1425 Spread Some Positivity to Everyone!

    Chapter 1425: Spread Some Positivity to Everyone!

    Old Mr. Mo’s life was temporarily out of danger and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Xu Zhenyu and the rest had been accompanying her for more than seven hours and hence, were extremely fatigued both mentally and physically. Thus, they proceeded to leave.

    The Mo Family was left alone in the large hospital.

    “Uncle Zhang, Mother He, Mother Jiang, you guys go and rest! It’s been a long day and you guys must take care of your health too,” Wen Xinya said while staring at Uncle Zhang and the rest, all of whom seemed to have aged greatly within just seven hours. They were also lethargic and had yet to recover from what happened to Old Mr. Mo.

    Wen Xinya was immensely grateful towards them, for if it weren’t because of their continuous care and concern for Old Mr. Mo, they wouldn’t have discovered his condition so soon and sent him to the hospital, thus giving him a chance at surviving.

    They were like family members whom she respected.

    Uncle Zhang shook his head and said, “Little Missy, I’m not tired. I’ll stay in the hospital and wait for Old Sir to completely be out of danger.”

    The thought of Old Mr. Mo’s critical condition made Uncle Zhang feel extremely terrified. Throughout all these years, Wen Xinya had been treating them like her family and taking good care of their health. As a result, most of their ailments had healed. Wen Xinya left Old Mr. Mo in their care and yet, they still had no idea how Old Mr. Mo’s condition came about. They truly felt guilty towards her.

    Mother He said with bloodshot eyes and a hoarse voice, “Old Sir has yet to be free from danger completely. I won’t feel safe even after going home.”

    Old Mr. Mo’s sudden illness frightened her, and the way that Wen Xinya behaved just now when she was in agony made her feel terrible. It was their fault for failing to take care of him. Otherwise, Old Mr. Wen wouldn’t have suffered the lapse…

    Mother He could not stop blaming herself.

    Mother Jiang chimed in. “Yeah, Old Sir’s life has just gotten out of danger, but we’re still very worried about him. Why don’t we stay in the hospital?”

    Had they taken good care of Old Mr. Mo, he wouldn’t suffer the lapse. However, not only did Wen Xinya not blame them, she was even concerned about their wellbeing. Hence, they felt extremely ashamed.

    Wen Xinya said in a bid to persuade them, “Yan and I are here to accompany Grampy, you guys don’t have to worry. I don’t want you guys to fall ill together with Grampy. I’ve been helping you guys nurse your bodies back to health, but it’s not easy at all. Grampy is my family member and so are you guys. I hope that all of you can be safe and sound.”

    Wen Xinya meant every word that she said and the few elderly had also given her their purest love and concern. She was absolutely touched and grateful to them.

    Wen Xinya’s words made them feel extremely touched.

    Feeling a little agitated, Uncle Zhang said, “Little Missy, we can take it. You don’t have to worry about us now. The person who needs rest is you. We’re here to accompany Old Sir. You and Mr. Si ought to go home and get some rest.”

    They were well aware of the torment and misery that she had been through just now and they were all feeling sympathetic towards her. Although she looked strong and independent on the surface, she was actually very softhearted and vulnerable on the inside.

    The usually straightforward Mother He said in a hoarse voice, “Little Missy, you’re still young and growing. You can’t damage your body. Hurry and go get some rest. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely take good care of Old Sir.”

    Wen Xinya had been on an emotional rollercoaster because of Old Mr. Mo’s health condition just now and it was extremely taxing on her body. Hence, she ought to get some rest.

    Mother Jiang held her hand and realized that it was still a little clammy. “Little Missy, your body is fragile and you must be mentally and physically exhausted after all that happened today. Old Sir is going to be devastated when he finds out!”

    Wen Xinya had always been in poor health and her body only got better in recent years.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “I’m not tired at all, I just want to stay by Grampy’s side. Uncle Zhang, Mother He, Mother Jiang, I know you guys are feeling terrible too and you probably think that it was your fault for failing to take care of Grampy, but please don’t think that way. Grampy’s heart is frail and he’s prone to heart attacks. If you guys didn’t discover it earlier, Grampy wouldn’t have had the chance to survive and escape this ordeal. I’ve been feeling very grateful towards you guys.”

    Having interacted with them for so many years, she had long treated them like her family and hence, she knew what they were thinking when she saw the looks of guilt and remorse on their faces.

    Uncle Zhang said in a shaky voice, “Little Missy…”

    Mother He and Mother Jiang were absolutely touched.

    Wen Xinya held onto Uncle Zhang’s and Mother He’s hands while staring at Mother Jiang. “You guys are old in your years, but I still made you stay in the Mo Family home to look after Grampy, thus denying you a peaceful retirement. I’m the one who let you down.”

    She initially wanted them to stay because of her own selfish reasons. Since they had been serving the Mo Family for a long time, they were definitely closer to him than strangers and hence, she need not worry about Old Mr. Mo being too lonely. Of course, they had been taking care of Old Mr. Mo for years and hence, were more reliable.

    However, as time passed, she began to sense that they were genuine towards her and hence, treated them like her family members. Although they all stayed behind willingly, Wen Xinya still felt rather guilty about it. Hence, she had been trying her best to look after their health throughout the years.

    Mother He sobbed and said, “Little Missy, please… please don’t say that.”

    Although she had been staying in the Mo Family home, her children were all in Capital city and the servants were allowed to visit their family as and when they pleased. Wen Xinya treated them like family and hence, they were willing to stay.

    Mother Jiang said, “Yeah, Missy, we know your good intentions. If you go on, we’ll feel very ashamed.”

    There were rarely any employers who would treat their servants like family members, or as well as Wen Xinya treated them. Old Mr. Mo had also been treating them well.

    Wen Xinya said smilingly, “In that case, listen to me and go home to get some rest. Grampy is in poor health and as his granddaughter, I ought to stay behind and take care of him. You guys go home to get some rest. Remember to bring some of his daily necessities when you come by tomorrow. Also… I’m craving for the snacks made by Mother He and the soup brewed by Mother Jiang. Remember to bring them for me too.”

    Wen Xinya finally discovered that they had missed dinner and hence, was famished.

    Seeing how insistent she was, Uncle ZHang, Mother He and Mother Jiang had no choice but to go home to rest.
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