why are you asking me to go over—why don’t you come over?”

    He only knew how to order her—she wasn’t his subordinate, why must she listen to his orders?

    However, despite these thoughts, her body didn’t cooperate and subconsciously moved more quickly.

    A trace of a smile appeared vaguely on Si Yiyan’s face. “You wanna know why?”

    Wen Xinya nodded.

    “Come over and I’ll tell you!” Si Yiyan acted secretively as his heart filled up with joy looking at his prey falling into his trap.

    Very soon, Wen Xinya was beside Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan hugged her waist and pulled her into his embrace. Then, Wen Xinya fell onto him. His strong male breaths were filled with burning hormones, making her mind go blank.

    Si Yiyan’s lips landed on her neck as he murmured, “You’ve gotta be thorough in all that you do. Since you’ve already sent yourself to my door, why don’t you just throw yourself at me!”

    He put Wen Xinya on top of the wooden office table, pressed into her thighs, separating her legs as far apart as possible, placed himself between them, and buried his head into her chest.


    Wen Xinya suddenly realized that Si Yiyan was explaining why he didn’t want to go over.

    From his words, she vaguely realized that somehow, she became a prey which sent itself to his door and threw herself at him. Momentarily, she was extremely vexed, but her body couldn’t help but react.

    Si Yiyan sniggered, his deep voice, with his thundering heart, got to Wen Xinya and completely wrecked her heartbeat.

    However, she still had the least bit of logic. “Nope… this is your office, you… you still need to work…”

    She could still vaguely remember that he still had an important video conference coming up shortly—how could he be interrupted by lust.

    She couldn’t help but think in guilt that she was really here to deliver a bento and really didn’t intend to disturb him.

    “Since the bento is already sent to my mouth, how can I not eat it?” Si Yiyan purposely misinterpreted her intention to deliver a bento just now, then said proudly, “Anyway, I’ll only have the energy to work after eating!”

    Didn’t she know how shocked he was at that instant when she pushed open the door and walked in with a bento?

    Then, he had already immediately decided to have her before having the bento—anyway, they’d both been delivered to his doorstep and it’d be a waste to not have them. Holding onto the thrifty value that China promoted to not waste food, it was understandable for him to do so.

    Wen Xinya moaned softly before realizing that Si Yiyan had treated her like a bento and was starting to have her. “You… stop fooling around…”

    She was extremely nervous, with the goosebumps all over her back raised, worrying incessantly that the door behind her would suddenly swing open. Thus, her body became especially sensitive.

    “Wanna have a baby?” Si Yiyan coaxed.

    He had been aware of this little girl’s sneaky actions to prepare for pregnancy recently. Even if she went out to have fun with Zhou Tianyu and the rest, she wouldn’t touch alcohol at all. However, he pretended to be unaware.

    Wen Xinya hesitated before nodding. “Yes!”

    She wanted it so badly.

    Thinking about Jinyu’s cuteness, she desperately craved a cute baby who belonged to her and Si Yiyan.

    “Where will the baby come from if we don’t do it?” Si Yiyan hit the nail on the head.

    Wen Xinya didn’t have a reason to reject.

    In a daze, she recalled that she had been too busy with work and her sex life with Si Yiyan had indeed been on a decline. Mostly, she had knocked off late and was too tired from working. Si Yiyan took pity on her and didn’t torment her further.

    Sometimes, she was so busy with work that she needed to work late into the night. All the more, Si Yiyan wouldn’t be so heartless to exploit her.

    Si Yiyan’s drive was originally already stronger than most people, so it had really been hard on him recently. No wonder, since she wasn’t working today and came to look for him, he grabbed the opportunity, didn’t even give her a chance to resist, and went straight to the point.

    Indeed, he had been suppressing it for too long?

    “But…” Wen Xinya was still slightly hesitant.

    “Baby!” Si Yiyan said this word by her ear.

    Thus, Wen Xinya completely raised the white flag.

    Si Yiyan couldn’t help but think in jealousy—his charm actually lost to a baby which wasn’t even conceived. He suddenly realized that if they were to really have a baby, his status in Xinya’s heart would definitely be demoted to second place.

    What baby—

    Probably not now!
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