1220 The Battle of Chess-Playing Skills

    Everyone was speechless, for they had all failed to notice the mistakes in the song, which Wen Xinya managed to. In fact, only those who were extremely skilled and proficient in playing the zither would be able to discover those mistakes. Hence, Wen Xinya's effortless remark took everyone aback.

    Lin Yingxin could not help but feel shocked, for she did not manage to notice the mistakes either. Doesn't that mean that Wen Xinya is better at playing the zither than I am? She wondered to herself. This thought aroused fear within her, and she could not help but feel jealous and indignant because she could not accept being inferior to Wen Xinya.

    She looked rather upset.

    Even Xia Ruya did not expect Wen Xinya to have made such tremendous progress in playing the zither. Just like Lin Yingxin, she was filled with a complicated mix of emotions including anger and jealousy. However, she managed to calm herself down at the next second. She knew better than anyone else, that the more outstanding Wen Xinya was, the more likely she would win the title. The greater she shone, the more she would embarrass herself later.

    Ye Feiyu stealthily stuck her thumbs up at Wen Xinya, so as to express her admiration towards her.

    Even Du Ruoxin could not help but take a few more glances at Wen Xinya. She snorted with laughter and remarked, "You're really something, huh?"

    Wen Xinya ignored her. She obviously wouldn't allow Miss Fang to challenge her. As the granddaughter of Old Mr. Mo, she had a sense of pride and would choose her battles wisely. If she were to just accept Miss Fang's request, there would just be more and more people challenging her to a showdown. If she did not turn down a request right from the start, she would not be able to turn down the subsequent ones. She would not be able to handle it at all.

    Hence, she deliberately commented on Miss Fang's performance so as to teach her a lesson and give everyone else a warning. Those who were planning to challenge her to a showdown would definitely consider carefully before doing so.

    The hunter will shoot the bird that sticks out. Right from the start, Wen Xinya had already had a bad impression of her and had decided to teach Miss Fang a lesson if she were to challenge her.

    Wen Xinya managed to trump Miss Fang effortlessly and exposed the real significance of the Heiress' Gala.

    Next, the ladies proceeded to showcase their talents on stage one after another. They performed a variety of arts including calligraphy, painting, chess-playing, and tea-brewing. There were also some who challenged the others to a showdown. Those who lost were utterly dejected while those who won had a boost of confidence. However, no one dared to provoke Wen Xinya so far.

    The lesson that Wen Xinya had taught Miss Fang, was deeply etched in everyone's memory.

    Losing a showdown was not the most terrifying thing, for they would at most be seen as the less talented one. The most terrifying thing was losing before one's opponent even made a move, for that would mean that they were not on the same level, to begin with, and that the weaker one was asking to be embarrassed by initiating a showdown.

    No one was willing to challenge Wen Xinya before finding out about her true abilities.

    Soon, it was time for lunch. The food prepared for everyone was rather exquisite too. After the guests were done with the main dishes, dessert and drinks were served. They then chatted for a while before the gala resumed.

    At this moment, Du Ruoxin stood up and asked, "Miss Wen, are you good at playing chess?"

    As soon as she heard those words, she knew that the peculiar Du Ruoxin was challenging her to a showdown. She did not turn her down either and instead said, "I do know a thing or two about it."

    Du Ruoxin did not waste any more time. She raised her brows and said menacingly, "Please guide me along."

    As soon as she finished speaking, she stepped onto the porch and took a seat in front of the chess table.

    Wen Xinya followed suit and sat opposite Du Ruoxin.

    At this moment, the atmosphere became livelier. Du Ruoxin was well known for her impeccable chess-playing skills while Wen Xinya kept her talents hidden. Although they did not know what her skills were like, they wouldn't think that she was a sham.

    It was yet another climax of the gala.

    One of the judges stood up and hung up a standing chessboard that would allow the ladies to have a clear view of the game.

    During a game of chess, the player holding the black chess piece would go first. Du Ruoxin was holding white and hence, Wen Xinya sat in the seat of the black chess piece player.

    As soon as an expert made a move, his or her abilities would show. As soon as Wen Xinya made her move, Du Ruoxin chuckled and remarked, "Interesting."

    Wen Xinya remained silent. Out of the four arts, she was best at chess and Si Yiyan loved playing chess with her the most, especially at night. He once shoved 180 chess pieces into her and whispered into her ear, "That's how much your capacity is!"

    She could not do anything even though she felt extremely angered.

    Du Ruoxin began to look at Wen Xinya with a solemn expression and said, "Miss Wen, are you good at express chess? At this rate, I reckon we'll be wasting a lot of everyone's time. Why don't we deduce the outcome via an easier method?

    The so-called express chess was faster and required more skill. Most people usually refrained from it.

    Everyone was flabbergasted by Du Ruoxin's suggestion.

    Those who did not know much about chess simply thought she was being conceited and complacent, while those who were proficient could tell that they were better at chess than them.

    Wen Xinya said, "I don't have any objections."

    There was a period of time when she was obsessed with express chess and even went against Si Yiyan several times before. Express chess was a test of one's wits and reaction time, as well as their ability to deal with complications.

    Du Ruoxin said solemnly, "Please do your best and give it your all, Miss Wen."

    Next, the game proceeded rapidly and they seemed to be racing each other. At last, they exchanged moves quickly and seemed to have not given it any thought at all.

    The judges also judged the game rapidly.

    Everyone was bedazzled by their speed, especially those who did not know about chess, while those who did, eventually lost track after understanding their techniques at the start.

    They were silent but agitated, deep down.

    Du Ruoxin suddenly rose from her seat and said, "I've lost."

    She then turned around, left the porch and returned to her own seat.

    The heiresses were all dumbfounded. Is it over just like that? Has Du Ruoxin just admitted defeat? The game has only lasted for a few minutes but it's already over? There's still round two, isn't it? Are they really done?

    Everyone then understood that Wen Xinya was superior to Du Ruoxin in chess and hence, there was no point in continuing the game.

    The judge who was arranging the chessboard said, "This round has lasted for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Both players have made a total of 84 moves. The winner has yet to emerge, but Miss Du seems to have lost the upper hand. So, the winner of this round is Wen Xinya."
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