1861 One Will Eventually Be Harmed by Ones Own Greed

    Chapter 1861: One Will Eventually Be Harmed by One’s Own Greed

    Qian Jianhui was a villain who was about to get what he wanted and Sun Yichen was a betrayer who was willing to give up on his morality. In their eyes, Wen Xinya was just a pawn that Xia Ruya wanted to use to defeat the Wen Family.

    Xia Ruya calculated and planned and personally created such a plan to play a game of chess with the Wen Corporation. However, Xia Ruya had forgotten that Wen Xinya was also skilled in chess. All these years, she had been receiving training from Grampy and Si Yiyan. Her chess skills were as good as theirs and were improving rapidly. Xia Ruya must have a death wish if she wanted to challenge her.

    When Wen Xinya and Cao Zixing arrived at the meeting room together, Qian Jianhui had already arrived with a group of people and was making small talk with them. Upon seeing Wen Xinya arrive, everyone stopped talking.

    Sun Yichen looked at Qian Jianhui and said, “It’s getting late, let’s commence the shareholder’s meeting!”

    Everyone had no objections.

    Wen Xinya lazily sat at the head of the table and looked at the group of shareholders beneath. Each of them had their own plans and schemes, their eyes had a glimpse of mockery, and they were in a state of disunity. It would be easy to destroy Qian Jianhui’s alliance.

    At this time, Qian Jianhui opened his mouth to say, “All this time, the Wen Corporation has been in a state of emergency, resulting in a reduction in the benefits of all shareholders present. During this shareholder’s meeting, we aim to protect the welfare of all the shareholders present and discuss the future and plan of the Wen Corporation from here on. On behalf of the Wen Corporation and 54% of the shareholders, we propose the following points.”

    All that time, when Old Mr. Wen entered the police station for investigation, the stocks that the Wen Family held were constantly being diluted. Coupled with Qian Jianhui trying to cause a rift between the Wen Family and the shareholders, the Wen Family’s influence and power in the Wen Corporation diminished.

    A majority of the shareholders were only willing to listen to Qian Jianhui’s orders.

    Wen Xinya looked at how pretentious Qian Jianhui was, as if he did everything for the sake of those small shareholders who had been suppressed by the Wen Family. A wave of disgust ran through her body.

    Qian Jianhui was merely using everyone as pawns to further his own interests.

    To be a leech, yet to still pretend he was righteous, that was exactly the type of person he was.

    Qian Jianhui continued, “Firstly, I want to say that the Wen Corporation is an enterprise composed of all shareholders, large and small. This company is not owned solely by the Wen Family. However, over the years, the Wen Family had been strengthening its control over the company to satisfy their own selfish desires and suppressing the small shareholders, and this has resulted in Wen Family being the sole decision-maker of the company.

    “While it’s true that over the years, the Wen Family has indeed brought a lot of benefits to all shareholders present. However, these benefits were created because of the suppression of the small shareholders.”

    Everyone knew about Old Mr. Wen’s influence in the Wen Corporation, and Qian Jianhui spoke so emotionally that those who had been suppressed by the Wen Family were riled up as well.

    Wen Xinya could not help but applaud Qian Jianhui.

    Grandpa held 60% of the Wen Corporation’s shares and had been in control of the entire Wen Corporation ever since the creation of the Wen Family. Grandpa had the foresight and was worried that the shareholders would create conflict within the Wen Corporation to further their own interests and hinder the development of the corporation. Hence, the seizing of the powers of shareholders incident occurred, and they managed to suppress the small shareholders and divide their shares among the rest. However, in terms of the payment of dividends, the Wen Family had never mistreated the shareholders.

    Initially, when they bought the shares of the Wen Corporation, they knew about the state of the company. Since they set their eye on this delicious piece of cake that was Wen Corporation, they wanted to have a bite of it too, so how could they not expect to pay a price.

    At the end of the day, one would eventually be harmed by one’s own greed.

    He still had the cheek to put on such grandiose behavior. He was so thick-skinned that it was truly outrageous.

    Qian Jianhui continued his passionate speech eloquently and smoothly, “All these years, Chairman Wen has been neglecting the development of the Wen Corporation to maintain control over the corporation, as well as ignoring the welfare of the shareholders. He even put Wen Haowen in charge of the Wen Corporation as the Executive CEO even though he was incompetent, just because they were family members. Wen Haowen was not only mediocre, but he also had problems with his work ethic and personal values, and this resulted in great harm to the company, causing detrimental effects to the shareholders.”

    Wen Haowen had great ambitions, but he was not competent enough, yet he thought that he was. After his many years of running the corporation, not only did he not make any significant contributions, but he even caused harm to the Wen Corporation. Mo Yunyao’s death, Ning Shuqian taking over, Yang Ziyu’s affair, Ning Shuqian’s abuse incident. One after another, these incidents were pointed out by Qian Jianhui. He even listed out the impacts of each incident.

    The shareholders present felt agitated and angry upon thinking of the useless Wen Haowen, and everyone was extremely upset.

    Initially, there was fear in their hearts because of the influence of Old Mr. Wen. However, they had been riled up by Qian Jianhui, and everyone started to release the anger they felt towards Old Mr. Wen.

    Old Mr. Wen was the Wen Family’s backbone, and this unhappiness towards Old Mr. Wen represented suspicion and doubt towards the entire Wen Family.

    Wen Xinya quietly observed from the sidelines and felt anger towards the countless members of the company. This group of leeches, when they received benefits from the Wen Family, they were more hardworking than anyone else. Yet, when the Wen Family made mistakes, everyone was so eager to kick them when they were down.

    Everyone was holding their breath, yet they did not lose their rationality and kept stealing glances at Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya watched on with cold eyes, and she took in all of the dirty looks that the shareholders gave her. Her eyes held a hint of coldness. After all, they were just a bunch of ingrates.

    At this time, Qian Jianhui’s speech reached its critical point. “What made everyone most disappointed was that Wen Family came up with the entertainment city project, which made everyone lose the money they invested, causing heavy losses to those present, and even resulted in the Wen Corporation being embroiled in this money laundering incident.

    “During this time, because of the money laundering in the entertainment city project, the reputation and credibility of the Wen Corporation have been greatly reduced, our stock prices reached a new low, and our market share has been declining rapidly. The scale of our operations has shrunk drastically, and many shareholders have withdrawn their investment. Wen Corporation has been suffering greatly from the attacks of Li Corporation.”

    Wen Corporation had invested large amounts of money into the entertainment city project. However, now that the project had been accused of being involved with money laundering, it was no longer able to be carried out, and the money that had been invested could no longer be taken back, resulting in huge losses to the shareholders present.

    Indeed, upon mentioning the entertainment city project, a wave of discussion ensued, and everyone’s faces were full of emotion, with their displeasure with the Wen Family reaching a new high.

    However, nobody expressed their opinions about Qian Jianhui’s speech. Rather, they looked at Wen Xinya less kindly now.

    Pairs of cold and piercing eyes fell upon Wen Xinya as if wanting to pierce a hole through her. As if the Wen Family had committed a heinous crime.

    In the eyes of Qian Jianhui, the scheming old manipulator, there was a hint of victory. It sure was easy to manipulate these shareholders, who only cared about their personal interests.
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