1075 Boss... I Beg of You

    In the underground shooting room of the Lishan mansion, Si Yiyan held a mid-sized submachine gun in his hand, wore a light orange-colored goggles, and had a knee on the ground as he aimed.

    He wore a white blouse, radiated a tough, jade-like aura, and had a large-sized black gun against his chest. The black-white contrast appeared even more stern, unyielding, and cold.

    Bang, bang, bang, bang...

    Si Yiyan aimed and shot incessantly as the deafening sounds of gunshots reverberated in the room.

    As the rounds of targets rotated, the swift, ruthless, and accurate marksmanship made Xu Xianghu couldn't help but whistle.

    Si Yiyan said in a low voice, "You can escape once but not twice."

    The faces of the three people stiffened.

    Si Yiyan continued saying, "I remember Gu Yuexi has a bad temper and patience. If you were to offend him, he'll arrest you from the Capital City. Come that time, you guys will have to fend for yourselves!"

    Yup! Gu Yuexi was indeed capable. He had only been to Russia for a month and had already settled the situation there. Recently, he had more time on his hands-of course, there were disadvantages to that.

    And that disadvantage was-wouldn't it be great if Xinya could be by his side all the time!

    Xu Xianghu started freaking out. "Sob sob sob sob... Boss... I beg of you. Gu Yuexi has totally lost it. Only you can tame him."

    Recalling a month ago when Gu Yuexi landed in Russia, he had totally lost it when he saw the messy internal state of Lucifer. He had transformed into a supervisor who held a whip to his slaves and tortured the few of them from head to toe.

    The few of them couldn't withstand the pressure and secretly escaped to Country Z to hide.

    Gu Yuehan's and Yueze's faces were also scrunched up as they looked at Si Yiyan hopefully. Wonder how would they feel if they knew that Gu Yuexi was sent over by their beloved boss?

    Si Yiyan said in the low voice, "I can't help it, either. When Gu Yuexi acts up, I can only coax him."

    Thus, only by following his wishes and waiting for him to cool down could things return to normal.

    The few of them remained silent with a heavy heart filled with pressurized emotions.

    After finishing the rounds in the gun, Si Yiyan stood up slowly and changed to the Desert Eagle, a large-sized gun.

    The Desert Eagle, as described by the "Eagle" word in its name, was rebellious. Few people had been able to handle it, much less such a customized model.

    Xu Xianghu looked at the tattered red bullseye on the target board that lay before him and couldn't help but lament. "Boss, do you have anything against this bullseye! Aren't you too ruthless! I'm feeling the pain for this bullseye."

    The strength of the strike was largely related to the striker's angle of striking. The Ninth Young Master's angle of striking was sharp and ruthless, which determined the sorry fate of this bullseye.

    Si Yiyan glanced at the bullseye. "Feeling the pain for a mere bullseye. Haha!"

    His cold voice felt oddly mysterious.

    Xu Xianghu was embarrassed.

    Gu Yuehan's lips couldn't help but twitch as he looked at Xu Xianghu hazily. Idiot!

    Even Yueze couldn't help but purse his lips and laugh secretly.

    Bang, bang, bang, bang...

    Another round of intense gunshots sounded. As Si Yiyan handled the Desert Eagle, he tamed not only the gun but also the people.

    As the few of them watched the unsettling bullseye before them, they couldn't help but feel attacked.

    The round of gunshots ceased.

    Xu Xianghu forgot his pain and couldn't help but tease. "Boss, why don't I see Sis-in-law?"

    They came back to the Capital City in the afternoon yesterday and hadn't seen Sis-in-law till this afternoon. How peculiar.

    Gu Yuehan and Yueze were also curious. The couple had always been joined at the hip, why didn't they see Sis-in-law coming over-could they have quarreled!

    They two of their odd gazes landed on the large-sized gun in Si Yiyan's hands. The Ninth Young Master rarely touched large-sized guns-doing so meant that he was displeased, very displeased.

    Si Yiyan struck the red bullseye with a "bang" as he said mildly, "She has something on!"

    Such a patronizing reply couldn't satisfy the joker, Xu Xianghu, who, beneath his manly body, hid a woman's gossipy heart. "How can Sis-in-law have something on! Isn't she on summer holidays? Isn't it a rare chance for you guys to get all lovey-dovey?"

    After this summer holidays, Sis-in-law would have to go to university. Come that time, Sis-in-law would be busy with her studies, Boss would be busy with work, and the couple would probably have less leisure time than now.

    Si Yiyan gently blew the air at the muzzle of his gun and said in a low voice, "That's what you think?"

    "Ah?" Xu Xianghu felt slightly puzzled.


    Si Yiyan fired another shot and the sound surrounded them. He said with a cold voice, "Actually, I think so too."

    Even Xu Xianghu knew that she should spend more time with him in the rare summer holidays. What was the matter with her, being busy with learning every day?

    Xu Xianghu was totally lost with a huge question mark hanging on his forehead. What was Boss getting at? Was he not on the same channel as Boss? Or perhaps, he was actually from Mars and Boss was from Earth.

    "What's Sis-in-law busy with exactly that's more important than you, Boss?" Yueze was having a hard time holding his laughter in. Unlike Xu Xianghu the joker, he could understand what Boss meant. Boss was neglected by Sis-in-law and was getting his steam off by shooting.

    The legendary neglected and bitter wife was representative of Boss right now.

    Si Yiyan glanced over Yueze, changed to another gun, tried to aim, and said, "Of course Grampy is more important than me? They're related by blood, who am I to be important."

    Without a marriage certificate and without a status-their relationship was not formal, after all.

    Hearing this, Yueze almost burst out laughing-this was the legendary jealousy! And the person in question was Sis-in-law's Grampy. It was said that her Grampy's only kin was Sis-in-law, so it was understandable for her to spend more time with him. Boss, you should be more understanding!

    Yueze felt like poking himself blind as he couldn't bear to look.

    However, Boss, must you be so calm while being jealous!

    Gu Yuehan's eyes twitched as he said, "In Sis-in-law's heart, naturally you, Ninth Young Master, is as important as Old Mr. Mo."

    Si Yiyan shot a glance at Gu Yuehan who looked stiff and cold. Yup! Gu Yuehan was still more reliable.

    Only then did Xu Xianghu finally get what was going on. He couldn't help but hug his belly, laughed so hard that his insides hurt, tears fell from his eyes, pointed at Si Yiyan, and said with great effort, "Boss, you're jealous."

    Si Yiyan's gun which was aimed at the bullseye suddenly pointed at Xu Xianghu.

    Shocked, Xu Xianghu suddenly jumped away as a bullet hit the place where he was squatting at just now with a bang.

    Xu Xianghu cried out, "Boss, you can't do this to me... I came all the way from Russia to the Capital City to look for you..."

    Following which, Si Yiyan aimed and shot continuously, leaving Xu Xianghu with no choice but to run and duck all over the place.

    Hence, within this empty basement, a live great escape was being acted out.

    Yueze and Gu Yuehan felt like covering their eyes as they secretly lit a candle for Joker Hu.

    Just then, the butler of the mansion came down. "Ninth Young Master, Madam is here."

    Si Yiyan's dampened spirits instantly changed for the better as he threw the gun towards Xu Xianghu's chest. "You guys continue playing."
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