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    At this point, Wen Xinya was still in the dark about Xu Zhenyu's return, for she had been busy with her academics as well as the matters at Lanxin Company. She had also been spending more time at the office.

    They were actively preparing for the sponsorship of Zhishan Club while Zheng Yifan was busy preparing for the launch of the health supplements brand. They wished they had an extra pair of hands each.

    Yan Shaoqing had set up a department that was meant for handling matters related to the sponsorship. The department consisted of a team of employees whom Yan Shaoqing had nurtured, all of whom had excellent character and work competencies.

    Wen Xinya said, "According to what I know, Zhishan Club has invited five health supplements companies including Lanxin to take part in the competition for the sponsorship of gift bags for the martyr appreciation day. This is the name list of the companies and their details."

    Those were the latest information that she had obtained from Zhishan Club. Although Lanxin was one of the companies involved, Zhou Huiyan had nonetheless, shared the information with her.

    That also allowed her to confirm Zhishan Club's stand. Actually... Zhishan Club was already biased towards Lanxin Company even though there were four other competing companies. As long as Lanxin passed the regulatory checks and met the requirements, they would definitely be chosen.

    After reaidng through the information, Yan Shaoqing said, "It's just like what we had guessed."

    Although there were plenty of healthcare brands in the local market, there were only a few that were truly capable and reputable. Hence, he had already come up with a possible list of companies that might join in the competition. He had also investigated and found out more about those companies.

    Wen Xinya said, "These four companies will be our competition next. Although we don't have enough power to compete with them, our products will definitely give us an edge over them. Are you guys confident in yourselves and Lanxin's products?"

    Wen Xinya scanned each and every employee in front of her and committed their faces to memory. If nothing went wrong, they would be the future manpower and resources for Lanxin's expansion. She definitely had to take them seriously since Yan Shaoqing regarded them highly.

    "Yes!" Everyone chorused in unison with gusto.

    Most of these employees had already joined the company when the health supplements brand was still in preparation. They were there throughout the basic training and management. Hence, no one knew better than they did just how outstanding the products were. Hence, they were extremely confident in the products.

    Pleased with their response, Wen Xinya continued, "Since you've all read through the information, you should know that others can get hold of our information just like how we got hold of this insider info.

    "There are plenty of scheming tricks that people pull in the world of corporate and sometimes, despicable means are inevitable when it comes to beating your competitor. We've been established for a shorter period of time compared to the other companies and hence, we may seem weak and more susceptible to attacks. We have to keep our guards up and be careful."

    She was not afraid that the products wouldn't pass the tests, but rather, she was afraid that others would plot against them and take advantage of them. She was afraid that they might end up getting disqualified.

    Although they had sufficient funds and a wide network of connections, it was difficult to prevent against attacks launched from the dark.

    Everyone understood Wen Xinya's words and they all agreed with her too. At the same time, they had also begun feeling nervous.

    Yan Shaoqing continued, "That may be the case, but don't get too nervous. If there are any issues, raise them as soon as possible so that we can discuss and come up with a solution."

    "Boss, Assistant Yan, rest assured, we know what to do."

    Yan Shaoqing said, "These are the relevant information about the regulatory checks that I've prepared. Please read through them. We can correct any mistakes immediately."

    Not only were there plenty of documents, but they were also very complicated too. Most importantly, they would be running elaborate checks on the production, hygiene and safety standards, as well as the available facilities.

    After flipping through the pages, Wen Xinya thought to herself, Yan Shaoqing really is a capable assistant. He managed to make such a complicated document so clear and concise. "The information is perfectly consolidated. I don't have any objections."

    Since Wen Xinya did not have any objections, the rest definitely wouldn't either, for they all knew how capable he was.

    Yan Shaoqing smiled and said, "In that case, please send this to Zhishan Club, Miss Wen. I'll start preparing for the factory inspection."

    The factory inspection was extremely important as well, for Zhishan Club would not accept their products if the factory was not safe enough.

    Wen Xinya said, "You guys don't have to worry about this. I found out from Zhishan Club that they place emphasis on environmental friendliness and safety the most."

    Wen Xinya was environmentally-savvy and hence, opted for eco-friendly materials for all of the factory's constructions. The materials were all imported from Germany, and were used to make the most environmentally-friendly equipment and facilities. Such factories were few and far between in Capital city.

    Of course, such advanced technology came at an exorbitant price tag. Wen Xinya had spent 20 billion on building the factory.

    The meeting ended after they discussed some other details.

    Soon, Wen Xinya and Yan Shaoqing were the only ones left in the meeting room.

    Wen Xinya said, "I heard from Brother Ouyang that you've been working late nights without rest. Is that true?"

    She was bent on clinching the deal, but she was not that uptight about it. However, Yan Shaoqing had no idea that she was a member of the Zhishan Club and had agreed to take on the project out of his trust in her. Hence, he tried to do his best to perfect everything so as to help Lanxin enjoy more advantages.

    Yan Shaoqing said, "Don't worry, I can take it. I won't risk my health."

    He was extremely stressed about the sponsorship.

    Wen Xinya said smilingly, "I'm not worried about your health. I'm just worried that Ouyang Feng and the rest might accuse me of mistreating my employees."

    She then turned around and left the meeting room.

    Yan Shaoqing chuckled, alone in the room.
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