1645 I Just Want to Shoot His Head Off

    Chapter 1645: I Just Want to Shoot His Head Off

    The loud bang of a gun.

    Xu Zhenyu was dressed in full military gear, with a black safety helmet and a face full of camouflage paint. He was also wearing a black bulletproof vest and carrying a machine gun. Leading the men who were participating in this Envoy’s Mission with him, he charged into an underground lair. There were a few other overseas special forces teams coordinating with them.

    This was their first joint operation since arriving in Iraq.

    The reason for this operation was because Country Z had gotten intelligence proving that the JH leader was hiding here. The task force had held a meeting and arranged for a series of operations.

    Today’s operation was a result of that meeting.

    And the intelligence that Xu Zhenyu received was obviously accurate. The moment his team arrived, they had engaged in an intense crossfire with the people stationed here.

    This mission had been called the Envoy’s Mission as every single member was an envoy sent by their own country. They viewed this mission with utmost importance and were willing to give their lives for it.

    Every participant on this mission was the best each country had to offer. This task force had also been hailed as a “suicide squad”.

    So they were all extremely formidable.


    After an initial probing into the area, Xu Zhenyu kicked open the metal door in the underground lair.

    With fluid, well-practiced actions, they managed to immediately gain control of the underground lair.

    However, apart from some random debris, the underground lair didn’t have anything useful to their mission. As a result, this operation was a failure.


    A vulgar curse sounded out.

    Xu Zhenyu raised his head abruptly and turned sharp eyes on the leader of the foreign team. “What did you say? Repeat your words!”

    “Shit, you are a bunch of useless garbage!”

    “You are just clowns! You should stay out of our way!”

    “Haha, just go home and suck on your thumbs!”

    With that, the group of soldiers behind him started chortling. They glanced at Xu Zhenyu and his men with scorn and derision.

    Xu Zhenyu’s men glared back in rage.

    “Don’t stop me. I will kill this bunch of idiots!”

    “These bunch of cowards. They hid behind us during the action earlier, but dare to start criticizing us now!”

    “I will shoot their heads off.”


    “I asked you to repeat yourselves and you have done so like a good little boy.” Xu Zhenyu threw aside his machine gun. He also took off his safety helmet and provisions belt, flinging them violently onto the ground.

    Xu Zhenyu raised a middle finger toward that foreign team leader. ” A bunch of useless cowards!”

    Xu Zhenyu’s actions were undoubtedly insulting and provoking. Anyone with an ounce of warm blood in them would not be able to withstand it, not to mention this bunch of hot-headed soldiers.

    The joint task force was in conflict!

    The soldiers from each country had their own national pride. How could they endure any insults from others!

    “Disgusting fellow!” The foreign team leader glared viciously at Xu Zhenyu. He also threw aside his machine gun and took off his safety helmet and provisions belt. Thereafter, he charged ferociously at Xu Zhenyu.

    The conflict between the two was about to start.

    “Come on, jerk!” Xu Zhenyu stood in an open stance as he hooked one finger at the foreign team leader.

    The two of them started fighting.

    The foreign team leader punched Xu Zhenyu.

    Xu Zhenyu returned with a kick.

    The entire underground lair was thrown into a mess by their tussle.

    The intensity of the fight accelerated very quickly.

    Xu Zhenyu’s kamikaze-style of attack forced that foreign team leader into a helpless corner, who then turned nasty and drew out a sharp blade. He slashed it toward Xu Zhenyu.

    “Despicable…” The Country Z soldiers were enraged.

    Xu Zhenyu and the armed foreign team leader fought ferociously.

    The two of them were really going for the kill now.

    “Deputy Leader Huang, what should we do now? Someone will die if they continue in this manner. Let’s quickly stop them!” One of the soldiers was drenched in sweat as he tugged anxiously at Xiao Huang’s arm.

    Every single one of Team Leader Xu’s men knew what he was like.

    That guy was a vicious man. He was vicious to others and even more vicious to himself.

    He would not cease until one of them yielded in this fight.

    The problem was that every single member of this joint operation was an elite soldier. They were all men who would rather die than admit defeat.

    This was a fight to the very bitter end.

    Xiao Huang was hesitant. “With Team Leader Xu’s character, if we try to stop him now, he would probably…”

    Xiao Huang had another layer of worry apart from the risk of death. They had accepted this mission from their nation to participate in this joint operation. If news of this internal conflict reached the headquarters back in Capital city, Team Leader Xu would have to bear very harsh consequences.

    However, Team Leader Xu was never one to play by the rules. His favorite motto was that since they were far from headquarters, he had the right to respond to the situation as he deemed fit.

    He was a figure both well-loved and well-hated by all the high-ranking officers in the military.

    Xiao Huang couldn’t help regretting his failure to stop the impulsive Team Leader Xu earlier.

    At this point, the foreign team leader and Xu Zhenyu were entangled in a heap on the ground. They rolled about with Xu Zhenyu strangling the foreign team leader’s neck, while the foreign team leader had his arms pinned.

    “Bastard!” The foreign team leader scolded Xu Zhenyu in Mandarin, fresh blood gushing from his mouth.

    “Son of a bitch!” Xu Zhenyu returned his insult in English.

    The two of them were engulfed in a haze of fury. They only had one thought in their minds now, and that was to defeat the other party.

    “Deputy Leader Huang, don’t wait any longer. How can we account to Capital city if anything happens to Team Leader Xu!” The soldier looked like he was about to pounce forward to stop them.

    Xiao Huang held onto him. “Do you think I am not worried? Things have already deteriorated into this state—if you rush over now to stop the fight, it will be a great loss of face to us. Look at how calmly the other side is behaving.”

    Xiao Huang was feeling very helpless in this situation. He was well aware of Team Leader Xu’s trouble-making ways. In fact, he would feel very uncomfortable if Team Leader Xu didn’t create any trouble for a long time. They couldn’t back down now.

    “I don’t care…” The soldier refused to obey and shrugged off Xiao Huang’s hand to dash toward the fight.

    This was his first overseas mission. He worshiped Team Leader Xu and so had applied for this mission without concern for anything else.
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