1398 The Archetypal Classic

    Chapter 1398: The Archetypal Classic

    Si Yiyan’s coldness and indifference were as if he completely rejected her, and this caused Xia Ruya to have a rare moment of distress on her face. Instantly, her body went stiff, and she had no idea how to respond.

    However, if she simply gave up this rare chance to grow closer to him, she would feel indignant about it.

    With her hard work over the past couple of years, she had become a representation of purity in the upper class of Harbor City, seemingly like a white rose. Many would like to claim her, the white rose for their own, and the number of people chasing her was uncountable. These included those of wealthy and powerful family backgrounds. Regardless of their family or wealth standings, they were all impressive men in their own right.

    Yet, none of those men caught her eye.

    Si Yiyan’s indifference towards her was vastly different from those desperately chasing her. The more disinterested he seemed, the more she wanted to have him for herself.

    Needless to say, not only men cheapened themselves.

    On the contrary, some women may go even further than men.

    Xia Ruya was one of the classic examples.

    A archetypal classic.

    Xia Ruya bit her lips tightly, like a white rose that bloomed after a shower of rain. Amongst the purity was a vixen aura, her voice low. “So Mr. Si forgot me long ago.” After she mockingly laughed at herself, a disappointed look appeared on her face. “That’s right, an important person like you has many things to remember and hence, won’t remember someone as insignificant as me.”

    For any other normal men, her attractive looks, gentle tone, and careful flirting would have caused them to be unable to hold themselves back and would have started a conversation with her.

    But Si Yiyan was different! Even if Xia Ruya crawled on the floor, tightly hugged his legs and cried in despair, he could still stand unflinchingly and leave.

    A man’s tender love was best saved for the woman he truly loved.

    For women other than the one he truly loved, developing any kind of feelings of pity, mercy, guilt or love was an extremely dangerous sign.

    Not getting any response, Xia Ruya felt extremely unfairly treated and resisted her inner feelings of dissatisfaction, carefully and gently asking, “Mr. Si, why are you here, are you here alone?”

    Chanel was a female fashion label, and a man like Si Yiyan would definitely have come with a female partner. This realization caused Xia Ruya to feel intense hatred and jealousy.

    She couldn’t help but think about whether the woman with him was his girlfriend, fianceé or wife. She knew that he was typically cold and indifferent and wondered what kind of woman could melt his heart and expose his inner, gentle self.

    Xia Ruya went frenzy with jealousy, scanning through the entire Chanel store with no stones left unturned. Yet, she could not find Mr. Si’s female partner. Her eyes shone with a tinge of superiority and ambition.

    Standing in front of the mirror, Wen Xinya, who was utterly neglected and forgotten, could no longer stand another woman daringly and openly seducing her man. She turned coyly and asked, “Brother Yan, does this dress look pretty on me?”

    She then did a turn on the spot, naturally smoothing the wrinkles on the hem of her skirt, casually swinging her skirt around, just like a droplet on a water surface, yet like a night-blooming flower, just like a piece of snowflake, pure and flawless. Posh, elegance in that moment of beauty and glam, a momentary permanence.

    Her voice when she called out to Brother Yan was mesmerizing, gentle and had a tinge of coyness. It was sweet, just like earlier on, as if Xinya fed him some velvety butter. Sweet and smooth.

    Si Yiyan’s heart fluttered as his sight landed upon her spinning the skirt’s hem, momentarily dazzled by her. “Beautiful!”

    Wen Xinya smiled brightly like a hopeless romantic and asked, “Brother Yan, really?”

    Brother Yan—

    Wen Xinya felt momentarily felt disgusted by her mushiness. A human’s potential was really limitless.

    Si Yiyan reached into the display cupboard and took a stalk of intricate and beautifully shaped flower, putting it onto her hair above her ear. Her black hair and the white flower showed a contrast between the extreme colors of black and white. The black allowed the white flower to seem elegant and intricate, while the white allowed her black hair to shine softly. These were clearly contrasting colors that didn’t match, yet they depended on each other to let the other shine more brightly.

    Si Yiyan stood right behind her, closing in towards her intimately. His warmth could be felt through the thin material of her clothing as he kissed her ear softly, whispering, “You’re even more beautiful like this.”

    Although his body revealed nothing of his intentions, it signified a suffocating desire that was silently displayed by his body’s passion. This made Wen Xinya’s heart thump. “Don’t be like this, so many people are watching.”

    Her sweet voice had a tinge of anger, but Wen Xinya was really shy to be together with Si Yiyan. Although they had done more together, she was still not used to being publicly intimate with him.

    The two displayed affection for each other as if there was no one else around, totally ignoring Xia Ruya.

    This display of affection right in front of her ruthlessly stung Xia Ruya’s eyes, as she thought that Si Yiyan had no female partner with him. She never thought that Si Yiyan actually came together with Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya…

    This was the curse that she couldn’t escape nor be released from for her whole life.

    Why must it be Wen Xinya?

    This is the man who caught my eye, yet why must he be so intimate with Wen Xinya?

    Why does every man I like fall in love with Wen Xinya?

    Chu Jingnan was like that, and it’s like that for Mr. Si too?

    She felt really indignant!

    Xia Ruya thought back to many years ago, at Lan Feng College, where she first met Si Yiyan. Back then, she was already deeply attracted to this elegant and talented man and had been quietly observing him.

    She slowly realized, his eyes seemed to have always fallen on Wen Xinya, and he even openly defended Wen Xinya. Back then, she did not think so much about it. But thinking on it now, the two of them may have already got together about that time.

    Seducing men at such a young age and yet acting all high and mighty. Isn’t she ultimately a cheap person?

    Xia Ruya was driven crazy by jealousy and was frenzied with hatred. Her hate towards Wen Xinya was developing into a terrifying demon, and she wanted to utterly destroy Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya seemingly only just noticed Xia Ruya and looked at her shockingly. “Xia Ruya? Weren’t you in Harbor City?”

    In her heart, Wen Xinya gave herself 32 Likes for her acting skills and thought that if she was told that she could get an Oscar for her acting skills, she would have believed it. She looked at Xia Ruya’s disbelieving and defeated face, which she was unable to hide no matter how hard she tried.

    Xia Ruya gave a forced laughter, unwilling to leave a bad impression on the man she liked. “I just came back not too long ago.”

    No matter when she saw Wen Xinya, she always hated her. Her dazzling bright eyes were loathed, and her posh elegance caused disgust in others.
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