1012 Long Time No See, Zheng Yifan

    As soon as Wen Xinya entered the living room, she heard Old Mrs. Wen speaking to Wen Haowen. "Haowen, I heard from the servants that you returned home at midnight yesterday. What's going on?"

    Wen Haowen had been staying out late every night and Old Mrs. Wen had been covering up for him so as to prevent Old Mr. Wen from finding out and reprimanding Wen Haowen. However, she could sense that something was amiss. After all, Ning Shuqian had been admitted to the nursing home and there was no woman by his side. As a strong and normal man, he definitely had sexual needs that had to be satisfied.

    However, Old Mr. Wen had already warned Wen Haowen not to try anything funny. Yet, he was still so insensible. Hence, she decided to question him about it.

    Wen Haowen frantically said, "Mother, the project for the entertainment city is about to begin soon. I've been very busy lately and I have to work overtime until midnight. Don't let your imagination run wild."

    Upon hearing his words, Wen Xinya snorted with laughter, for she knew that Wen Haowen had left the office at eight and even drove to an unknown place, thanks to the staff of Celestial Detective Agency who had tipped her off.

    Mother Wang also informed her in the morning that Wen Haowen's shirt reeked of perfume.

    The fact that Wen Haowen had been behaving stealthily made her suspect something and become even more curious about the woman behind him.

    Pretending like she did not overhear their conversation, Wen Xinya walked towards the living room.

    Just like she had expected, Old Mrs. Wen and Wen Haowen immediately dropped the subject as soon as they saw her.

    After having her breakfast, Wen Xinya left the Wen Family home.

    She had arranged to meet Yan Shaoqing and the rest.

    Upon arriving at Lanxin Company, she realized that Yan Shaoqing, Ouyang Feng, Li Mengjie and three other young chaps clad in suits were waiting for her in the meeting room.

    As soon as Wen Xinya appeared, Yan Shaoqing introduced the three youths to Wen Xinya. "These are the students from the international undergraduates' organization who will be joining us. This is Mr. Zheng Yifan who studied financial management at Harvard. He has obtained his Master's degree and he'll be proceeding to pursue a doctorate's degree. He shall take over Lanxin's management."

    Zheng Yifan scanned Wen Xinya from head to toe brazenly before extending his hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you!"

    Wen Xinya stared at Yan Shaoqing and said calmly, "I don't have to interview this one. Let him stay."

    Yan Shaoqing could not help but feel astonished.

    Even Zheng Yifan was shocked by her decision. However, he felt rather shocked by the fact that Wen Xinya had ignored his handshake, making him feel extremely awkward, for he had no idea if he should retract his hand or not. However, he was delighted because she had decided to let him stay.

    It was proof of her affirmation towards him.

    Before he could even react, Wen Xinya shook his hand out of courtesy.

    Once again, she retracted her hand before Zheng Yifan could even notice. He asked, "Why?"

    Zheng Yifan came from a poor family in a village and he had been relying on his scholarships and wages to support his educational expenses. Later on, he managed to receive the opportunity to further his studies abroad, thanks to his stellar results. With the help of the international undergraduates' organization, he managed to overcome the difficulties of studying abroad and obtain his Master's degree. He had been wanting to pursue a Doctorate's degree but was held back by the exorbitant school fees.

    It just so happened that Lanxin contacted the leader of the organization and proposed a plan to cooperate with them. After finding out more about Lanxin, Zheng Yifan felt that the job offer was an opportunity not to be missed.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, "I like the look in your eyes when you were making careful observations. I can tell that you're ambitious too. You're ambitious because you feel that this company possesses the potential for development and has the ability to let you exhibit your capabilities. However, you're not just being blindly ambitious. At the same time, you're also assessing your future boss. Why should I reject such a talented individual who believes in my company?"

    Momentarily speechless, Zheng Yifan said, "You're right."

    Right from the start, he had already found out from Yan Shaoqing that his future employer was the eighteen-year-old heiress of the Wen Family. However, neither of her businesses had anything to do with the Wen Family.

    He spent a long time gathering more information about Wen Xinya as well as the people around her, including Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian. At last, he concluded that she was not a simple person!

    At the tender age of fifteen, she managed to invest in a promising investment firm and aided it in progressing rapidly.

    Although the cosmetics storefront seemed to be a small business on the surface, he could tell that it possessed the potential for long term growth.

    Yan Shaoqing smiled and said, "In that case, I'll send Zheng Yifan's resume to your email address later."

    Wen Xinya nodded.

    Wen Xinya and Zheng Yifan had met each other before in her previous lifetime.

    She met him five years after she first returned to the Wen Family and he was still working as a waiter at a nightclub. Back then, he accidentally offended a customer who was there together with Wen Xinya and ended up getting beaten up into a pulp. She managed to rescue him and even ran into him in the bathroom. He then thanked her and told her about his ambitions.

    Back then, she gave him her business card out of goodwill.

    Later on... when she heard his name again, he had already become a famous grassroots CEO in the city, who was the subject of envy of everyone.

    Clearly, it was all destined.

    If it weren't because of her act of kindness in her previous lifetime, would she have still met him in this lifetime?

    She was not sure, but she'd rather believe that it was all fated.

    Yan Shaoqing continued, "This is Chen Xinchen who had graduated from Harvard's school of financial management."

    Chen Xinchen was only about 1.75 meters tall and had mediocre looks. He looked a little cowardly and timid when dressed in a suit. Wen Xinya glared at him before striding towards him.

    Chen Xinchen instinctively took a step back and stared at her nervously, at a complete loss for what to do.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, "Look at me."

    Chen Xinchen clenched his fist and raised his head to look her in the eye. Although he had a clear gaze, he seemed rather timid.

    Wen Xinya said with composure, "I'm giving you seven days. Once you're done, show me your work results."

    Chen Xinchen was not as collected or confident as Zheng Yifan, though... he was conscientious enough. That was the reason she decided to give him a chance even though she did not admire him.

    Ever since she entered the office, Chen Xinchen had been observing her meticulously.

    Chen Xinchen smiled and his eyes lit up, making him look more presentable. "Please rest assured, I'll make you satisfied."

    Wen Xinya was a little surprised. It seemed there was something more to him.
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