1309 The Jewelry Exhibition Officially Begins

    Wen Xinya was dressed to the nines for the jewelry exhibition.

    She was dressed in a black velvet gown that had black velvet threads that glowed brightly under the dazzling lights. She looked extremely captivating while exuding the grace, nobleness, mysteriousness, and maturity of the color black!

    The black velvet seemed to possess the grace of Autumn and the cinch-waist and bodycon design accentuated Wen Xinya's svelte figure. The hems of the dress seemed to have been cut diagonally at her knees while the train of her dress dangled behind her, draping all the way down onto the ground and swayed gracefully together with Wen Xinya's lithe movements.

    She was wearing a blue satin flower on her head, that was attached to a black veil that covered her brows and eyes, making her look exquisite, graceful and mysterious. She paired her outfit with a set of blue gem jewelry, which was absolutely eye-catching. The unique and beautiful design seemed to have made Wen Xinya glow in the dark.

    The reporters could tell that Wen Xinya was going to be the sartorial trendsetter yet again.

    Wen Xinya stood next to Old Mr. Wen on the red carpet while holding onto his arm. The reporters surrounded them and continuously snapped photos of them. The cameras flashed in their faces while the sounds of the shutter clicking rang in their ears rhythmically. Wen Xinya smiled radiantly while speaking to the reporters in a candid and sincere manner as if they were her old friends. She appeared refined, elegant and poised, like a diamond shining beneath the sunlight.

    Her answers were humble, sincere and not in the least bit perfunctory. She did not patronize the reporters, either. Her statements about still having a long way to go in her path towards success in jewelry design, as well as the Milan World Expo International Jewelry Design Competition being her first step to debuting in the international jewelry design scene, were all proof of her ambitions in jewelry design. Everyone could truly feel her sincerity too.

    She was genuine and not pretentious!

    Perhaps, that was the reason she could evolve from a gangster who had just returned to the Wen Family after leading a wandering life for fifteen years to a glamorous and resplendent phoenix.

    In the past... she had to rely on Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Wen to bring her glory and clout. However... she truly shone and gained glory all because of her own effort and talents in the four arts, as well as her impeccable achievements in the world of jewelry design.

    Despite having gained fame and reputation, she still remained grounded and did not let the clout make her become complacent. She also did not feel ashamed or humiliated because of her disgraceful past.

    Although she was not as refined or pampered like the other heiresses, they were not as candid and genuine as her.

    She was the one and only Wen Xinya of the upper-class society.

    She stood strong and tall because she was Wen Xinya.

    It was time to enter the venue of the jewelry exhibition.

    Her appearance caused an uproar amongst the guests as they began cheering, swooning, screaming and applauding at the instant that they saw her.

    Apart from the valued and prestigious guests, many of the Wen Corporation's employees were also invited to the exhibition. Wen Xinya's fans from the upper-class society also cheered for her enthusiastically.

    Upon entering the venue, Old Mr. Wen let go of her hand and said to her smilingly, "Go ahead!"

    Slightly stunned, Wen Xinya said, "Grandpa, you're the chairman of the Wen Corporation and by rights, you should be the one announcing the commencement of the exhibition."

    Staring at Wen Xinya and the zealous crowd, Old Mr. Wen felt extremely proud of her. "You're the star of today's event."

    Wen Xinya said hesitantly, "But... "

    Old Mr. Wen said smilingly, "Go ahead! Everyone's waiting for you."

    Wen Xinya then strutted slowly along the red carpet which seemed to belong to her alone.

    Everyone began applauding even more enthusiastically while she continued to make her way down the red carpet, with no intention of stopping at all.

    The reporters were either standing, squatting or continuously changing their positions in a bid to snap some photos of Wen Xinya from the best angle, in order to capture all of her beauty and glory.

    Si Yiyan was standing in a corner with a glass of red wine in his hand. Swirling the glass nonchalantly, he kept his eyes fixed on Wen Xinya who was in the limelight, as his lips curled into a smile.

    He knew that the color black was the most suitable color for such an event.

    She had perfectly carried off the color black and showcased its exquisite qualities.

    "Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya..." Everyone began cheering enthusiastically.

    Wen Xinya slowly made her way onto the stage while everyone watched her. She stood in front of the microphone which made a rumbling sound that filled the air in the hall. The spotlight was suddenly fixated on Wen Xinya.

    The bright and dazzling lights made her gown look extremely captivating.

    Black was an extremely dominant color that could consume the vibrancy of all other colors of the spectrum. At the same time, it could also absorb all the light in the world, together with its warmth. Black was the most resplendent and mysterious color that could not be rivaled.

    Her set of jewelry stood out under the light and exuded a glow that complemented her black gown, stealing all of the light of the event.

    Of course... regardless of how captivating her ensemble was, it could not outshine her at all, because she exuded an alluring glow and glamour from inside.

    At this moment, Wen Xinya was the most resplendent person at the venue.

    Wen Xinya's gaze seemed to penetrate through the lights and landed on everyone else. "Good evening, dearest friends and valued guests!"

    Once again, everyone applauded enthusiastically.

    After the applause died down, Wen Xinya continued, "Welcome to the Wen Corporation's jewelry exhibition. It has been 25 years since the Wen Corporation's brand was established. 25 years is neither too long nor too short, but it's the duration that an infant would take to grow into a strong and healthy youth.

    "The Wen Corporation's jewelry brand is like an infant that has been through the tests of time and tremendous growth, which gradually shaped it into a mature and reputable jewelry brand that has earned everyone's support and trust. In the future... the Wen Corporation will continue to produce more and more perfect pieces of jewelry."

    The applause sounded in the air again.

    Wen Xinya smiled and stole the show, yet again. "I now announce that the Wen Corporation's jewelry exhibition officially commences."
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