1548 Jealousy Turns One Ugly

    Chapter 1548: Jealousy Turns One Ugly

    Wen Xinya and Jacqueline Madan stared at each other. Wen Xinya’s silvery-white mini cheongsam with lotus painted with green ink, in the instant of releasing all of its sharpness and glory, became expensive, formal, and classy, fully displaying the elegance of the oriental charm of China.

    And Jacqueline Madan, who was on the losing end, although having the advantage of her 1.75 meters tall frame and the inborn pride and superiority of Europeans, still paled in comparison to Wen Xinya’s aura. Her spine, extended in arrogance, gradually bent.

    And everyone present looked at each other, slightly confused about just what was going on!

    The reporters were instead extremely excited. For them, the more twisted this matter got, the more valuable were the news.

    Seeing that Jacqueline Madan understood what she meant, Wen Xinya gradually placed her phone back into her bag. “Miss Madan has misunderstood me. I was merely reminding you.”

    She wasn’t like Jacqueline Madan who left her brain at home and accused a judge without thinking.

    In the morning, when Jacqueline Madan looked for her and said humiliating things to her, she had already raised her guards. At the competition venue, in front of tens of thousands of audience, if Jacqueline Madan made a din, regardless of the outcome, it would affect her reputation. Thus, she had secretly switched on the voice recording function of her phone and recorded the conversation between them.

    It was a safety measure.

    If this voice recording were to go public, it would constitute as evidence that Jacqueline Madan humiliated a fellow participant, accused a judge, and questioned the fairness of the competition. When that time came, a simple apology wouldn’t suffice.

    “Miss Wen, you…” Jacqueline Madan’s face was extremely dark as her greenish-blue eyes stared hard at Wen Xinya’s expression.

    She didn’t know if Wen Xinya had really recorded their conversation just now or she was just intentionally bluffing her. Regardless, Wen Xinya’s secretive actions had indeed already threatened her.

    Also, thinking about Wen Xinya’s words and her words of distortion, if Wen Xinya had really recorded the conversation and exposed it, her character, as well as her elegance and glory as a jewelry designer would be questioned and criticized. When that time came, she would lose all of her reputation and, if things got serious, her jewelry designer certificate would also be revoked, and her life would be a goner.

    Wen Xinya said mildly, “Miss Madan, please turn back before it’s too late. I believe you’re smart and should know which choice you should take under this current circumstance.”

    Wen Xinya didn’t intend to expose the voice recording.

    Because, once the voice recording was exposed, this matter would truly become a huge scandal and the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo would also take a hit. Regardless of the competition organizers or association, nobody wished to see such an outcome.

    Of course, more importantly, she was abroad. With everyone looking at her, if she were to really expose the voice recording, she had no way of explaining her intention for recording this conversation. Then, no matter what, she would have a reputation for being scheming and some people would even viciously guess that she was purposely framing Jacqueline Madan.

    She had just stood on the international jewelry design stage and shouldn’t be too ruthless. If she were to really drive Jacqueline Madan to a dead end, her reputation would also be affected.

    Now that things developed till this point, it was already unfavorable to continue to blow the matter up. As long as Jacqueline Madan apologized in public, naturally, this matter could be minimized—but it was impossible for it to be completely exterminated.

    “Miss Wen, I really don’t understand what you mean.” Jacqueline Madan stared at Wen Xinya just like this, her greenish-blue eyes filled with deep resentment, wanting to tell from her eyes if she had really recorded their conversation or she was just bluffing and threatening her.

    Jill heard her acting dumb and became enraged. “Miss Madan, please apologize to me and Wen right now. Otherwise, I’ll personally call your tutor and discuss your most basic work ethics and morals as a jewelry designer. Don’t try your luck—there are secret surveillance cameras in the hall. If I want to pursue, do you think I won’t be able to find out the truth?”

    Teacher Jill was very angry. He didn’t expect that the first runner-up of the competition, Jacqueline Madan, was actually a jewelry designer with inferior work ethics. She really wasn’t fit to be a jewelry designer.

    Jill’s words became the last straw against Jacqueline Madan. Her face turned pale and almost subconsciously bent her classy head down.

    And her actions already explained everything.

    Gasps of shock, whispered conversations, as well as open criticism filled the surroundings.

    “Oh, my God. I really daren’t believe my ears. She actually really accused Teacher Jill and distorted the truth in front of everyone. She’s really too despicable and isn’t fit to be the first runner-up of the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo.”

    “Indeed, this is unbelievable. Teacher Jill is the most influential jewelry design judge in the jewelry field. How could she accuse Teacher Jill—this is the worst humiliation to him and is totally unforgivable.”

    “Did she accuse Teacher Jill due to jealously? Proverbs 14:30 of the Bible states that ‘jealousy is like cancer in the bones’. She has already been consumed by jealousy and isn’t fit to be a classy jewelry designer.”

    “Shakespeare said that jealousy would make one turn ugly and taint one’s soul. Because of jealousy, she accused Teacher Jill, hoping to tarnish Teacher Jill and the champion, Wen Xinya. She has indeed committed the greatest sin.”

    “Yup. The first runner-up of the International Jewelry Design Competition held by the Milan World Expo is actually a jewelry designer with such low work ethics. This is really an insult to the classy occupation of a jewelry designer.”

    “Yup, I’m really too disappointed in her…”


    Wen Xinya stood quietly in front of Jacqueline Madan, her silent eyes radiating a bright glow as if they’d seen through Jacqueline Madan’s face filled with jealousy and saw the ugliness and filth beneath.

    Jacqueline Madan listened to the reprimanding voices around and looked at everyone’s judging and despising looks as her greenish-blue eyes darkened gradually. Her hard work of more than ten years and bright future were tarnished at this moment.

    She didn’t expect that Wen Xinya would actually disregard her reputation and make a big fuss out of this matter, that she would retaliate so vigorously, and that accusing a judge would result in such severe consequences.

    Jacqueline Madan stood amidst the crowd, feeling like her head was in a mess.
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