1418 Sign the Critical Condition Notice!

    Chapter 1418: Sign the Critical Condition Notice!

    The critical condition notice!

    Wen Xinya’s vision turned blurry and she almost couldn’t read what his condition was. Her mind turned blank and her ability to think seemed to have been hampered as well.

    Could it be that Grampy still can’t escape this ordeal, after all?

    After all the effort that I had put into helping Grampy nurse his body back to health and changing his destiny, is his life only going to be prolonged for three more years?

    No, that’s not what I want.

    “No…” Wen Xinya lost control of her emotions and began screaming loudly at the top of her voice, which contained a mix of emotions like pain, despair, and agony.


    Just as Si Yiyan was about to comfort her, she gathered some energy to push him away and sprinted towards the doctor. She snatched the notice and ripped it into pieces as hard as she could.

    No one expected Wen Xinya to be so agitated.

    The snowy white bits of paper sunk onto the ground after floating around the air and everyone snapped back to reality.

    Wen Xinya sprinted towards the operating theater and tried to push them open hysterically but to no avail regardless of how hard she tried, for the doors had already been closed.

    “Grampy… open up… let me in…” She began to slam her hand against the heavy doors of the operating theater as hard as she could, so much that her palms had turned red and sore.

    “Xinya, don’t do this!” Si Yiyan sprinted towards her and pulled her into his arms dominantly yet gently, to stop her from behaving that way.

    It pained him to see Wen Xinya behaving that way.

    Wen Xinya had always been calm and composed. Even though Old Mr. Mo’s life was in danger, it did not warrant such a hysterical reaction. It seemed she was feeling utterly hopeless, helpless and alone. It did not fit her character at all.

    He began to suspect that the secret within Wen Xinya had a direct relation to Old Mr. Mo.

    However, he could only watch her suffer in misery while being totally clueless as to how he could help her.

    “Open up, Grampy… Grampy… you can’t die. I will listen to everything you say. I’ll obey you…” Wen Xinya found the energy to struggle out of Si Yiyan’s embrace and run towards the door which she slid down and fell onto the ground feebly. Overwhelmed with agony, she began crying out loud.

    “Xinya…” Si Yiyan knelt onto the ground and extended his arm to touch her.

    Wen Xinya quivered and hurriedly dodged his touch while hugging her knees in an extremely insecure manner, forming a vulnerable shell for herself and blocking everyone out.

    Si Yiyan retracted his shaky hand before pulling her into his embrace.

    Since she already belonged to him, he wouldn’t allow her to escape reality, regardless of the situation.

    “Let go of me… let go of me. All of you are villains who are trying to harm me and kill Grampy. All of you, scram…” Wen Xinya struggled feebly and yelled in a hoarse voice which almost made her sound incoherent. She had her guard up against everyone else.

    If Old Mr. Mo died, there would no longer be anyone in this world of evil who would treat her well genuinely. No one would help her. Everyone had abandoned her and were waiting to harm her.

    “Xinya, I’m always here for you,” Si Yiyan said while kneeling on the ground and holding her in his arms tenderly as if she were an infant. He completely ignored the fact that she was struggling.

    Everyone thought that Wen Xinya had only lost her rationality because of her devastation. After all, everyone had witnessed how hysterically she behaved just now.

    However, Si Yiyan felt that things were not that simple.

    Instead of believing that Wen Xinya was murmuring incoherently and irrationally out of misery, he chose to believe that she had exposed the scar that was buried deep within her heart because of how vulnerable she was.

    It was an excruciating scar.

    Si Yiyan managed to calm her down a little as she stopped crying. She continued to murmur, “Grampy, don’t die. I won’t lead myself astray, get addicted to drugs, frequent bars, get into trouble or smoke. I’ll do my best to be filial to you and be your obedient granddaughter. I won’t trust outsiders anymore too. I won’t… Grampy…”

    Si Yiyan’s hand began to shake.

    He suddenly remembered Wen Xinya being kidnapped by Fu Tianyang during her homecoming party six years ago, during which she was almost injected with drugs. Back then, Wen Xinya seemed to show withdrawal symptoms and the doctor found it to be rather strange back then too. However, they could only conclude that she was reacting that way because of a major blow that she suffered.

    He had always thought that to be the case too.

    However, he would no longer think that way now because there were plenty of suspicious and inexplicable points, which was also why he was increasingly worried about Wen Xinya.

    At this moment, the doctor said, “You’d better make your decision soon. The patient’s condition is severe. He can’t afford to wait.”

    The doctor could understand why Wen Xinya chose to tear up the notice. After all, life-and-death situations were rampant and took place in the hospital every day. Most grief-stricken family members would lose control of their emotions and behave the same way too. He had prepared a total of three notices.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “We’ll let him have the surgery.”

    At this juncture, it would be impossible for Wen Xinya to make a decision, so he decided to make it on her behalf.

    Xu Zhenyu, Zhou Tianyu and the rest were all dumbfounded, for the decision ought not to be made rashly since it concerned Old Mr. Mo’s life. Although he was in danger, it would be harsh and cruel towards Si Yiyan.

    It would be alright if Old Mr. Mo could pull through, but if not, how was Si Yiyan supposed to bear the responsibility?

    Even if Wen Xinya did not hold it against him, they were certain that Si Yiyan would not be able to accept the emotional burden.

    The doctor initially wanted to turn Si Yiyan down since he was not Old Mr. Mo’s family member and hence, his decision would not be valid. However, Si Yiyan’s icy cold gaze compelled him into making a decision that was surprising and caused him to regret it.

    He handed the notice to Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan grabbed it and said to the doctor while breaking out in cold sweat, “Don’t worry. I’ll bear full responsibility since I’ve made the decision.”

    His uncompromising words made Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu decide not to stop him.

    Si Yiyan whipped out the fountain pen that he often brought with him, grabbed Wen Xinya’s right hand and shoved the pen into her hand. Holding her hand, he filled in the blanks on the notice before signing her name and writing down the date!

    Throughout the entire process, Wen Xinya was forced to stop struggling because of Si Yiyan’s dominance.
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