1479 Ning Shuqians True Colours

    Chapter 1479: Ning Shuqian’s True Colours

    Yang Ziyu was wrapped in Wen Haowen’s arms. Her young and delicate body was soft and supple, teasing Wen Haowen’s senses. After successfully coming in between Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen started to approach her more and more. He started coming during the day. If he came at night, he would definitely leave before 11 o’clock. But now, he would occasionally stay over, making Yang Ziyu very happy.

    Wen Haowen was very enthusiastic about the relationship between men and women. How could he resist such a young and tender body? Holding Yang Ziyu in his arms was a kind of wanton love to him.

    Until Yang Ziyu sobbed and begged for mercy, was his ego finally satisfied. Then he would let Yang Ziyu go.

    Wen Haowen took a beautifully packaged bag and placed it on the glass coffee table. He took out a delicate jewelry box. “Open it and see if you like it.”

    Wen Haowen had always been very generous to women. Since Yang Ziyu’s performance was very good recently, he wanted to reward her.

    “It’s Cartier’s latest tassel necklace, it’s really beautiful!” Yang Ziyu could not help but exclaim out, holding the square box that was the size of an adult’s palm in her hand. A diamond tassel necklace was lying in the box. Under the crystal lamp, the diamond dazzled, making it hard for her to open her eyes.

    She had seen this necklace in a magazine before. This necklace was worth one million. She had been following Wen Haowen for more than 6 months now. Wen Haowen had given her a lot of things, but they were never so expensive.

    “As long as you like it.” Wen Haowen’s eyebrows raised in pride. This necklace originally caught Ning Shuqian’s eye. Before that, she had been dropping hints and indicating that she liked the necklace very much. He bought it initially for Ning Shuqian.

    But Ning Shuqian was a slut and had been harboring secrets from him, so he gave it to Yang Ziyu.

    Yang Ziyu carefully picked up the necklace and said suggestively, “CEO Wen, can you put it on for me?”

    Wen Haowen was more than willing. He took the necklace out gently and put it on her neck. The silver necklace was set against Yang Ziyu’s pale-jade skin. It was beautiful and eye-catching. The charming diamond fringes dangled off her collarbones, making them more exquisite and charming.

    “Such a charming little fairy.” Wen Haowen’s desire had just dissipated, but he was a little bit tempted by this.

    Yang Ziyu spoke sweetly, “Because CEO Wen has a good eye.”

    The two flirted tirelessly.

    Yang Ziyu asked with a sweet voice, “CEO Wen, you come to me every day these few days, aren’t you afraid of your old hag of a wife finding out?”

    Women were such strange creatures. They always had to compare with other women to be satisfied with themselves. Yang Ziyu was the same. What she liked to hear was Wen Haowen’s dissatisfaction with Ning Shuqian.

    Speaking of Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen’s face went a little gloomy. “Xia Ruya has been discharged from the hospital but her location is unknown. She does not need to go to the hospital anymore, but I have no idea what is she up to. She looks lost and devastated all day, watching her face affects my mood.”

    Ning Shuqian’s attitude made Wen Haowen very dissatisfied. Even if Ning Shuqian had conspired against him before, she had always licked his boots and did not dare to take the slightest chance. But now she was perfunctory towards him. Wen Haowen misunderstood that Ning Shuqian thought that she had more control over the entertainment city project than him and thus, no longer bothered to suck up to him.

    This increased Wen Haowen’s resentment towards Ning Shuqian.

    Yang Ziyu was a bit surprised. “Even CEO Wen doesn’t know what she is busy with?”

    She had an incredulous expression on her face.

    There was a strange look in Wen Haowen’s eyes, and he continued without care, “It’s better this way. Now I can be involved in the entertainment city project. If not, I might raise her suspicions.”

    He and Ning Shuqian were husband and wife, but recently Ning Shuqian was obviously too busy to even care about the entertainment city project. He did not have any clue about what Ning Shuqian was working on. Did this mean that Ning Shuqian was deliberately concealing something from him?

    Wen Haowen started raising his guard against Ning Shuqian.

    Yang Ziyu asked, “How is your control over the entertainment city project?”

    Speaking of this, Wen Haowen’s face turned dark. “Don’t mention it.” Ning Shuqian was too busy to pay attention to him. So he began getting involved in the entertainment city project and had now gradually strengthened his own control over it. Because he was very careful, no one noticed it.

    Despite so, Wen Haowen was not happy. The more he took over the entertainment city project, the more he controlled, the more he knew about the entertainment city project, the more he found out about how much Ning Shuqian had deceived him and hid from him.

    It was at this moment that he truly realized, the person he had been sharing a bed with for more than 20 years, the person he had thought he had truly loved, was so hypocritical and greedy.

    He was extremely furious, thinking that he had actually been played by a woman for more than 20 years, and he could not wait to tear Ning Shuqian apart.

    If it were not for his early discovery, would the day the entertainment city project become completed, be the day the Wen family fell into another’s hands?

    Yang Ziyu saw the strange emotions in his eyes and said, “CEO Wen, for Ning Shuqian, the most important thing is the entertainment city project. Now that Ning Shuqian is so busy that she can’t even take care of the entertainment city project, I’m afraid that there must be something she is hiding. You should send someone to observe her a little closer, in case she does something disadvantageous to you.”

    Yang Ziyu saw Wen Haowen’s hatred for Ning Shuqian in his eyes. Naturally, she did not want to miss this opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

    Wen Haowen had always been full of suspicions. After Yang Ziyu’s words, his face turned even darker. “You are right, this is the key time for me to strengthen my control over the entertainment city project. Nothing can happen. It’s better to be cautious about her, too. Rest assured, I’ll send someone to watch her.”

    At this moment, Wen Haowen’s hatred for Ning Shuqian could not simply be described in words.

    Ning Shuqian’s act of playing with him in her palms over and over again, was a complete stampede on Wen Haowen’s dignity and ego as a man. This was something no man could accept.

    What’s more, Ning Shuqian was also ambitious and greedy for the Wen family’s business. For Wen Haowen, what he valued most was the Wen family’s business. For the Wen family’s business, he did not hesitate to go against his father. He was even willing to hurt and stab his daughter with his own hands, showing his obsession.

    Anyone who wanted to take over the Wen Family’s business was his enemy.
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