1678 Let the Entire Wen Family Be Doomed for Eternity

    Chapter 1678: Let the Entire Wen Family Be Doomed for Eternity

    After Wen Haowen’s failed press conference, his pretense at showing concern for an old love was completely exposed. He and Ning Shuqian engaged in a fierce and bitter fight, as they tried their best to drag each other’s name through the mud. The drama was endless.

    Wen Haowen made public Ning Shuqian’s medical report, proving that he was speaking the truth during the press conference that her chances of getting pregnant were extremely low. He complained woefully that Ning Shuqian had lied to him despicably for over 20 years.

    Meanwhile, Ning Shuqian sent photos of Yang Ziyu and Wen Haowen being intimate to the press. Wen Haowen’s extramarital affair was splashed across the news. The press was completely focused on the eight-month-pregnant Yang Ziyu. They tried all means to dig into her identity, her background, her character, etc.

    The impact on Wen Corporation grew more drastic by the day. The company’s share price had already fallen below their warning levels and looked like it would continue declining.

    “Ru… Ruya, have you come to visit me?”

    Ning Shuqian stared in disbelief at Xia Ruya. She was somewhat agitated.

    Since she had fallen out with Wen Haowen, and her scandalous photos and videos splashed all over the net, even Ning Yuya had not come to visit her. She never expected Xia Ruya to appear.

    Did this mean Mr. Z had not given up on her yet?

    “I had wanted to come to visit you even earlier, but the hospital has been surrounded by reporters. You know that no one knows of my return to the country, so it is inconvenient for me to appear before the press. That’s why I delayed my visit until now.”

    Xia Ruya was completely thunderstruck by the sight of Ning Shuqian.

    Ning Shuqian had aged even more after the last time Xia Ruya saw her. Her cheekbones were protruding, her cheeks completely sunken and her chin jutting straight out. She bore no resemblance to her past self.

    As she had undergone multiple beauty treatments such as botox, face-lifts, and all sorts of injections—her current face looked somewhat bizarre and scary.

    Ning Shuqian clutched at Xia Ruya’s hand with much exuberance. “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I am already very happy that you have come to visit me.”

    She wanted to ask about Mr. Z, but thinking of her ugly fight with Wen Haowen and her shameful scandals, she didn’t dare to ask.

    However, the fact that Xia Ruya had come to visit her was a balm to her heart and she felt calmer now.

    “Aunt Ning, now that you and Wen Haowen have completely fallen out and the Wen Family name has gone to the pits, while the Wen Corporation has also suffered immense losses, he will not let you off so easily. What do you plan to do next?”

    She thought Ning Shuqian had become a useless pawn and never expected her to be so capable of stirring trouble. Within half a month, she had turned Capital city upside down and swept the Wen Family’s reputation to the floor, making them the biggest laughingstock of upper society. The Wen Corporation had also been implicated in this ugly affair and was sustaining heavy damage. Several shareholders had even withdrawn their shareholdings.

    “Even if I die, I must drag Wen Haowen and the Wen Corporation all down into hell with me.”

    Ning Shuqian was vehement. She had nightmares of her miscarried child every night. The sight of her bloodied baby always gave her the desperate urge to tear Wen Haowen to pieces.

    “Have you truly decided to do that?” Xia Ruya asked in a low voice. A chilly glint flashed across her eyes.

    She had always thought of Ning Shuqian as just another stupid woman. She never understood why Mr. Z would choose Ning Shuqian.

    Now, she finally understood.

    It was because Ning Shuqian was an extremely vicious woman who was all-too-capable at stirring up trouble.

    “I already have no room for retreat.” Wen Haowen had splashed her erotic photos and videos on the internet, cutting off her final chance at any escape.

    All she could think about now was seeking revenge on Wen Haowen and the Wen Family. She wanted Wen Xinya and all those who had harmed her and wronged her to follow her straight down into hell and suffer agonies worse than death.

    “Let me help you!” Xia Ruya suddenly grabbed her hand. “The Wen Family is fake and cold-hearted. Wen Xinya is malicious and vehement. They were the ones who pushed us into our current states, and they deserve to get their just desserts.”

    The hatred in Xia Ruya’s eyes glowed like that of a venomous snake.

    Speaking of hatred, no one hated the Wen Family and that Wen Xinya more than Xia Ruya.

    Ning Shuqian was happily surprised. “Ruya, are you really willing to help me?”

    Xia Ruya was now Mr. Z’s most highly-regarded person. She represented Mr. Z. If Xia Ruya was willing to help her, didn’t it mean Mr. Z was also prepared to make his move against the Wen Corporation?

    If that was the case, she was still useful to Mr. Z?

    “Aunt Ning, you and I both hate the Wen Family. Now that we have the chance to deal them a blow, I naturally will not miss such a good opportunity.”

    Every time Xia Ruya thought of how Old Mr. Wen had treated her so heartlessly, how he had her leave the Wen Family in shame, and she had to flee Capital city like a stray dog—her hatred would flare up and engulf her heart.

    Every time she thought of how Wen Xinya had snatched away everything that should have belonged to her and knocked her off her comfortable position into hell. Every time she recalled all her humiliation and the loss of her once-prided beauty, while Wen Xinya herself shone and dazzled like a princess. Her intense hatred bubbled and brewed bit by bit into the world’s most terrifying venom.

    “This time, I must have the entire Wen Family fall into eternal damnation.” Ning Shuqian gritted her teeth.

    She naturally believed Xia Ruya’s words. She was well aware of how Xia Ruya had been completely abandoned by the Wen Family and how Wen Xinya had caused her to flee Capital city like an illegal immigrant.

    “The lawsuit will be going to court soon. You have brought three charges against Wen Haowen and I will help you hire the best legal team to represent you. You just concentrate on dealing with the Wen Family. I will arrange everything else for you.”

    This was also Mr. Z’s intention.

    Ning Shuqian, who had become just another discarded pawn, was now burning with one final purpose. She was still a discarded pawn to him, but he now had one more use for her.

    He could still make use of Ning Shuqian to drag the Wen Family deep into that whole scandalous mess and turn their world upside down. When that happened, he could make use of this opportunity to snatch over control of the entertainment city project.

    During this period, Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen’s scandal had raged like wildfire. It was a major blow to the Wen Corporation. Meanwhile, Xia Ruya and Mr. Z had also been secretly fanning the flames.

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly asked, “Will we be able to win this court case then?”

    Ning Shuqian didn’t know much about the law. She couldn’t help feeling very vexed as she recalled how smug Wen Haowen was during his previous phone call.

    “The chances of success can be very high as long as we retain a good legal team,” Xia Ruya replied ambiguously.

    The chances of Ning Shuqian winning this court case were not high. Nevertheless, both she and Mr. Z didn’t mind. Their true goal was just to see Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen embroiled in such a bitter fight that they ended up dragging the Wen Family and Wen Corporation down into the mud with them.

    They didn’t care at all whatever happened to Ning Shuqian in the process. At the very most, they would offer financial support to prolong the court case. The longer the lawsuit dragged on, the deeper the Wen Family would sink, and the Wen Corporation would naturally follow suit.
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